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THE TYLENOL MAFIA: Marketing, Murder, and Johnson & Johnson

Publishing Date: September 26, 2011

THE TYLENOL MAFIA: Marketing, Murder, and Johnson & Johnson

[Image: 25279105.jpg]By Scott Bartz

On September 29, 1982, seven people in Chicago died after taking Extra Strength Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide. Officials have long cited the scarcity of physical evidence and apparent lack of motive to explain why they never solved the Tylenol murders. However, new revelations and information not previously disclosed tell a very different story of a crime that should have been solved.

In a story both fascinating and dramatic in its warnings,The Tylenol Mafia rips away the facade of the investigation that J&J CEO James Burke labeled "A demonstration without parallel of government and business working with the news media to help protect the public." This gripping, meticulously documented expose' unearths the troubling details of an investigation corrupted by well-connected corporate executives and politically motivated government officials who simply buried the truth inside a shadow legal system inaccessible to everyday Americans.

The Tylenol Mafia will be available on, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble NOOK on Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tylenol Mafia is "probably the most threatening book to Johnson & Johnson, the feds, and the media." -- Gary Franchi, National Director of Restore the Republic

"This expose' of the No. 1 phony story in PR is long overdue. It is regrettable that major media such as the New York Times, The Economist, Fortune magazine and the Christian Science Monitor continue to refer to the Tylenol tragedy as some kind of "gold standard" for crisis handling. It is the opposite of that--the gold standard of spin and lying."
-- Jack O'Dwyer, who has covered the PR industry since 1968 after ten years at two of America's biggest dailies--the Chicago Tribune and New York Journal-American."For 29 years now, the FBI and mainstream media have done nothing but make a circus out of this still-unsolved case. We have lost all hope for closure or justice at this point. Finally, Scott Bartz brings to light key evidence that exposes Johnson & Johnson's handling of the Tylenol crisis, not as the gold standard, but as a heavily-connected empire literally getting away with murder. The extremely well-researched facts in The Tylenol Mafia put all the puzzle pieces together from a case that should have been solved within a week."-- Michelle Rosen, the daughter of Tylenol murder victim Mary "Lynn" Reiner.

Book to Blast Tylenol Myth
A book called The Tylenol Mafia written by a former eight year employee of Johnson & Johnson will contend that the murderous Tylenol capsules from the 1980s were prepared from within the company rather than at the retail level as popularly believed.... Read entire article by Jack O'Dwyer...

J&J Critic Bartz Wins Media CoverageFormer Johnson & Johnson employee Scott Bartz, who has been writing a book about J&J's handling of the Tylenol murders, had his views covered in an 8.5-minute segment May 19 on Gary Franchi's"The Reality Report" on

The business and general press has swallowed hook, line and sinker J&J's "spin" that some mad person spiked Tylenol capsules after they had left J&J facilities although there is credible evidence that the poisonings originated internally, Bartz told Franchi.

Bartz worked for J&J eight years and claims he knows far more about the distribution practices of the company than was ever revealed to the media. Read entire article....

February 4, 2009

FBI searches suspect's home in reactivated 1982 Tylenol murders investigation

The Daily Herald[URL=""]
Six months after FBI raids, still no arrests in Tylenol murders[/URL]

...Bartz, a New Jersey resident, has spent years extensively researching the case and believes there's a massive cover-up involved. Not only does Bartz suspect there were more Tylenol poisoning victims, he also believes police overlooked certain suspects. Read entire article...

"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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