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MLK Day - Kickoff for Oversight Hearing Petition Drive
Hello, I hope you will join us in this effort, - BK

Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 10:02 AM

[B]Subject:[/B] MLK Day - Kickoff for Oversight Hearing Petition Drive

Today, MLK's birthday is being used as the kickoff platform for our JFK Act Oversight hearing petition.

If you have already signed the petition, thanks, but we need you to pass it on and post the link to it at any forum or newsgroup you usually network with.

We need to get the 200 people who have already signed to pass the petition on to at least five of their friends, and get them to sign it and pass it on to some of their friends who they know will support our goal of getting the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee to schedule an oversight hearing on the JFK Act.

If this is accomplished, it will be the first time since the last hearing over 15 years ago when sworn testimony is taken under oath in this case. It will also begin the process of determining why and how so many assassination records have been destroyed, or are missing, and how many are still being with held. Such a hearing will also present a venue for us to publicly request Congress to accelerate the release of the remaining records from 2017 to 2013 in honor of the 50th anniversary of JFK's death.

To do this we need 1,000 people to sign the petition and write a note to Chairman Issa (Fax 202-225-3974) requesting that he hold a JFK Act oversight hearing.

Issa is one of the sponsors of the new Internet Piracy Act and has scheduled a House Oversight Hearing on "Domain Name Servivce & Search Engine Blocking" this Wednesday, January 18, so tune in to CSPAN and see how these things work, who the main players on the committee are and how they operate. Join our JFK Act lobby group on Facebook for the latest info and pass this petition on to others you know who support this cause.

This is an achievable goal, a difficult one, but one that we can accomplish if everyone will just sign on and write a note to Chairman Issa. We only have to convince one guy.

If you know anyone who lives in his North San Diego district please have them contact me because we are organizing a group of his constituents to meet with him personally and brief him on the necessity of holding this hearing.

If you want to see Issa in action, watch the House Oversight Committee hearing on CSPAN this Wednsday (Jan 18) when Issa will chair a hearing on the topic of Internet Search engines, who are fighting Issa's sponsorship of an Internet Piracy Act. It will give you an idea of how these hearings work and who the committee members are.

Bill Kelly
(21) COA JFK Act Ad Hoc Lobby Group
JFK Act Oversight Hearings Petition
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


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