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The essential Fred Cook Chapter on how The Nation helped protect the Warren Commission, early years
ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL READING ON HOW LEFT-GATEKEEPING "WORKS": THE NATION MAGAZINE 1964-66 ON JFK ASSASSINATION "Carey McWilliams [editor of The Nation] was not enthusiastic about the trend of my researches.... "With Earl Warren heading the commission, this is going to be a thorough investigation," Carey told me. "Nothing is going to be covered up. ... BY THE NATION'S LEADING INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER AT THE TIME OF THE JFK ASSASSINATION, FRED COOK.

I strongly recommend that people post this thread around with a brief intro. Why? Because most of the best propaganda re JFK and RFK have been specifically aimed at "the left" and it has then poisoned the entire spectrum. Historical perspective like this from Cook is like a bridge over THAT psy-op moatiing operation. The strategy of the psy op is to provide so much ballast bombing that the left and left liberal readers conclude its not even WORTH STARTING TO GO THERE .. re the assassinations. These moats are very bridgeable if one is wants knowledge to matter beyond one's own skull.
Fred Cook was great, one of the fearless muckrakers of his day. He wrote a lot of books, which are almost impossible to find.

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