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CIA’s detailed study of the Hitler Plot was to be used against Castro

by Bill Kelly
AARC v. CIA Re: The CIA's Detailed Study of the Hitler Plot[/URL]

AARC v. CIA Re: The CIA's detailed study of the Hitler Plot to be used against Castro.

[Image: Z]

Valkyrie was the code name given to the German military plot to kill Hitler that resulted in the July 20, 1944 bombing at Hitler's Headquarters that failed to kill him. A September 25, 1963 memo of the meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reports that the CIA was engaged in a "detailed study" of this plot to be used against Castro. In August 2012 Jim Lesar and the Assassinations Archives and Research Center (AARC) filed a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) for the CIA records on this study, a case that remains in court today.

AARC director Jim Lesar recently made oral arguments on the significance and public interest in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case of Jeff Morley v. the CIA regarding the files of CIA officer George Joannedes (1). It should be noted that Lesar and the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) are also involved in three other related civil cases.

These cases include the decades old request by the late Carl Oglesby for the US Army files on Nazi general Reinard Gehlen , David Talbot's request for CIA officer William Harvey's travel records (2), and the six year old request for the CIA's "detailed study" of the July 1944 plot to kill Hitler that was to be used against Castro.(3)
As Jim Lesar notes on the record I was one of the first to call attention to the relevant document what I call "Smoking Document (#1), I was requested to furnish a legal deposition in the case. (4)
The document, known as the "Higgins Memo," because it was written by Col. Walter Higgins, was released by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) under the JFK Act of 1992 (5) and was found in the records posted by Rex Bradford at the Mary Ferrell web site among the Joint Chiefs of Staff papers. (6)
This document is Colonel Walter Higgins' minutes of the September 25, 1963 meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when they were briefed on the CIA's covert operations against Cuba by Desmond FitzGerald.
Higgins was a chief aide to U.S. Marine General Victor H. Krulak, then Special Assistant for Counter Insurgency Activities (SACIA) and responsible for US military assistance to the CIA in the conduct of its covert operations, especially against Cuba. (7)
While there are a number of other interesting and significant items mentioned in his memo that still need further research, such as the "Pendelum system" and the letter from McGeorge Bundy that was so secret it had to be silently read and then returned to Roswell Gilpatrick, "who did not want written communication by SACSA, but to put this out orally." (8) We still don't know what the Pendelum system was or what was in the secret communication from Gilpatrick and Bundy over fifty years later.

The key item that is being contested in court is the report in the "propaganda field," in which Higgins quoted FitzGearld as saying that he, ",,,felt that there had been great success in getting closer to the military personnel who might break with Castro, and stated that there were at least ten high-level military personnel who are talking with CIA but as yet are not talking to each other, since that degree of confidence has not yet developed. He considers it as a parallel in history; i.e., the plot to kill Hitler; and this plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach."

"This plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach," to be used against Castro certainly indicates that the military plot against Hitler was in his words "studied in detail," and something had to be written down, but the CIA at first made the contention they could find no relevant records in the CIA files on the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler. Then later they backtracked and found one, a propaganda advisory on the twentieth anniversary of the bomb plot, a July 1964 report that recommended how to use the story of the Hitler plot to counter communist propaganda. (9)

James Lesar, Esq. and Dan Alcorn, Esq. were the authors of the legal briefs, and Alcorn has made additional research contributions that are still being developed.

In his written argument to the court Jim Lesar claims the CIA's search for relevant records was inadequate for a number of reasons, including:

"First, CIA has provided contradictory information as to the results of its search, initially claiming it found no records, then withdrawing that letter as it was sent in error, then resending that letter, and finally conducting another search once litigation was initiated that found responsive records…." (10)

Lesar wrote that, "…it is illogical and contrary to history that the CIA has only one record related to the 1944 plot to kill Adolf Hitler, which CIA director (and Warren Commissioner) Allen Dulles was in contact with at the time. The Fact that the one document produced in this case, the Propagandist's Guide, relates to the twentieth anniversary of the plot to kill Hitler supports the importance of the event. Even an anniversary was important enough to receive written discussion in CIA records, yet we are to believe that a detailed study of the event to develop an avenue to deal with Fidel Castro was not important enough to create records? Nor was any record created about this event in the history of the CIA other than a document related to the twentieth anniversary. Such a result is illogical and contrary to history."

