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Social networks find possible link between rioting and having a Tory government
Social networks find possible link between rioting and having a Tory government

Executives from the major social networks, who are attending a meeting to discuss how to avoid the violent disorder that occurred earlier this month, have insisted that the best way to avoid further disturbances is by not having a Tory government.

The rioting, which took place in a number of locations around England, was on a scale not seen since the 1980′s which according to historical records was before mobile phones and the Internet existed.

"We noticed a pattern forming where rioting and the type of criminal activity associated with feelings of anger and isolation generally tended to occur while the Conservatives were in power," said a spokesperson for micro-blogging site, Twitter.

"We obviously don't want to jump to a knee-jerk conclusion and definitively claim there is a causal link between the two, but there is clearly a causal link between the two."

Social Networks review riots

Representatives from Twitter, Facebook and Blackberry have pledged that they will co-operate fully in helping to stop Conservatives plotting disruption to the lives of ordinary people.

"If we can determine the cause of the riots then we can take the right steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again," revealed a Facebook executive.

"And so far everything's pointing towards limiting the access of Tories to positions of power."
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