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New breaches revealed in report that says Secret Service is ‘in crisis’

I especially like this one: "The report cited a number of colorful e-mail exchanges between Secret Service staff suggesting that arranging liaisons with prostitutes was a widely known and accepted practice. Before the Colombia trip, one senior supervisor e-mailed 54 employees, cracking that the motto of the trip was "Una Mas Cerveza Por Favor," Spanish for "one more beer, please." In another note, an agent wrote to a colleague, 'Swagg *cologne-check/Pimp gear-check/Swagg sunglasses-check/Cash for dem hoes-check.' The report said that the openness of the communication indicates that the Secret Service employees "did not believe their misconduct would be punished."
The report said [Secret Service Director Joseph P.] Clancy could move the agency forward but is hampered by being a 27-year veteran of the Service.

"The Committee believed and still does that new senior leadership from outside the agency would be best positioned to enact the reforms that the agency desperately needs," the report said.


I move that Clancy be replaced by Abe Bolden as Director. Bet he could fix the thing!

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