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Debunking Kennedy, Camelot, other myths | kennedy, became, undeservedly - Appeal-Democrat

Debunking Kennedy, Camelot, other myths | kennedy, became, undeservedly - Appeal-Democrat:hobbyhorse:and this is a DEMOCRAT SITE...???:finger:

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Here's where you'll enjoy the oddities and ironies of history. Your guide is Bruce Kauffmann, who worked at CBS as Dan Rather's top radio writer and speechwriter before launching his syndicated newspaper column, "Bruce's History Lessons," which runs weekly in newspapers across the country. Every week Bruce picks a historic event that occurred that week in history and writes about it in a short (just 450 words), entertaining and informative manner.

bruce kauffmann
The second assassination of Kennedy. Dare I mention Piper and the sympathies that inspired this attack piece...
As a 10th grader approaching age 16 when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred, I was somewhat "undecided" politically, but I felt then as I do now that the USA was in good hands with JFK as president. I might add, I saw JFK's address to the nation on TV live as it occurred, and I remember being very concerned, to express myself politely. I agree with Mr Doyle regarding another assassination attempt being done by the article. I wish I was a high income "expert". Well, sometimes anyway.

yes the second. third, fourth attack ?? how many have there been. they began some years back now. it will simply carry on as long as the media is controlled, but for the how many words they have wasted, i think it has only made the stalwarth surer of their findings, like way overdone......:gossip:b
I agree B, and my comment about being a high income expert is directed at the "media darlings" who constantly talk and write things they have no clue about, and getting paid well to do so. Although the agenda factor is, without a doubt, ever present as well.

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