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Armstrong's Hypothosis - Harvey and Lee - Applied to Tippit

Very interesting article in Probe by Armstrong on the Tippit shooting. By the way, if you've not yet read Harvey and Lee I think you are missing a lot - no matter how you 'come down' on his hypothesis, the book is a must have! [packed to bursting with important and mind-blowing information]
Peter this book has intrigued me for some time now. However I know there are some strong critiques of his work. Is there any way that you could summarize these critiques in a big picture kind of way-- I mean while being fair. Also do you think that parts of the book can stand even if you end up agreeing with the main critiques?

Realize this is sort of a whimpy request but this book is not easy to get and wondering if I should make the effort.
By any means necessary, get the book! It has so MUCH well documented information that stands on its own. His thesis that there were two persons inter-inpersonating a persona is, in my mind, as separate issue. I'm of a mind to believe it. You have to read it to decide for yourself. I believe the criticisms of the book have been unfair from many other researchers and what is to be expected by the disinformation 'Borg'. Even if you don't buy his thesis the book is not set-up in such a way that that idea is intrusive - and it begs for the reader/researcher to come-up with yet another alternate explanation of the facts that over and over LHO [composite or magician] was two places at the same time. Jack, you want to chime in? I have a long row [several long rows] of JFK books and the best that I use all the time and trust the most are at one end. Harvey and Lee is at THAT end! With all the reading I've done on 'Oswald', I learned more new and interesting things from this book - and they are documented! Get it!
If you read only ONE book on the assassination, H&L is the one to read.

The ONLY conclusion of the Warren Commission is that Lee Harvey Oswald,
acting alone, shot JFK.

The irrefutable conclusion of anyone reading H&L is that Lee Harvey Oswald
did NOT shoot JFK. Armstrong's 12-year accumulation of all known evidence
concerning LHO is logically presented in the ONLY way that it makes sense,
as two parallel timelines that show that two persons using that name were
in different places at the same time from a very early age. And at that
very early age, another player was introduced, a second Marguerite Oswald,
for the young Oswald doppelganger also needed a mother. The evidence
of a second Marguerite is even more easily shown by Armstrong, since
they only superficially resembled each other, and records are clear that
they co-existed.

Once you follow the 1000 pages of parallel timelines, you reach the
inescapable conclusion that SOME AGENCY had an interest in creating
dual identities for pairs of young men for some purpose LONG BEFORE

If you read only one book on the assassination, this is the one to read.


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Jack White Wrote:Once you follow the 1000 pages of parallel timelines, you reach the
inescapable conclusion that SOME AGENCY had an interest in creating
dual identities for pairs of young men for some purpose LONG BEFORE

There is evidence that the covert "mind control" programmes - Bluebird, Artichoke, MKULTRA, their British & "outsourced" equivalents - had a strong interest in twins, siblings, and lookalikes.

For instance, I know of two highly intelligent sisters who appear to been used interchangeably in covert operations since childhood.

A working hypothesis that I have heard from two different intelligence sources is that "Oswald" was an MKULTRA subject (project?) from early childhood. This plays out through Japan, the Soviet defection, the return to his American handlers.

This working hypothesis suggests that "Oswald"'s secret MKULTRA status was the overriding reason why he was selected by the core plotters as the patsy in Dealey Plaza. These plotters knew that "Oswald"s MKULTRA status was a secret so explosive that the fact would have to be covered up at all costs.

Of course, if "Oswald" (one, two, many) was an MKULTRA project, then we are through the looking glass...

FWIW. (In homage to our new member.)
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Quote:A working hypothesis that I have heard from two different intelligence sources is that "Oswald" was an MKULTRA subject (project?) from early childhood.
One of the Oswald's was in some sort of youth reformatory in New York, yes?
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Magda - the following is from a version of John Armstrong's work which used to exist online but has now disappeared.

