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Seamus Coogan Wrote:
Bernice Moore Wrote:
On Aug. 14, The Capital-Journal published a disgraceful column by George Will in which he cut down President Kennedy, so I wrote in protest.

Awesome Bern.

hi; i think perhaps we all need to begin making more replys, to web articles whenever the thought takes us,though i realise really, they do little good, most of the time, there are some trying to rewrite the jfk assassination history, they are putting their own mea ning to witness testimony, etc, in some areas it is getting carried away, they feel they must, that they can transport themselves back nearly 50 years into the time frame, and into the minds of other humans, oh oh, there's that outer limits do do do do sound again...well it's either that or they are fos, take your thinks they are fos..anything for attention perhaps...behave yourself, :nurse:b

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