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Another Terrible New Show
This one looks truly effing awful. Just look at where they have the bullet entering JFK:

Does anyone really fall for this crap?
sickening. Single bullet pseudo-science.
Bill Hicks is the only appropriate response to this stuff.

Yes, too right it's sickening!!!! I've done my bit for today by posting a very angry comment on the YouTube page!!!!! I'm REALLY ANGRY NOW!!!!!
A Mockingbird attack of Hitchcock magnitude.
For laughs, I am giving this thing a few minutes of my time. They are presently "recreating" the SBT using, believe it or not, a container of liquid soap. No mention of where the bullet holes were in the clothing, on the autopsy face sheet, death certificate, etc. The msm is beyond laughable. These kinds programs are certifiably surrealistic.

FWIW, Josiah Thompson is one of the participants in this massively fraudulent television show.
Their super-duper new forensic cold-case investigation is to "prove" ... THE SINGLE BULLET THEORY!!!

They show the downward trajectory, bullet hole in the jacket but then have the bullet exiting the neck without explaining how it went from a downward angle to an upward one?

They claim that the tumbling bullet can break bone without being damaged but they never actually fire one into a bone? And then they claim that the head shot fragmented when it hit the skull?

And they're using the jet-effect theory to explain the backward movement of the head in Z313?

They uncritically accept the "evidence" that Oswald ordered and owned the gun?

They mention the shell casings without saying that they were found neatly lined up?

They don't mention the absence of any other ammunition in Oswald's possession (apparently he only owned four bullets)?

They don't mention the missing ammunition clip?

They don't mention the negative nitrate test?

And they have noted CIA sock puppet John McAdams as one of their talking heads?

The beginning said it all - funded by Boeing and the David Koch foundation.

I'm glad I stopped contributing to PBS a long time ago.
I admire your patience for sitting through all that, Phil. I caught about ten minutes of it, in the middle, and only really saw the ridiculous "recreation" using liquid soap. I missed McAdams. I only saw the Father-Son team, Blakey and Josiah Thompson. So they actually mentioned the location of the bullet holes, and still used that kind of fictitious trajectory? I guess I shouldn't be surprised- it's par for the course.
They had Thompson on I guess to try to provide some "balance" but it was just as slanted as "Case Closed" or Bugliosi's tome. There was no attempt to provide any critical examination of their pseudoscience. Every bit as bad as Inside the Target Car.
Martin Hay Wrote:This one looks truly effing awful. Just look at where they have the bullet entering JFK:

Does anyone really fall for this crap?

Sadly I am sure people do. I could not watch it past the first two minutes.
Sad that it's PBS.
Damn. I guess the entire media is trying to
outdo each other with the lies.

The 50th is actually turning out way worse than the 40th with all the lies.


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