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The Murder Of Fred Hampton

One of the MOST BLATENT murders for both political and rascist reasons. Killed asleep in bed for wanting nothing more than equality, justice, food and shelter for his and other oppressed people, the murder of Fred Hampton was just one of thousands of assassinations by the National Security Fascist State....that continues.
Peter nothing happened with that link. Try this one.
There is a compelling account of this murder in the long- out- of- print book Government By Gunplay (Harvery Yazijian and Sid Blumenthal eds.). The article is by Blumenthal, "Cointelpro: How the FBI tried to destroy the Black Panthers". I wish all this stuff would get scanned to the net.
It was a real eye opener for me when I read it in 76, to see what a GOOD group the Panthers were. Trying to feed people and the like: real dangers to society. Our CIA -controlled media had done a great job of demonizing them, a view that presists to today.

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