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Electronic Voting and the Deep State
Electronic voting and the deep state

This is an article I wrote a couple months ago investigating the deep political connections behind election fraud. My foray into deep politics was initially sparked by investigating rigged elections - I soon discovered that drug traffickers, financial crooks, and the military-industrial complex played a significant role in the electronic voting industry, which launched my interest in other conspiracies. For several months, I investigated the players behind the development and adoption of electronic voting, discovering ties to the JFK assassination, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Franklin scandal, and 9/11.

Quote:Far too often, the study of deep politics leaves out election rigging. This is a fatal mistake: not only are fraudulent elections a central tool used by the deep state to maintain their power, the history of electronic voting is intricately linked with other deep state conspiracies.

Mae Brussell presciently said that "the roots of vote fraud" were in Dallas. Following JFK's assassination, a nationwide effort took place to seize elections from the public. It largely took place right under our noses.

As the media kept up the illusion that nothing was awry, the political power elite computerized and consolidated our election process. Every major voting machine vendor today has a history of political conflicts of interest, CIA and/or mob connections, and criminals running them. Even more disturbingly, there's a consistent pattern of the same people who abuse children being involved with running elections.

If you want to know how the deep state always manages to get its candidates into power, this is the place to look. The deep state had its hands all over getting our election system to where it is today. And they still control it.

We need to return to publicly-observed hand-counted paper ballots. It's time to take elections out of the hands of private interests and return them to the public where they belong. But we also need to understand the entire criminal network behind election stealing. Because it's more than just that: that criminal network is the deep state.

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Electronic Voting and the Deep State - by George Klees - 13-07-2017, 03:29 AM

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