Indeed, on the July 1954 tenth anniversary, a Washington newspaper reported that the CIA director Allen Dulles had an anniversary dinner with former Nazi officer Hans Bernd Gisevious, who Dulles and his agent and paramour Mary Bancroft, assisted in escaping from Germany with forged documents. At the very least this newspaper item, or other documents related to Dulles and Gisevious should be in the CIA files, as the CIA arranged for Gisevious to come to America after he testified at Nuremberg.

[Image: download.jpg]
Hans Bernd Gisevious testifying at Nurenberg trials, sending Nazis to the gallows.

Since the CIA doesn't have any records of this in their files I will give them this one from the public record.

The Associated Press headline read: "Key Man in Plot to Kill Hitler Dines Here with Allen Dulles." (11)

[Image: pg_23.jpg]
Allen Dulles

The story reads: "Two men whose countries were at war against each other 10 years ago met here last night to relive in memory the roles they played in the attempt to kill Hitler on July 20, 1944. They were Allen Dulles, chief of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevious, one of the few German conspirators who escaped death when the plot failed. Mr. Dulles invited Dr. Gisevious to dinner for a sort of anniversary party' recalling one of the most amazing intrigues of World War II."

"The story began when Mr. Dulles went to Switzerland late in 1942 to organize an American espionage center. In Berne he met Dr. Gisevious, who then was German Vice Consul and actually a member of the Nazi intelligence organization, the Abwehr. Dr. Gisevius was anti-Nazi and convinced, as were many of his countrymen, that Hitler was leading the nation to destruction. He put Mr. Dulles in touch with the anti-Nazi underground and the two men secretly worked together in encouraging the plot that finally was climaxed by the attempt on Hitler's life."

"Through Dr. Gisevius, Mr. Dulles was able to keep his government advised of the activities of the German underground which reached high into the German military."

"Hitler survived the bomb that exploded in his secret headquarters in East Prussia and ordered a blood purge of the conspirators. Dr. Gisevius, then in Germany, hid from Hitler's agents until Mr. Dulles managed to smuggle forged identification papers to him. Then as, Dr. Hoffman,' Dr. Gisevius eluded the Gestapo and made his way to Switzerland…"

As I mention in my declaration to the court, one of the direct connections between the 1944 plot to kill Hitler and the assassination of JFK is the fact that Allen Dulles' assistant and paramour Mary Bancroft was the OSS contact with Gisevius and she went on to translate Gisevius' histories of the Third Reich. (12)[Image: images.jpg]

[Image: agent5n-6-web.jpg] Mary Bancroft
Mary Bancroft was also the best friend and traveling companion of Ruth Forbes Paine Young, Michael Paine's mother, who Michael Paine's wife visited before picking up Marina and the rifle in New Orleans and taking them to Texas while Oswald went to Mexico City. (13)

[Image: 25225035_Still.jpg][Image: M%252BRPz.jpg]
Paine's station wagon used to transport the rifle to and from New Oreans and Ruth and Michael Paine

As both Dulles and Bancroft were working for the OSS at the time of the July 20, 1944 assassination and coup attempt against Hitler, perhaps it isn't the CIA records where they should look for the CIA's "detailed study" of the Hitler plot, but the OSS archives. (14)
In his response to the court Lesar said, "In addition to the explicit references in the Higgins memo, AARC has provided references to the Church Committee investigation and an unrebutted declaration from author William E. Kelly, Jr. as to his findings as to show where the plot to kill Hitler appears in the circumstances surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. (15)

