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Did Dillard film American-born LEE Oswald on sixth floor?
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:That thread has been closed since, as I noted months ago, the argument shave become too polarizing. I am surprised Gordon let it run as long as he did.

Miller was not arguing height at the end, he was arguing the width of the figure. That issue has been around since the start.

Miller buys the second floor lunch encounter en toto, and he does not think there dis any problem with Baker's first day affidavit. Which is a bit shocking.

One good thing about the last few pages is that some people are finally beginning to see that there is problem with Wesley Frazier's credibility.

Wrong Jim. You once again show you have no operating knowledge of the subject and are way behind on where it is due to your ROKC patronage. The polarizing is what you're doing here. You are ignoring evidence that precludes your ROKC-mirroring call for a better scan. We don't need that better scan. Davidson has already provided its equivalent in his Wiegman enhancement and proven it with his metadata. Jim - you are helping ROKC ignore good evidence by ignoring Davidson's metadata. That metadata proves that the woman's face brought out by Davidson in Wiegman was part of the original film. You avoided answering this by accusing this evidence of coming from MacRae (whom I agree is a nut) and saying it was too polarizing. "Too polarizing" is just a subjective opinion. Metadata is firm science. You are violating your research ethics by putting opinion (on an issue that you took the faulty side on yourself and presented a favorable article on your CTKA website about it, as well as speaking at an ROKC conference) before science. When we get to this impasse my posts end up being deleted and the science is once again avoided by persons who happened to back Murphy previously in public.

Jim, you're way behind on this. After I was banned without explanation for making it back in December, Miller has now presented my height analysis without attributing it to me. I have been backed up on this claim by Phipps, Gilbride, Trotter, and others but those who see the validity in my arguments are not regular posting persons. You're doing it again. You're going after Miller instead of answering his credible argument. That argument shows that Miller has proved Lovelady can never be taller than Prayer Man like he clearly is in Wiegman and still be Oswald. Miller stole that from me, by the way, and it took him 4 months of endless bullshit on the Education Forum thread to finally catch on to my height analysis. You're wrong Jim. Miller IS making my height analysis. It is legitimate, and any researcher who honestly practices objective research ethics would not ignore it and its obvious significance towards the Prayer Man issue.

What's really pathetic here is if we could find a surviving relative of Sarah Stanton and show them the clearly visible female face in Davidson they would probably recognize her and finally end years of rotten ROKC corruption of the JFK research community. I'm honestly surprised that I would have to argue such obvious evidence this hard amongst people who refer to themselves as the best of the critical community...

I also buy the 2nd floor encounter because the real evidence is backing it and the claim it didn't happen is based on more ROKC-type attacking of the evidence in order to produce a favorable spin...ALL of the weak contrived speculation the anti-2nd floor encounter propaganda is based on has been overturned lately and persons like Prudhomme have not honestly answered for it.

Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton, which means that Oswald is in the lunchroom where Carolyn Arnold saw him at 12:24 - 12:25... "Polarization" does not answer for the metadata, height, and Sarah's face Jim...

ROKC is ignoring that Frazier said he was talking to "Sarah" in the infamous Darnell frame. And now you are helping ROKC with the dishonest tactic of going after Frazier. Jim, ROKC is exploiting Frazier's being compromised by the murderous Dallas Police in order to insert their Prayer Man claim into the void created by Frazier's capitulation. ROKC needs Frazier to be lying about Stanton because otherwise they know their Prayer Man claim doesn't work...

There you have Jim D backing Gordon's incompetent, tyrannical moderation on Deep Politics. It is part of the reason Gordon felt safe banning me instead of making Stancak answer my facts. There's a huge double standard here...Jim, you're constantly complaining that the Education Forum moderation has driven off good posters but then turn around and back one of the worst examples of that, and do so by technicality instead of addressing the direct evidence...


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