Quote:In the early 1950's an intelligence operation was underway that involved two teenage boys: Lee Oswald, from Fort Worth and a Russian-speaking boy named "Harvey Oswald", from New York. Beginning in 1952, these boys lived parallel but separate lives, often in the same city. The ultimate goal was to switch their identities and send Harvey Oswald into Russia, which is exactly what happened, 7 years later.
Lee and Harvey attended different schools, worked at different companies, and lived in different cities. When the Warren Commission pieced together "Lee Harvey Oswald's" life, they found evidence of Oswald in two places at the same time. Unable to explain these conflicts, they withheld it from their report. This evidence is the key to understanding the lives of Harvey and Lee Oswald.
Mrs. Jack Tippit, of Westport, Connecticut was telephoned shortly after the assassination. The caller knew the Tippits were related to Officer JD Tippit and wanted Mrs. Tippit to relay information she had to people in Dallas. The woman would not identify herself because she was afraid of being killed. She said she personally knew Oswald's father and uncle. They came from Hungary and lived at 77th St. and 2nd Avenue in New York. They were unemployed, received money from Communists, and spent all of their time on Communist activities. She gave two names--Louis Weinstock and Emile Kardos. If this information is correct, one of the two Oswalds lived in New York in his youth. This could explain Oswald's interest in Communism (from his father and uncle), which began as a teenager and continued throughout his life. It could also be the reason for Marguerite Oswald's sudden trip to New York City.
In 1952, in Fort Worth, Texas, 12 year-old Lee Oswald was in the 6th grade. Classmate Richard Garrett told Life Magazine, "Lee was the tallest, most dominant member of our group". This 6th grade photo shows Oswald to be the tall well built kid described by Garrett.
In August, 1952 Marguerite drove with Lee to New York. Although allegedly quite poor, she hired Louise Robertson as a housekeeper. Marguerite told Mrs. Robertson that she had brought Lee to New York to have mental tests done at the Jacobi Hospital. Marguerite was asked about this by Warren Commission attorney Rankin, but she avoided his question.
During the year and a half Lee Oswald resided in New York, there are few records of his activities. His New York school records contradict New York Court records and the testimony of Lee Oswald's brother, John Pic. The Warren Commission records tell us Oswald first entered Trinity Evangelical School in the Bronx in September, 1952, many miles from his residence in Manhattan. When asked for copies of Oswald's school records, the Trinity School allegedly told the FBI they did not maintain records until 1957. This is nonsense. Who ever heard of a school that did not maintain records? If the school did not maintain records, how were the dates of his attendance at Trinity obtained? How did the FBI know he even attended Trinity? And why would 12 year-old Oswald attend junior high in the Bronx instead of Manhattan.
John Pic, Lee Oswald's older half-brother, remembers Lee's school enrollment differently. Pic was certain Lee attended school two blocks from his Manhattan apartment. Lee pointed out that both whites and negroes attended the same classes together--something he had not yet experienced. Yet there is no W.C. record of Lee's attendance at any school near the Pics apartment.
In the fall of 1952, Oswald attended only 24 days of school. His truancy brought him to the attention of Court Psychiatrist Dr. Milton Kurian. Dr. Kurian interviewed Oswald, read the court file, and noted Oswald's recent stay at the Youth House.
Dr. Kurian was 5'7" and described Oswald as being small for his age, around 4'6". Yet Lee Oswald measured 5'4" according to his New York school health record. His height was again measured at 5'4" four months later in New York, tall for a 13 year old boy. When I informed Dr. Kurian that Oswald's height was listed as 5'4" in New York school records, Dr. Kurian stated, "Those records must be wrong-he was a little fellow, no taller than the middle of my chest--perhaps 4'6" tall."
When Dr. Kurian interviewed Oswald on March 27, 1953, Oswald's file showed previous confinement at the Youth House. But Warren Commission records tell us that Oswald's first and only placement at the youth house began three weeks after Dr. Kurian saw Oswald.