Some but not all of the dozen or so associations between the Hitler Plot and the JFK Assassination are mentioned in the Kelly Declaration supplied to the court, and I will elaborate on them and other developments in this case in another article.
It is preposterous, as the CIA claims, that there are no other records of the Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler among the CIA files, especially when they were engaged in a "detailed study" of the plot to be used against Castro.
Lesar stated that: "The documentary record of the Higgins Memorandum evidences the likelihood of more of documentary record than the CIA has provided to date. The Higgins memo records a briefing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military by the CIA's head of Cuban activities during a period in which the US relationship with Cuba was one of the highest priority items of the US foreign policy. The CIA's detailed study of the 1944 plot to kill Hitler in order to develop an approach to FidelCastro (emphasis added) was therefore one of the most important activities of the US government at the time. Yet the CIA has failed to produce any such records or explain the failure to do so."
Lesar requested a discovery to learn exactly what areas of the CIA archives the search included, suggested other places they should look, and in noticing that the CIA's chief historian David Robarge assisted in this search, asked the court that Robarge be deposed under oath to answer questions as to his knowledge of these records. (16)
Lesar wrote, "the CIA withholds the crucial information that would document its search and results by withholding the contents of five documents that record the search process…AARC must be allowed to take discovery in these searchers and errors, including the deposition of CIA chief historian David Robarge." (17)
Robarge, Lesar notes, wrote a biography of John McCone, CIA Director at the time of the assassination, and he was consulted in the course of the search for these records, and even searched his own records for any that were responsive to the request. (18)
Lesar also called the court's attention to President Trump's propensity to want to release records, especially CIA and assassination records saying, "President Trump has recently utilized the public interest provision of Executive Order 13526 to release Top Secret classified information in other contexts, in particular release of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee report on compliance with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act." (19)
"FOIA requires CIA to pursue these compelling leads and information," Lesar said, "and does not require the AARC to prove (what) CIA has in its possession but cannot find."
In conclusion Lesar wrote, "Further AARC prays the Court for an order compelling CIA to release to plantiff the material withheld improperly under exemption claims as set forth above."


1) Morley v. CIA re: Joannides 15-year lawsuit over mysterious CIA agent drags as last of JFK files awaitsrelease /

2) Carl Oglesy v. US Army re: Gehlen and Talbot Talbot Response to Govt Motion for Summary Judgment: Memorandom,

3) AARC v. CIA Re: Detailed Study of Hitler Plot to be adapted against Castro Filed August 25, 2012. It should be noted that DC attorney Dan Alcorn has contributed greatly to developing the research and writing the legal briefs on this case. /

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" After the JCS meeting Admiral Riley called Colonel Higgins into his office and read a letter from Mr. McGeorge Bundy which discussed secrecy measures necessary related to Cuba CIA operations. Admiral Riley directed Colonel Higgins to have the nature of this letter put out through SACSA control to SACSA contact points to insure an adequate system for secrecy within the military services. Admiral Riley stated he was returning the letter to Mr. Gilpatric as he did not want written communication by SACSA, but to put this out orally. This was transmitted to Colonel Wyman who will take the action to prepare an appropriate memorandum for the record to be filed with General Ingelido in accordance with further direction by Admiral Riley."

"General Wheeler, Chief of Staff of the Army, called and questioned us concerning SACSA's access for the knowledge of such operations as mentioned in the McGeorge Bundy letter. I advised him that our Pendulum system was in being but that I would look into it in greater detail to determine that it met the letter as well as the spirit of the memorandum. I stated I believed this was so but had not had reason to do it until this date and therefore did not give him a positive answer at that time."

9) CIA propaganda advisory 1964 -

10) No other responsive records It is logically impossible that the CIA has no documents in all of its archives that relate to the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie Plot to kill Hitler, an incident that directly involved former CIA director Allen Dulles, who celebrated the 10[SUP]th[/SUP] anniversary over dinner with Has Bernd Gisevious, one of the few plotters who survived the resulting purge, testified against the Nazis at Nurenberg and came to America to work for Dresser Industries in Dallas.

11) Dulles and Gisevius dine on July 20, 1954 Washington Star, July 21, 1954. The full AP report is published above.

12) Bancroft, Mary. Autobiography of a Spy (William Morrow, 1983) Bancroft writes that she was accompanied by Ruth Forbes Paine (Young) on a steamship trip to Europe when she met her husband, a Swiss businessman, which put her in position to assist Dulles during the war. She was the intermediary between Gisevius and Dulles, assisted in Gisevius' escape from Germany and translated his histories of the Third Reich.

13) Ford, Gerald. Portrait of the Assassin. (Simon and Schuster, 1965). In this book Ford mentions a letter Ruth Hyde Paine wrote to Marina Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, inviting the pregnant Marina to move in and live with her in Texas until the baby was born. If she agreed, Marina was instructed to write to her in care of "Arthur Young, Paoli, Pa.," the husband of Michael Paine's mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young. She apparently agreed because Ruth H. Paine picked up Marina, the daughter and their belongings (including the rifle) on September 24, 1963, a date coinciding with the CIA briefing of the JCS, and took them to Texas while Oswald went to Mexico.

