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Indonesian Subud cult may have had a major follower (other than Obama's mother)
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August 9-10, 2012 -- Indonesian Subud cult may have had a major follower (other than Obama's mother)

publication date: Aug 9, 2012
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August 9-10, 2012 -- Indonesian Subud cult may have had a major follower (other than Obama's mother)

While some media has focused on Mitt Romney's connections to the Mormon sect and its cult-like history, little attention is being paid to the Indonesian religious sect known as Subud. The mystical Javanese religious sect, founded by Indonesian Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, also known as "Bapak," attracted the interest of President Obama's mother, Ann Dunham Soetoro. Furthermore, Subud had a number of members at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, where Obama's mother met Barack Obama's father and step-father. There has been speculation that Obama's mother's close relationship with a number of Subud cultists in Indonesia and her Subud-style memorial service in Hawaii are indications that she, also, was an adherent of the Subud sect. Ann Soetoro also hired for her World Bank projects a number of Subud sect members from the International Subud Center in Cilandak on the outskirts of Jakarta

Bapak was a key player in the 1965 CIA-engineered coup against President Sukarno in Indonesia. Subud has also been accused of being yet another CIA mind-control religious operation. The Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) and Sukarno's Foreign Minister, Dr. Subandrio, as well as Ceylon's assassinated Prime Minister, Solomon Bandaranaike, accused Subud of being a CIA front. The sect continues to maintain a religious compound in Front Royal, Virginia, about an hour's drive from CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

WMR has obtained a declassified CIA memorandum prepared by the CIA's Asia Division of the Office of East Asia Analysis, dated February 15, 1985 and titled "Indoensia's Suharto: Losing the Magic?" that states that none other than Indonesia's CIA-installed dictator, General Suharto, was an adherent of the Javanese mystical cult, also known as "Javanism." Ann Soetoro's work for the World Bank, Ford Foundation, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Development Alterbative, Inc. -- a suspected CIA front -- and Indonesian banks, helped to prop up the Suharto dictatorship. Ms. Soetoro spoke fluent Indonesian, as well as Javanese.

The CIA memo states that Java's traditional mysticism was rife, not only among peasants, but "also educated businessmen, academics, military officers, and high level government officials -- including cabinet members." In addition, the memo states that "mysticism also plays an integral role in the perceptions and decision making among Indonesia's predominantly nominal Muslims." The CIA relied on Subud cultists, as well as Muslims, to gain popular support for its coup against Sukarno, a leftist nationalist, and the officially atheistic PKI.

The CIA summarized the importance of Subud and affiliated Javanist sects: "Belief in traditional mysticism, spiritualism, and parapsychology [emphasis added] exert a strong influence among the Indonesian populace."

The CIA memo also states that mysticism is "regarded as an important component of the eclectic religious style of most Javanese -- Muslim and Christian alike."

It is easy to understand how the CIA used Subud and Javanese mysticism to its advantage in the 1965 coup. The memo states: "Cultural traditions that maintain that society faces recurrent patterns of severe tests or 'transformations,' accompanied by domestic disorder -- one such pattern being a 20-year cycle. The last such major upheaval followed the attempted Communist coup in 1965, which set the stage for Soeharto's coming to power and contributed to his self-perception as a national savior."

In fact, there was no "attempted Communist coup in 1965." The murder of six Indonesian generals, blamed by the Indonesian army under Suharto's command, was actually a "false flag" conducted by the Indonesian army, with the CIA's support, to build up popular support for the bloody purge of the Communists and Sukarno's government. In keeping with its propaganda that Communists and Indonesian nationalists were part of a 20-year cycle of disruption, Javanese-style, a footnote in the CIA memo states: "Prior to 1965, similar upheavals occurred in 1926 when the Communist Party attempted to instigate an uprising, and in 1945 when Indonesians launched their war of independence against the Dutch, thus strengthening the notion among believers of a 20-year cycle of major upheavals."

As further evidence that the CIA used Javanese mysticism to its advantage, the memo states that the man installed by the CIA as Indonesian dictator, Suharto, was, himself, a Javanese mysticism cultist: . . . Soeharto, although a nominal Muslim, reportedly spent his late adolescence as apprentice to a prominent local mystic (dukun), learning techniques of soothsaying and prophecy . . . We do know that Soeharto routinely consults with several dukuns, including his longtime spiritual adviser and mystic, Sujono Humardhani, according to the US Embassy and other observers."

Sujono, according to Richard Lloyd Parry's book, In the Time of Madness: Indonesia on the Edge of Chaos, once snuck some sand from a holy site in Java and managed to sprinkle it on the White House carpet to guarantee that the United States would support Suharto and his "New Order" regime. Sujono later claimed the magic sand worked. Javanim's holiest deity is a fat, farting dwarf called Semar who is a sort of court jester for more worldy knights and nobles.

The CIA memo states, "Typical of Soeharto's use of mystical symbols was his choice of 11 March 1966 for the transfer of power from Sukarno to himself and the use of the Indonesian acronym (Supersemar) for the date. In a clear reference to Javanese mythology, Soeharto sought to draw a parallel between the victory of the bumbling dwarf, Semar, over his more worldly superiors and Soeharto's own victory over the more flamboyant Sukarno."

Suharto was surrounded with mystical ceremonial daggers, called "kris," as well as powders, potions, and elixirs, including aphrodisiacs.

The CIA memo appears to have had the interest of top level officials of the State Department, Treasury, and Pentagon. On the distribution list were Paul Wolfowitz, the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs, who was named ambassador to Indonesia in 1986; Morton Abramowitz, the director of the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR); Lt. Gen. John T. Chain, Jr., the director of State's Politco-Military Affairs Bureau and later commander of the Strategic Air Command; Special Assistant to the United States Secretary of the Treasury for National Security and later INR chief Douglas P. Mulholland; National Security Council senior Asia adviser
Wolfowitz's replacement as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian Affairs Gaston Sigur; and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy and later Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. Sigur and Armitage were also later implicated in the Iran-contra scandal.


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