The Warren Commission tells us Oswald attended only 24 days of school thru May 7, 1953. Yet WC Exhibit 1384 shows him attending 109 days of school at the same time. Which WC record are we to believe? If both are accurate, these records are for two different "Oswalds".
While Oswald was in the Youth House, his mother met with Probation Officer John Carro. Marguerite told Carro she was the youngest of 6 children, yet there were 5 children in the Claverie family. She gave Lee Oswald's father's name as Robert Lee Harvey, when his real name was Robert Edward Lee Oswald. She said Lee's father died at age 45, yet we know he was 41 years old when he died. She gave her marriage date as July 19, 1929, yet she married Robert Oswald in 1933. She gave her sister's name as Lillian Sigouerette, when we know her sister's name was Lillian Murrett. She said she formerly owned a house in Corning, Texas yet there is not and never has been a "Corning," Texas. She gave Lee Harvey Oswald's birth date as October 19 when the correct date was October 18th. She said Lee was baptized at the Trinity Lutheran Church in New Orleans, when the records show he was baptized at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in New Orleans. When she was asked whether Lee's father was right or left handed she replied "I do not remember, sir" (Warren Commission testimony). There is no reason for a 45 year old woman to make these kind of errors concerning her background. Had she forgotten, was she lying, or was this person truly Lee's mother?
Assistant FBI Director John Malone reviewed the 1953 court file on Oswald. Malone filed this 8 page report and stated that when Oswald left the youth House on May 7, 1953, he entered PS #44 in the 9th grade. The 9th grade? Oswald entered the 7th grade the previous September and attended only 24 days of school. How could he have skipped from the 7th to the 9th grade?
WC exhibits, court records, Pic's testimony and Dr. Kurian's observations of Oswald strongly suggest there were two different people--both named Oswald--in New York in the spring of 1953. This would explain John Pic's testimony when he was shown a series of photographs (from LIFE Magazine, Feb. 21, 1964) of Lee Oswald as a youth. Pic identified photographs of Oswald from age 2 thru age 12. But when Pic was shown this photograph (WC # 2893), he said "Sir, from that picture, I could not recognize that that is Lee Harvey Oswald". Jenner said, "That young fellow is shown there, he doesn't look like you recall Lee looked in 1952 and 1953 when you saw him in New York City?" John Pic replied, "No, sir.".
In the summer of 1953, Lee Oswald was living in the Bronx with his mother, who was employed at Lady Orva Hosiery. At the same time "Harvey Oswald" was residing in North Dakota. After the assassination, Mrs. Alma Cole wrote this letter to President Johnson informing him that her son, William Henry Timmer, had befriended Oswald in Stanley, North Dakota in 1953. Timmer told of meeting a boy in the City Park who introduced himself as Harvey Oswald. This is the first known reference to "Harvey Oswald", the person who would eventually assume the identity of Lee Oswald.
"HARVEY" spent a lot of time with Timmer during the next two months of the summer of 1953. They went swimming at the reservoir and rode their bicycles at the city park. Timmer was impressed by this kid "from the big city" who talked of gang fights in New York City and of making weapons with razor blades stuck in potatoes. "Harvey" said he had been all over the country. "Harvey" carried a pamphlet in his back pocket and on one occasion showed it to Timmer and remarked, "I'll bet you've never seen anything like this". It was a pamphlet on Marxism. Where would he get such a pamphlet? From his father and his uncle, who were, according to the woman who spoke with Mrs. Tippit, "Hungarians and spent all of their time on Communist activities". These people may have acted like Communists, but in reality they were probably agents provocateur and their mission was to uncover and identify domestic Communists.
Oswald told Aline Mosby, in a 1959 interview in Moscow, that after living in New York "we moved to North Dakota". Mosby's interview appeared in newspaper articles in 1959, and is mentioned in FBI reports. When Oswald was arrested in August, 1963 in New Orleans, he was interviewed by Lt. Francis Martello. He told Martello that he had moved from New York to North Dakota. Clearly, someone named Harvey Oswald was in North Dakota in the summer of 1953. However, there are no references to Timmer or Oswald in North Dakota in the Warren Commission Volumes.