14) OSS Archives . Among the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Archives is a document that reflects the fact that two OSS officers were to be sent to China on a mission together G. Walton Moore the CIA Domestic Contacts Division officer who was George deMohrenschildt's contact, and Charles Ford the CIA officer who was said to be assigned to be the cut-out liaison between RFK and the mobsters John Rosselli and Sam Giancana.

15) Kelly's Declaration -

16) Discovery of CIA search methods and records of the search are included in five records not released, that Lesar requested.

17) Request for deposition of CIA chief historian Robarge -

18) Robarge biography of McCone and DCI McCone and the Assassination of President Kennedy from National Security Archive.

19) President Trump "President Trump has recently utilized the public interest provision of Executive Order 13526 to release Top Secret classified information in other contexts, in particular release of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee report on compliance with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act."
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
More from Bill Kelly on M. Paine [who worked under Gen. Walter Dornberger (of V-2 'fame' under the Reich) at Bell-Helicopter in Ft. Worth on 11.22.63]

More on Michael Paine - and his Importance in the Assassination Story

Michael Paine at Dealey Plaza

[Image: download.jpg]
Michael Paine

There are a few basic facts about Michael Paine that are not being reported upon his death.

The first is that without him and his actions the assassination of President Kennedy could not and would not have happened.

The significant facts are:

1) Michael Paine was kicked out of Harvard and attended Swarthmore College in Philadelphia where he lived on a farm with his mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young and her third husband, the eccentric inventor of the Bell Helicopter Arthur Young.

2) It was while living in Philadelphia when he met Ruth Hyde at a folk dance and they became engaged and married in a Quaker ceremony at Media, Pennsylvania.

3) It was the Media, Pa. FBI office that was broken into and records stolen that revealed the existence of COINTELPRO and CHAOS documents, operations that were designed to penetrate and disrupt anti-Vietnam war and civil rights protest groups.

4) While the CIA is legally unable to conduct such domestic operations, the FBI worked closely with US Army Reserves Intelligence, who were.

5) Michael Paine joined the US Army before beginning work at Bartol Research Foundation in Swarthmore and as an assistant to his step-father Arthur Young, whose Bell Helicotper 47B the MASH helicopter, was the first commercially approved helicopter.

6) Arthur Young arranged for Michael to work in research at Bell Helicopter, that opened a new plant in Texas, where Michael and Ruth Paine moved to work there. Young told me that Bell relocated their helicopter plant to Texas "for security reasons."

7) In 1959 they moved to 2525 West Fifth Street in Irving, Texas, were the rifle said to be used to kill the president was stored in a blanket in the garage.

[Image: images.jpg]
Ruth Hyde and Michael Paine

8) When Lee Harvey Oswald returned home from the USSR with his Russian wife and young daughter, they were patronized by a group of Russians who associated with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, a parish funded in part by the CIA's Catherwood Foundation of Philadelphia, and assisted primarily by oil geologist George deMohrenschildt, who has been described as their intelligence babysitter.

9) Before deMohrenschildt relocated to Haiti for work, he hosted a February 1963 party at the home of three Magnolia Oil engineers for the expressed purpose of introducing Oswald to Michael Paine. While Paine did not attend the party, his wife Marina met Michael's wife Ruth Hyde Paine and they became fast friends until the day of the assassination, after which they never spoke to each other again.

10) At the same party Oswald met one of the Magnolia Oil company hosts Volkmar Schmidt, a German who said he used "reverse psychology techniques" on Oswald that were taught to him by his surrogate father Professor Keutmeyer of Heidelberg, Germany, suggesting that right wing retired General Walker be assassinated, as Hitler should have been.

11) Schmidt specifically mentioned the July 20, 1944 bomb plot to kill Hitler that Keutmeyer was involved in via two direct participants.

12) Michael Paine's mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young was best friends with Mary Bancroft, the OSS paramour of Allen Dulles in Switzerland and principle agent involved in the July 20[SUP]th[/SUP] plot to kill Hitler. They knew of the plot before it failed and afterwards assisted one of the principle plotters Hans Bernd Gisivious to escape, one of the few participants who was not executed.

