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9/11 South Tower Demolition - Live Pooled Global Satellite News Feed 9:55 am
9/11 South Tower Demolition - Live Pooled Global Satellite News Feed 9:55 am (5:17)

Uploaded by IranContraScumDid911 on Dec 15, 2011

September 11, 2001 9:55am to 10:00am. WTC 2 demolition worldwide live news coverage.

Who controlled the globally pooled news images and wrote the teleprompter script on 9/11? There are clues left in the patterns and images used, perfectly timed at 9:58 am.

'New' plane images and Pentagon stock footage aired the same minute the South Tower is taken down in a controlled demolition.

The lie was sold because you actually did not see what you believe you saw, and you were shown edited produced images and read a script which was intended to divert the whole world's attention away from the demolition job for a minute .... 9:58 am. The source that controlled the news pool controlled the images, produced the edit, and wrote the script.

Look for patterns and repeated images, you will even see the same shot from the same camera zoomed, color filtered, and altered many times to make it look like it is from multiple sources. This is a single source globally controlled produced satellite news feed, it even came with a scripted dialogue.


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There is a GREAT 911 timeline [ever growing!], but it does need to add in the videos and still images somehow. It takes NO GENIUS to figure out that some of the images are as bogus as the storyline. Everyone has their of mine is the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC7 with the building behind the news reader...and another 20 minutes before they set off the pre-planted nanothermite charges! :rofl: Original plans likely did call for WTC7 to be brought down much hunch is they were behind schedule moving the gold in the sub-basement. :gossip:
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While it does seem very odd that this was on BBC before the building came down... is it not possible that:

The FDNY and the NYC DOB had informed the media... who likely was hounding them all day about what was going on with bldg 7 that they were concerned that it might collapse.

The substation under bldg 7 apparently went off line and exploded... transformers at the moment the first plane hit tower one... there was a loss of water pressure and the sprinklers in bldg 7 were not working.

While we don't know the extent of the fires and they may not have been the cause of the collapse... they were not fought and I believe FDNY pulled their men out and just waited hoping that the nothing would happen... or that if it were to collapse the area was evacuated.

There were reports that a surveyor from the FDNY or NY DOB with a transit had detected slight motion in the building...and this would indicate that the frame was beginning to fail, twist, torque, distort. If this is true it could lead to reports to the media that they believe the building would collapse.

And perhaps the media people did a stand up in front of a camera to put on air to be the first..

I am not saying this is the explanation... but foreknowledge that the structure was under stress is not foreknowledge that they were going to take it down. It could but perhaps it wasn't.

What was Jane Stanley's explanation? Or the BBC news producer... haven't they been asked?

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