In the fall of 1953 Oswald entered the 8th grade at Public School #44 in the Bronx. Marguerite Oswald again met with probation Officer, John Carro. When Carro reminded her that Lee was still under court supervision, she told Carro that he no longer needed court supervision. He was doing much better and claimed he had been elected President of his 9th grade class. There were two references to Oswald in the 9th grade: one by Marguerite and the other by Assistant FBI Director, John Malone, who obtained his information from Judge Kelley's court file. How Oswald was able to advance from the 7th to the 8th grade while attending only 24 days of school has never been explained. Also unexplained are the continual references to Oswald being in the 9th grade.
It should be easy to determine which grade Lee Oswald attended during 1953. From Ft. Worth we have grammar school report cards, student lists, enrollment forms, personal photos, class photos and interviews with teacher, students and friends. Yet when we try to find similar records in New York, we find almost nothing. Not one report card, not one student list, no enrollment forms, no interviews nor even the names of his teachers, students or neighbors, and only one photograph: a photograph which his brother, John Pic, says is not Lee Oswald. The FBI took down the names of every student who shared Oswald's home room and intended to locate them. Yet not a single New York student was interviewed.
WC #1413-NY & BEAUREGARD SCHOOL RECORDS-Here we have two contradictory Warren Commission exhibits. The top one, highlighted in yellow, shows "Oswald" attended Beauregard for 89 days during the fall term in 1953 in New Orleans. The bottom one shows Oswald attended 62 days of school during the fall term of 1953 in New York. If both Warren Commission documents are correct, you have two Oswalds: Lee in New York, Harvey in New Orleans--in the Fall of 1953.
Lee Oswald, the 5'4" southern boy, moved to New York in 1952 and was teased by his classmates for his southern accent and for wearing blue jeans. "Harvey", who already lived in New York, was the 4'6" kid interviewed by Dr. Kurian, photographed at the Bronx Zoo, and unrecognized by John Pic. "Harvey" moved to North Dakota in the summer of 1953 and then to New Orleans where he was teased for his New York accent and attacked while sitting in the back of a bus with "negroes". Harvey enrolled in Beauregard Junior High and was assigned to Myra DaRouse's 8th grade homeroom. On his first day at school, he told Myra he wanted to be called "Harvey". Myra remembers Harvey as being 4' 6" tall, which is consistent with Dr. Kurian's observation of Oswald a few months earlier. During Myra's thirty-year teaching career, her only home room was during the 1953-54 school year and she became friends with Harvey Oswald and his friend Ed Voebel. In February, 1954, Myra drove Harvey home to Exchange Alley. At the same time Lee Oswald and his mother were renting an apartment at 1454 St. Mary's from Marguerite's best friend, Myrtle Evans.
When school resumed in the fall of 1954 Myra Darouse no longer had a home room class and lost contact with Harvey. Harvey, now in the 9th grade, had moved to Fort Worth where he attended Stripling Junior High.
Lee Oswald remained in New Orleans and entered the 9th grade at Beauregard. Ed Voebel told the Warren Commission he first met Lee Oswald when Oswald fought with Johnny Neumeyer. After the fight Voebel got some ice for Lee and attempted to patch him up. Voebel told the Warren Commission, Volume 8, page 3, "I think he was cut on the lip, and a tooth was knocked out ". Shortly after the fight, which occurred in November, 1954, Voebel took this LIFE Magazine photograph of Lee Oswald showing the missing front tooth. But in 1981, when Oswald's body was exhumed, autopsied, photographed and x-rayed there were no missing or chipped teeth.. The boy in the LIFE Magazine photo with the missing tooth was not the person killed by Jack Ruby and autopsied in 1991. When I showed the LIFE Magazine photo of Oswald to Myra, she said this was not Harvey Oswald. Myra was correct, the LIFE magazine photo was Lee Oswald.
Ed Voebel knew Harvey Oswald in the 8th grade and Lee Oswald in the 9th grade. The HSCA was quite interested in talking to Voebel. However, Voebel died a few years earlier at age 31 at the Oshner Clinic, in New Orleans.