13) Shortly after someone took a shot at Walker and missed, a crime attributed to Oswald, he relocated to his hometown of New Orleans, and Michael's wife drove Marina and the rifle to New Orleans, and then returned with them a few months later while Oswald went to Mexico. Michael Paine packed and unpacked the station wagon on both occasions, and placed the rifle in a blanket in his garage in Irving. Paine later said he thought the rifle in the blanket was camping equipment.

14) The rifle remained in Paine's garage until the morning of the assassination, and Oswald's brother Robert, a former Marine sharpshooter, wrote in his book that "If Lee did not practice with that rifle in the days and weeks prior to the assassination, he did not take the shots that killed President Kennedy and wounded Governor Connally."

15) A few weeks prior to the assassination Michael Paine and another employee of Bell took Oswald to a meeting of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and afterwards, the other employee went to Jack Ruby's Carousel Club and Oswald joined the ACLU.

16) At the very moment of the assassination Paine was in the Bell Hell cafeteria eating lunch with Frank Krystinik who said Paine was discussing "the character of assassins."

17) At Bell Paine worked under former Nazi General Walter Dornberger, who was brought into the USA by the CIA under Project Paperclip. The phone at Bell were tapped and a report leaked that shortly after the assassination Michael Paine and Ruth Paine talked on the phone saying, Oswald killed the president but was not responsible, and that "We both know who is responsible."

18) While Michael Paine claimed he didn't know Oswald had a rifle, even though he moved it around on three or four occasions, he later acknowledge that he saw the backyard photo of Oswald holding the rifle, pistol and two Communist publications that he subscribed to, including the Trotskyite paper that included articles on anti-Castro Cuban CIA JMWAVE attacks on Cuba.

19) Michael Paine's father was one of the founders of the Trotskyite Party in the USA, an offshoot of the official Kremlin backed Communist Party.

20) When Leon Trotsky broke away from the official Communist Party in Russia, he sought aslym in Mexico City, where he was assassinated by Ramon Mercader, a KGB trained assassin, as documented in a book by Issac Don Levine.

21) After the assassination Issac Don Levine obtained the rights to Marina Oswald's story, later written by Priscilla Johnson McMillan, who knew Oswald in Moscow when she worked for the North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA), a news organized owned by former OSS officer Ivor Bryce and included Ian Fleming, of 007 fame.

22) While Ruth and Michael Paine were extensively questioned by the Warren Commission, they were not questioned by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) or the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), despite repeated requests to do so.
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
Valkyrie is the name for the emergency defence mobilization plan of the north German coast & German heartland, when they realised that an invasion there was completely undefended & no contingency plans existed for.

It was to be triggered on the assassination of 'itler.

-yer watchin' too much telly.
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Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
The information above, especially the Kelly Declaration, to me seems to nail down the JFK-Nazi theory--

1) A German scientist Volkmar Schmidt had a two hour conversation with Oswald in Feb. 1963 at a party

2) The owner of the TSBD D. H. Byrd was on a safari with a German Baron on 11-22-63.

3) The Joint Chiefs of Staff were meeting with General Adolf Huesinger and General Hans Spiedel of the Bundeswehr/NATO command on 11-22-63.

4) The CIA was going to use the Operation Valkyrie plan to try and kill Castro but won't release the documents about it, even today.

What more does anyone need to conclude that the Germans were behind the JFK plot or were at least equal partners with the CIA in the plot?

Of course what is missing here is the fact that the West German Government itself was complicit. The other missing part is that Otto Otepka's biographer William J. Gill was married to perhaps the second most important Valkyrie plotter, Countess Mechtild Podewils, a former Nazi super-spy. She is cited 16 times in the Germany version of General Wilhelm Schramm's book on Valkyrie. She was in Washington on 11-22-63.

James Lateer
James Lateer Wrote:The information above, especially the Kelly Declaration, to me seems to nail down the JFK-Nazi theory--

1) A German scientist Volkmar Schmidt had a two hour conversation with Oswald in Feb. 1963 at a party

2) The owner of the TSBD D. H. Byrd was on a safari with a German Baron on 11-22-63.

