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Lies, Damn Lies and then more damn Lies
Whoops. Hutton says he has spoken to two previous Defence Ministers and they say they were never "told".

I suppose the facts must've got tucked beneath the biscuit plate at Elevenses. Annoying how that happens eh. And so often, too.

Minister admits terror transfer

Ministers have said they handed over two terror suspects to US authorities in Afghanistan, sparking claims of collusion in extraordinary rendition.

Defence secretary John Hutton said the two, detained by UK forces in Iraq in 2003, were transferred to US custody in Afghanistan in 2004 where they remain.

He was reassured they had been treated humanely but said the move should have been "questioned" at the time.

Mr Hutton apologised for previous incorrect answers given to MPs.

Extraordinary rendition is the term used for sending terror suspects for interrogation in countries were torture is not illegal.
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