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RFK shooting victim Sirhan parole hearing and possible 2nd gunman

Coalinga - Former ABC Newsman Bill Weisel who was shot covering the Robert F. Kennedy political event at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in 1968 appeared at the parole board hearing for Sirhan B. Sirhan convicted assassin now serving a life sentence.
The MuseumOfBroadcastCommunications reports: "Robert F. Kennedy Assassination" Sirhan was convicted of killing Kennedy and wounding five other people as well. Sirhan now 66 claims he does not remember the shooting and after 43 years in prison was again denied parole by the board. Mike Prizmich the Commissioner of the California Board of parole hearings informed Sirhan that his parole request had been denied. Sighting reasons ranging from not seeking enough self help programs to blaming others for his problems and immaturity in his actions. Sirhan for his part constantly interrupted and was chided by Prizmich for a lack of control. None of the Kennedy family attended the parole hearing. Bill Weisel who was covering the event in 1968 and was shot while being an innocent bystander is believed to be the only one of the remaining wounded to attend a Sirhan parole hearing. Weisel who was hit by a stray bullet to the abdomen submitted a favorable report to the parole board regarding parole for Sirhan. The FrumForum reports" Now 73, Weisel, of Healdsburg, California, was an ABC News associate director at the time of the shooting. "I'm advised that two reputable psychologists, one representing the state of California and the other from Harvard University, have concluded, after examining him Sirhan Sirhan that if he is granted parole, he would not be a threat to himself and others, and the community at large. If this is a fact and the board is inclined to grant him parole after him being in prison for nearly 43 years, I would not be opposed to the decision," Weisel said in a telephone interview with CNN." Video footage of later comments by Weisel indicates that his feelings regarding the possibility of a second gunman should be taken into account. Weisel who saw Sirhan face to face for the first time indicated that even when he was shot he did not actually see Sirhan but realized he was shot by the stray bullet.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
The parole board members making those statements against Sirhan are pathetic criminals. They are allowed to abuse people who can't defend themselves with obscene stupidities like the reasons they gave for denying parole. What they basically are is an extension of the unspeakable reaching 43 years into the future to conduct a continuing process of CIA defamation and dirty tricks in order to continue smearing the patsy.

Somehow we need to figure out a way to intervene and sue them for not addressing serious questions of CIA involvement in RFK's assassination and for denying Sirhan his legal rights.

The author of the propaganda conflates sighting with citing, but the lingua franca is murder, be it of truth or its champions.

Mike Mizprich of the California Board of Schadenfreude is epically execrable in the manner of LAPD/AID/CIA tormentors Manuel Pena and Enrique Hernandez.

Of course Sirhan doesn't rememberhe was hypnoprogrammed and drugged, activated by the girl in the polkadot dress, and in no position to fire the fatal shots.

Forty-three years is excessive for wounding people.

Medical Examiner Thomas Noguchi determined Kennedy was killed by shots back-to-front, right-to-left, down-to-up and point-blank, a firing position never occupied by Sirhan, but matching that of Thane Eugene Cesar and persons to be identified.

In the wake of the Turner-Christian, Klaber-Melanson and Shane O'Sullivan books will come the results of William Pepper's efforts on Sirhan's behalf and the research of Michael Calder author of JFK vs CIA (2000).

Jerry Bruno claims to have left LA at 10:30 PM, yet his records for April, May, June of 1968 are missing from his library collection, an anomaly defying explanation by archivists.

An amateur advance man appears behind Kennedy who with others known directed the target into the killing zone.

There is a certain arrogance about the bear-baiters evinced in the punk-mouth taunting Sirhan.

Turkey and Marseille segued into the Golden Triangle; Nicaragua and environs is located in Afghanistan; and the company still thinks the people are the dope.


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The people of California need to stand up and launch a referendum to intervene in the investigation into Sirhan Sirhan's manipulation by state security organizations. Action needs to be taken to prevent the LA DA or California Attorney General from continuing this ridiculous denial of the evidence for Sirhan's brainwashing.

The people need to intervene democratically because a serious conflict of interest exists between the government covering its involvement in RFK's assassination and their claim to be upholding democratic representation.

The government is never going to deal honestly with this. Bobby Kennedy would not have let this matter slide and would have stood-up for the people of California if the situation were reversed. In fact, he was probably killed exactly for that. So the people of California need to create some kind of referendum where they remove the government from the investigation as having proven themselves unreliable and conduct a real investigation of the evidence for Sirhan's mental manipulation.

This is what democracy was designed for. It's time to do it.

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