3) The Joint Chiefs of Staff were meeting with General Adolf Huesinger and General Hans Spiedel of the Bundeswehr/NATO command on 11-22-63.

4) The CIA was going to use the Operation Valkyrie plan to try and kill Castro but won't release the documents about it, even today.

What more does anyone need to conclude that the Germans were behind the JFK plot or were at least equal partners with the CIA in the plot?

Of course what is missing here is the fact that the West German Government itself was complicit. The other missing part is that Otto Otepka's biographer William J. Gill was married to perhaps the second most important Valkyrie plotter, Countess Mechtild Podewils, a former Nazi super-spy. She is cited 16 times in the Germany version of General Wilhelm Schramm's book on Valkyrie. She was in Washington on 11-22-63.

James Lateer

This remains an interesting idea - yet seems to suffer from a severe lack of "significant facts"...

We need quite a bit more than these loosely tied together threads James.

If you are claiming these are dots to connect in order to form that image... I'd like a bit more from you if you have it....

1) citation please and relevance - what did they talk about and why is this related?

2) well that just about ices it then... :Nazis:

3) Meeting about what James? ::passingjoint::

4) The CIA had hundreds of plans to kill CASTRO... so how does the fact none of them worked, many were not even tried, and even more were discarded as crazy relate to a NAZI-related plot to kill JFK...
Once in a while you get shown the light
in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
R. Hunter
I Thought You, the Reader, Would Never Ask!

