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The 'Strange' Death of Hale Boggs
Strange article indeed. Hard to believe someone would marry one's former mate's killer - even unwittingly. Many strange names appear. Licavoli was a very close contact of Johnny Roselli, who was in some way involved or knowledgeable of the JFK assassination - to name just one.

I think filling for the documents about whatever search was or was not attempted would be the most fruitful trail to follow, though they may well have been tampered with or 'disappeared' if there was foul play at the highest levels, which seems to me to be the case.

While it is strange that Cokie Roberts doesn't want to 'look there' at foul play [assassination], it is somewhat understandable if not forgivable IMHO...but she was obviously not involved and may well have no clue who was - in fact that is likely - especially since she doesn't want to even look into it, apparently.

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