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Screenshots of Mail Online made up events. Knox case
MailOnline makes up events, quotes from Perugia

As Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox were hearing that their appeal against their convictions for the murder of Meredith Kercher had been successful, this article by Nick Pisa appeared on MailOnline:

[Image: guilty.jpg]

It is unsurprising, perhaps, that a media outlet would prepare two versions of a story where the result was expected but unknown. Unfortunately for the Mail's website, they posted the wrong one. A cock-up, then.

But half way through the article, there's this:

[Image: guiltyquotes.jpg]

And later, this:

[Image: guiltysuicide.jpg]

As the appeal was successful, it's clear none of this - including the 'quotes' from the prosecutors - happened.

Putting up the wrong article is one thing. But filling it with completely invented 'facts' and 'quotes' is something else entirely.

(Hat-tip to Chantelle Osili and all who highlighted this)
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