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The truth behind the March 3, 1964 plot to assassinate Fidel Castro
My father's associates, the Babun brother's were apart of $150,000 payoff by the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro in 1964, just into a year anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination. The Babun brother's were also involved in bringing figures connected together from the mob for this assassination plot. In early 1960, Edwin Kaiser was arrested and was to serve sometime in the Alaskan prison for assault with a deadly weapon on an Alaskan State Topper, the bail bondsman was the "Duke" who had connections with the Chicago mob and Sam Giancana. Kaiser would later be a driver for the bail bondsman and mobster named Charles Duke Knuth in 1968. According to Jose, my father was among the five assassins plotting to assassinate Castro. Pipin said, your father and I think alike, we don't believe in Kingdoms or dictators. On March 2, 1964, a Cuban exile was approached by an acquaintance who wished to discuss a plan, which was still in the embryonic state to assassinate Fidel Castro. The acquaintance was described as a businessman and a shipowner, he was not a politician who owns at least one ship which sails under the British flag, and who also has a legally sanctioned interest in distributing and placing slot machines in gambling houses. The involvement of this acquaintance in the slot machines business brings the man in contact with elements in the underworld, primarily through his partner who is a former police officer from St. Louis and through whom there is a tie-in with elements of "Cosa Nostra." The Cosa Nostra elements are alleged to have numerous contacts still available to them in Cuba, and they have offered to assassinate Castro for $150,000.00, no advance funding was requested. If the mission cannot be accomplished, or if the plan is unsuccessful, an amount not to exceed $10,000 would be paid for the travel and living expenses of five men involved in the mission. The Cuban exile commented that he believed he had been approached with this plan because of his family's wealth; he told his acquaintance that he was not interested and suggested that an approach might be made to someone who has much more money.

Another Cuban exile reported that Byron Cameron, owner and operator of the M/V Cayman Hope, whose address is Caribe Trading Co., LTD., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, met with several Cuban exiles on March 3, 1964 Among the persons attending the meeting were Teofilo Babun Franco, co-owner of the Antillean Marine Shipping Corporation, Miami, and two of Babun's employees, Oscar Fernandez Viego and Eliseo Gomez Fernandez. However, only four assassins names are listed:

1. Byron Cameron
2. Teofilo Babun Franco
3. Oscar Fernandez Viego
4. Eliseo Gomez

Cameron made it very clear that some mafia figures were involved. Those who were financing this operation was Julio Lobo and Jose "Pepin" Bosch. I wonder, just who this "silent majority" person was? Because my father would later turn on this country, and the men after discovering the truth he would later be assassinated on a ship. The ship kept bouncing from owner to owner until it ended up in the Cayman Islands, then there was nothing we could do the CIA had covered their tracks and sunk the ship. A letter by John H. Lewis attorney's at law; some wording added by me states, Dear Ms. Kitchin: Thank you for your letter of February 19, 1980. As discussed at the September 25, 1979, informal conference. I am attempting to establish ownership of the vessel by All Trading, Ltd. of Grand Cayman. This attempt is based upon Mr. Woodward's letter indicating that All Trading, and not Mr. Woodward of Texas owned the subject vessel on the date of Mr. Kaiser death. I can only assume that Mr. Woodward owned the vessel prior, and at the present time, the only information obtained has been through the government of the Cayman Islands indicating that All Trading, Ltd. was registered on May 2, 1977 this means the ship was registered to the Cayman Islands just three months after Kaiser's death. Is there really any other way of getting rid of a mole? The ship was registered as a non-resident company and maintains a registered office on Grand Cayman. However, the government would provide no other information, particularly regarding the ownership of the corporation. I have retained counsel on Grand Cayman to attempt to develop additional evidence. However, I am sure you can appreciate that this will not be an easy task, given the fact that a Cayman corporation is the equivalent of a Swiss bank account. Per the previous plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, the United States Government would not, under any circumstances, condone the planned actions. This passage is to protect the United States by definition as "plausible deniability." In submitting this information, were motivated in part by the belief that by disclosing the information they would obtain immunity against any legal action should they succeed in implementing the plan. Would there be a reason Edwin Kaiser would later ask for Federal and State pardons?

On May 7, 1977 exactly three months after Kaiser's death, Frank Sturgis said, In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Frank Sturgis claims "that the objective of the Watergate break-ins was to locate and destroy the photographs of our role in the assassination of the President. Frank really knew who had the photos.

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