While Lee Oswald and Ed Voebel attended 9th grade at Beauregard in the 1954-55 school year, Harvey attended W. C. Stripling Junior High in Fort Worth. Francetta Schubert was in the 8th grade in the 1954-1955 school year. Fran remembers Oswald being a grade ahead of her. Fran watched Oswald walk home during lunch periods and discussed him with her girlfriends. She said Oswald lived at 2220 Thomas Place--across the street from the school. This is the same house Marguerite Oswald lived in at the time of the assassination.
In October, 1959, when Oswald defected to Russia, Robert Oswald was interviewed by the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Robert said his brother had attended Stripling Junior High in Fort Worth.
In June, 1962, when Harvey Oswald returned from Russia, Robert Oswald was again interviewed by the Fort Worth Star Telegram, again stating his brother had attended Stripling Junior High in Fort Worth. Two years later Robert Oswald told the Warren Commission that his brother had attended Stripling Junior High School in Fort Worth. When Marguerite was interviewed by Mr. Pierre Berton in 1964, she also said that Lee had gone to junior high in Fort Worth. These four statements made over a 5 year period show Oswald attended Stripling Junior High.
But the FBI had Oswald's New York and New Orleans junior high school records. This 1955 graduation photo from Beauregard was in their files within hours. Oswald's attendance at Stripling Junior High in Fort Worth at the same time created a big problem. Their information about Stripling probably came from FBI Agent John Fain. From 1952 thru 1963 Fain lived at 1727 Thomas Place--five blocks from the Oswalds. It was Fain's April, 1960 interview with Marguerite Oswald that prompted Hoover to notify the State Department that "an impostor may be using Oswald's birth certificate". Hoover knew about two Oswalds in 1960 and was again aware of two Oswalds in 1961 when a Lee Oswald tried to buy trucks to send to Cuba from Bolton Ford in New Orleans (Harvey Oswald was in Russia at this time).
Oswald's 1954 attendance at Stripling Junior High in Fort Worth was unexplainable. So, the day after the assassination, Saturday, at 8 o'clock in the morning, the FBI went to Stripling to pick up Oswald's junior high school records. Two FBI agents were met by Mr. Frank Kudlaty, assistant principal of Stripling. Frank looked through Oswald's file and noted Oswald had attended "not quite a semester" in the 9th grade.
While Marguerite worked at Washer Brothers in the fall of 1954, Harvey attended Stripling and created the 9th grade record that Mr. Kudlaty gave to the FBI. Don't bother to look for Oswald's Stripling records in the Warren Volumes, and don't waste your time filing a Freedom of Information request with the FBI. The FBI denies any knowledge of Stripling records.
Oswald's 1954 Stripling records have disappeared, but the memories of Oswald's classmates have not. Doug Gann remembered Oswald in his home room. Roy Parkin used to play touch football in Oswald's front yard and saw him in the halls of Stripling. In 1955, Bobby and Jackie Pitts lived at 2224 Thomas Place, next door to Oswald. Interestingly, Paul Gregory, Oswald's friend and Marina's interpreter in 1963 also attended Stripling Junior High in 1954 and was in the same grade as Oswald. When we understand there are two teenagers using the name Oswald, we realize each of these boys had a parent or guardian. Perhaps this is the reason we see Oswald's mother identified sometimes as Marguerite and other times as Margaret.
Harvey Oswald left Fort Worth and returned to New Orleans in late 1954. His first job, at age 15, was at the Dolly Shoe Company in New Orleans. The Warren Commission tells us he worked part-time while attending Beauregard. But Louis Marzialle, the store manager, remembered Oswald working during the day at full time employment. Louis and the store owner, Maury Goodman, remembered Oswald as being a very quiet and physically small child; this is Harvey. Louis observed Oswald and was unsatisfied with his work. Three days after Easter, 1955, Louis fired Oswald after he returned from lunch. While Harvey worked at Dolly Shoe, Lee attended Beauregard in the 9th grade with Ed Voebel. Marguerite was fired from Dolly Shoe by owner Maury Goodman. Marguerite continually refused to complete insurance forms necessary to obtain employee bonding.
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
And then there is Hawk Jensen who was in the Marine Corp with Oswald (well, one of them anyway) who confirms that Oswald, himself and others were MK ULTRA subjects.

