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Martin Schotz on The Nation and JFK

The above is a nice examination of how the coverage in The Nation changed from the time of the assassination to when the Warren Report came out.

At first there were some really good question being voiced, but suddenly that all changed when the WR was issued.

And really, that has pretty much been the policy of that journal from Carey McWilliams to Victor Navasky to Karina Vanden Huevel.

Schotz shows us how it began.
Another excellent, insightful read, Mr. DiEugenio, two thumbs up.

There is certainly a clearly established pattern that same day observations have been watered down to reflect the history we are repeatedly told as oppose to the genuine history that unfolds.

So ironic that President Kennedy admired courage in others, even penning an award winning book, Profiles In Courage, yet it is so hard to come by amid the herd like mentality that pervades a once Free Press.

Of course, all one needs to do is take a look at Super Mod Lauren Johnson's signature, and understand fully what is at work here.

Unfortunately, Courage isn't something that grows on trees. Then again, if it was, How could the late President separate the wheat from the chaff?

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