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Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Investigation Records Los Angeles Police Department Records
Robert F. Kennedy Assassination
Investigation Records

Since 1987, the California State Archives has been the repository for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) invesitgation files of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. An agreement between the Secretary of State and the City of Los Angeles transferred the investigation records (including documents, photographs, audio tapes, videotapes, and evidence items collected by the LAPD) in the possession of the City to the State Archives. This transfer occurred under the authority of Government Code 12226, which states:

With the consent of the Secretary of State, the governing body of a county or city may by order or resolution direct the transfer to the Secretary of State for inclusion in the State archives, of official items it deems have historic interest or value, and which are in the custody of any officer of the county or city.

The guide to the collection provides detail about the contents of the collection.

Guide to the Los Angeles Police Department Records of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Investigation (pdf ~ 66 KB, 21 pages)

Contents of the Guide:

Records of Special Unit Senator:
Card Index
Office Files
Arrest Reports
Broadcasts and Teletypes
Crime Reports
Evidence Files FBI Indexes and Report
Polygraph Reports and Charts
Final Reports
Investigative Field Notes
Medical Reports
News Media Reports
Motion Picture Films
Phone Call Summaries
Records and Background Check Files
Progress Reports
Tape Summaries
Vehicle Reports
Legal Files
Case Preparation
Conspiracy Investigation Files
Sirhan Family Files
Reporter's Daily Transcripts
Tape Recorded Interviews
Stenotype Notes
Magnetic Tapes
Physical Evidence
Records Relating to the Reinvestigation
Exhibits from Sirhan's Trial, Case No. A233421
Records of the Wolfer Board of Inquiry


A. List of Physical Evidence (pdf ~ 31 KB, 5 pages)
B. The 1969 Final Report: Table of Contents (pdf ~ 41 KB, 6 pages)
C. List of Motion Pictures (pdf ~ 13 KB, 1 page)
D. Index to the Transcripts (pdf ~ 19 KB, 2 pages)
E. Index and Summary of Audio Tapes (pdf ~ 145 KB, 27 pages)
F. Index to Photographs (pdf ~ 34 KB, 4 pages)
G. Microfilm Index (pdf ~ 22 KB, 1 page)
H. List and Description of Trial Exhibits (pdf ~ 50 KB, 6 pages)
I. Policies and Procedures for Use of Collection (pdf ~ 23 KB, 1 page)
J. Selected Bibliography (pdf ~ 19 KB, 2 pages)
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Sirhan worked at Santa Anita

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