Quote:ONALASKA -- Harlan “Hawk” Jensen believes he has written a book that finally exonerates Lee Harvey Oswald.

The 70-year-old Onalaska investment and insurance broker who served with Oswald in the Marines said his self-published book, “Atsugi Assassins,” shows Oswald was the subject of CIA mind control, wasn’t President John Kennedy’s assassin and never fired a shot on Nov. 22, 1963.
Hawk Jensen of Onalaska is the author of Atsugi Assassins, where he states his theory about a military mind control program that he was unknowingly part of. PETER THOMSON photo

Jensen said he doesn’t know for sure who shot Kennedy, but he believes the assassination was a conspiracy by some factions inside the CIA.

Jensen said he, too, was a subject of mind control serving in Atsugi, Japan, which was the headquarters for the CIA’s top-secret MKULTRA mind-control program and the U-2 spy plane project.

“Oswald was used as a mind-controlled guinea pig,” Jensen said. “When he said he was a patsy, he wrote his death warrant because I believe at that moment he realized and they realized he remembered things he shouldn’t have remembered.”

Jensen thinks the book, published in March, might get more attention with the 45th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

“I’m not a nut-job, I’m of sound mind and body,” Jensen said. “I wanted to restore Oswald’s name and remove his dishonorable discharge for his family.

“His daughters have had this stigma over them since childhood of their father having killed the president of the United States,” he said.

Jensen said he sent his book to Marina Oswald Porter, Oswald’s widow, and they talk weekly by phone. He said Marina liked his book, and she is more convinced than ever that her husband did not kill Kennedy.

Jensen said he first met Oswald on mess duty in Atsugi and later on a secret mission in the mountains of Taiwan during the height of the Cold War.

Jensen, who was born and raised in Viroqua, said it took him years to pull together the pieces of the story because drugs and hypnosis were used to control his mind.

“I don’t remember everything,” Jensen said. “Things were removed from my memory. I flirted with a book for a long time; it was one of the most important things to get this down.

“I needed to write this to remove this monkey of government lies and cover-up off my back, which has been ongoing for over 50 years,” he said.

Some of his Marine friends were under mind control, and some had doubles, possibly Oswald, too, he said. “My fellow Marines said the book was good, and did not refute what I said,” Jensen said.

Jensen admits he has been obsessed with Kennedy’s assassin since the day he saw Oswald on TV as the murder suspect.

“Oswald and I were above average Marines handled by MKULTRA, and we didn’t know it,” Jensen said. “I’m embarrassed by being controlled and a little angry about being obsessed in search for answers, but I fared better than Oswald.

“I’ve dumped my bucket with this book,” he said. “This is part of history, and some day we will learn the truth. It might be out there now.”

By the Book

WHAT: “Atsugi Assassins” by Harlan “Hawk” Jensen

AVAILABLE: Available at, and

PRICE: $23.95

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: To see a video of Harlan “Hawk” Jensen talking about how he and Lee Harvey Oswald were part of the mind-control program, look for this story at

In his daughter's words

Here’s what Harlan “Hawk” Jensen’s daughter, Tracy, says about his book:

“For as long as I can remember, my father talked about being used as a mind-control subject during his military service. When I was younger, his stories appealed to me because they seemed strange and mysterious. But as an adult, I feel outrage at his accounts of the extraordinary events that happened to him while he served in the U.S. military. I am proud that he had the courage to write about what may be considered very controversial events. Although I knew the details of my father’s experience, it was incredibly satisfying to see it documented within the pages of ?Atsugi Assassins.’ ”
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.

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