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Obama via Cropduster
Is Obama the name of a political spray created by DuPont with maybe a dab of Hoechst-Siamese to do us?Confusedtupido2:

What will historians--assuming there will be any outside of the Miller Center for History Laundering at UVA--say when examining the speeches of Obama from the 2004-2008 campaing? Will they compare them to the speeches of Howar Dean in 2004? Even if you recognize Dean ( and for that matter Jesse Jackson circa 70-92 and even Gov Brown of Californias role) role as left fudge n foiler for the DNC then fold up and throwaway--LEAVING NO STRUCUTURAL PERMANENCE THAT CAN BEULD UPON TO THREATEN TO MOVE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AWAY FROM THEIR AL FROM CLINTON STEVENS FOUNDATIONS-- and hence being incredibly usefull to the right as a means of wasting energy of well meaning youthful naive and /or stupid progressives) as a usefull roll-player, still the contrast of EVEN THIS 2004 rhetoric to Obamas unbelievably transparent strategic ambiguity initiative STAI is um quite a contrast. Makes Howard seem like Marx.

Now we see that Obama was Wall Streets best option for the moment. Replace Hoover in 32 with a black Coolidge. Don't know if it even needs the saxaphone.

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