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The sniper's view from the south knoll
Tracy Riddle Wrote:
Albert Rossi Wrote:
Jim Hackett II Wrote:Then we must consider the "dry run" the night before in Dealy Plaza reported by the DPD.


could you point me to the evidence for this? Boy, the more you read about this case, the more you realize you don't know (I suppose that adage can be applied to practically every worthy endeavor in life).


I think he's referring to the November 20 incident, the same day two rifles were brought into the TSBD.

From Mafia Kingfish by John Davis: "That same morning [Wednesday, November 20, 1963], in the center of Dallas, two police officers on routine patrol entered Dealey Plaza, through which the presidential motorcade would pass on Friday, and noticed several men standing behind a wooden fence on a grassy knoll overlooking the plaza. The men were engaged in mock target practice, aiming rifles over the fence, in the direction of the plaza. The two police officers immediately made for the fence, but by the time they got there the riflemen had disappeared, having departed in a car that had been parked nearby. The two patrol officers did not give much thought to the incident at the time, but after the assassination of the President two days later, they reported the incident to the FBI, which issued a report of it on November 26. For reasons that have never been satisfactorily explained, the substance of the report was never mentioned in the FBI's investigation of the assassination and the report itself disappeared until 1978, when it finally resurfaced as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request."

Michael Kurtz in Crime of the Century: "Two days before the assassination, two Dallas police officers were making their usual rounds on patrol. As they entered Dealey Plaza, they observed several men engaged in target practice with a rifle. The men were situated behind the wooden fence on the Grass Knoll. By the time the policemen reached the area the men had vanished, apparently leaving in a car parked nearby."

Thanks for the ref, Tracy. Does either author say who filed the FOIA request? (I've not read either of these books ...)
Tracy what is the page reference on that in Kurtz?

Also, I think its in Treachery in Dallas also.
Gary Buell eight years ago

I confirm John Davis, Mafia Kingfish, Signet 1989, page 193 in re "two police officers. . .several men standing behind a wooden fence on a grassy knoll overlooking the plaza. The men were engaged in what appeared to be mock target practice."

The policeman observed this action on Wednesday, November 20, 1963. After the assassination they reported it to the FBI which issued a report of it on November 26. The substance was never mentioned in the FBI's investigation of the assassination; the report disappeared until FOIAed in 1978.

Kurtz page 218 per Buell's post (I no longer have Crime of the Century).

Per Buell at link:

Kurtz cites an FBI report, 26 Nov 1963, from Federal Bureau of Investigation. Papers on the Assassination of President Kennedy. 15 vols., 3847pp. Linus A. Sims Memorial Library, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA

This shows the value of retaining the posts of the site despite its termination by owner.
Yesterday was one of those days....

Yes the incident I referred to was the 20th dry run reported by officers of the DPD.
My error I thought the 21st, not the 20th.
Thanks to others for picking up my fumble and running into the End Zone for me.

I found the data in Walt Brown's "Treachery in Dallas".
I don't have the exact citation at the moment. I can search the book and type it up, if someone wants.

Earlier sources exist as I see above.
Thanks for the backstop necessitated by my lack of participation of late.
That squib hit did dribble between the legs of Hackett, but the infield stopped the play.
Glove to the ground man!Confusedhock:

Read not to contradict and confute;
nor to believe and take for granted;
nor to find talk and discourse;
but to weigh and consider.
Thanks to everyone for the replies!
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:Tracy what is the page reference on that in Kurtz?

Also, I think its in Treachery in Dallas also.

Here's the blog I snipped that from:

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