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Harnessing Desert Sun to Power Europe

Harnessing Desert Sun to Power Europe

December 7th, 2011Is it just a coincidence that several of the countries that will be supplying Europe with power derived from the sun are experiencing regime change and riots?
Via: BBC:
It is a beguiling idea harvest sunshine, and a little wind, from the empty deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, and use it to produce clean power for the region and for Europe.
Desertec, a group based in Germany with heavyweight commercial backers including Siemens and Deutsche Bank, says the scheme would also bring the regions around the Mediterranean closer together, while providing jobs and stability for the countries in the south.
It has chosen Morocco, which is embarking on its own ambitious solar programme, for its first "reference" project a plant meant to show that its grand vision is feasible.
Desertec expects to see the first electricity flowing through undersea cables from Morocco to Spain as early as 2014.
Posted in Coincidence?, Dictatorship, Economy, Elite, Energy
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