The evidence for German and/or Nazi sponsorship or co-sponsorship
of the JFK assassination is overwhelming. The following is a
list of the most important items of proof:
1. Clay Shaw was the only person prosecuted for the murder of
JFK. During World War II, Shaw worked for Army Intelligence
on German property claims. Papers on Shaw were found by a researcher
in a file of papers relating to the IG Farben legal case, also
known as the GAF case. Farben was the largest German multi-national
2. James O. Eastland was employing Lee Harvey Oswald as an informant
in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. This matter has
been proven by author and researcher Dr. Jeffrey Caulfield in his
book General Walker. Eastland employed Oswald to infiltrate as
many as five civil rights and other groups.
3. Senators James O. Eastland and Senator Thomas J. Dodd essentially
shared the chairmanship of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee.
4. Senator Dodd was closely involved with General Julius Klein.
Klein was described by the German magazine Der Spiegel as the
"shadow ambassador" for West Germany. Dodd and Klein worked
closely together on Dodd's frequent visits to West Germany.
5. In an op-ed article in a major newspaper, General Klein was accused
by Senator George Smathers of working for I G Farben.
6. In the summer of 1963, General Julius Klein was investigated by
the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for improper activities on
behalf of the Government of West Germany and on behalf of major
German industrialists and bankers.
7. When Dodd visited Germany, which was quite often, he always
met with Hans Globke.
8. Hans Globke was described by German expert T.H. Tetens as
doing more than any other person to enable the re-entry of ex-Nazis
to positions of power in the West German government.
9. Hans Globke was the Nazi who personally wrote the Nuremberg
Laws which laid out the plan and provided the legal basis for the
10. At the time of the assassination, both Reinhard Gehlen who was
head of West German Intelligence (BND) and the West German
counterpart of the FBI both reported to Hans Globke.
11. When Senator Dodd visited Germany, he also met quite often
with Hermann Abs. General Julius Klein stated that he only got
in trouble with the U.S. government when he began advocating for
Hermann Abs. Abs was CEO of Deutsche-Bank and was involved in
representing Germans in their battles in the U.S. relating to World
War II property claims that had not been resolved as of 1963. Abs'
own family had property claim issues in Czechoslovakia. Abs had also
been one of the top three bankers involved in Hitler's occupation of
his neighboring European countries from 1937 to 1945 and beyond.
12. Senator Thomas J. Dodd was brought before the Senate Ethics
Committee in 1966 and questioned exclusively about his relationship
with General Julius Klein.
13. There was testimony in the Dodd censure hearings that Dodd
had likely been bribed by General Klein. There were several other
key Senators also involved with General Klein. There were indications
in the hearings that as many as 20 Senators were involved with
General Klein (the West German "shadow ambassador"). If Dodd
was being bribed, the others might have been also.
14. Senator Dodd was censured by the Senate, allegedly for financial
dealings although there were vitually no financial irregularities
proven in the hearings.
15. Senator Dodd had been the assistant head prosecutor for the U.S.
at the Nuremberg war crimes trials in Germany after World War II.
16. John J. McCloy was named to the Warren Commission. McCloy
was said to have, more than any other member, managed the Warren
Commission proceedings.
17. John J. McCloy had served as High Commissioner for the U.S.
Sector in Germany from 1949 to 1952.
18. As High Commissioner, McCloy commuted the sentences of
major ex-Nazis and German industrialists who had been imprisoned
for war crimes.
19. McCloy was described by German expert T H Tetens as "pathologically
20. John J. McCloy had worked his entire career on German issues.
He had worked for 9 years in the legal case involving German sabotage
in World War I. He had shared Adolph Hitler's box seats at the
1936 Berlin Olympics with Hermann Goring and Heinrich Himmler.
21. Allen Dulles was also a member of the Warren Commission.
Next to McCloy, Dulles was most active and involved in the Warren
Commission hearings.
22. Allen Dulles had worked in Switzerland during World War II.
His job was to negotiate with Nazi generals and scientists when Germany
started to lose the War. He recruited Wernher von Braun and
General Walter Dornberger. Dulles also worked with Gen. Lyman
Lemnitzer in the secret peace negotiations with General Karl Wolff.
23. Allen Dulles recruited Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen to head
up all intelligence efforts for both the U.S. and West Germany in
the Iron Curtain countries from 1945 through 1963. In his voluminous
memoirs, Dulles apparently never mentioned his recruitment
of Reinhard Gehlen.
24. General Reinhard Gehlen had been head of intelligence on the
Eastern Front for Hitler and the Nazi war machine.
25. Senator John Sherman Cooper was another member of the Warren
Commission. During and after World War II, Cooper worked on
the management of occupied Germany for the U.S. Army. Cooper
was responsible for placing Gerhard Schroeder in his first governmental
job in Germany.
26. Gerhard Schroeder became German Chancellor just 4 weeks
before the assassination and was invited that month to the LBJ
ranch, the only such invitation to a world leader.
27. Senator John Sherman Cooper was named as the first U.S. Ambassador
to East Germany.
28. In persuading his confidants by phone about the creation of the
Warren Commission, LBJ stated that McCloy and Cooper could
help with the "international" aspects of the assassination investigation.
Their only international expertise was with Germany.
29. The General Aniline and Film Corp. had been seized by the
U.S. Government during World War II under the Trading With The
Enemy Act.
30. IG Farben was the real owner of GAF and had pressed the U.S.
Government and maintained a major lawsuit to force the U.S. Government
to sell or return GAF to private ownership from 1946 to 1963.
31. In the GAF case, along with the I G Farben company, there was
also the involvement of influential major American corporations
such as Standard Oil of New Jersey and DuPont chemicals.
32. Don Cook, president of American Electric Power became chairman
of the committee which supervised the sale of GAF. LBJ and
Cook spoke on the phone in the week following the assassination
when Cook asked LBJ to meet with a group of unnamed men.
33. The sale of GAF was approved by LBJ just four weeks after the
assassination after being tied up in court for almost 20 years.
34. General Edwin Walker was involved in the attempt to frame Lee
Harvey Oswald for an alleged shooting incident at the Walker home.
35. Walker had been serving in Germany and was fired by JFK for
handing out right-wing materials to his troops serving in Germany.
36. There were three soldiers who came directly from Germany
in the months before the assassination. They were Larrie and Bob
Schmidt and Bernard Weissman.
37. Bob Schmidt was employed as a chauffeur by General Edwin
38. The Schmidt brothers were responsible for purchasing threatening
newspaper ads and billboards which appeared when JFK visited Dallas.
39. The Schmidt brothers insisted that the signature of Bernard
Weissman appear on the hostile advertisements. This was done in
the hope that Americans would blame the Jews for the assassination.
Any American would know that the American public would
not blame Jews based on this tactic. Only an Old World, Nazi mentality
would cause someone to believe that Jews would be blamed
because of this association.
40. On the weekend of the assassination, General Edwin Walker
spoke by telephone with a neo-Nazi newspaper in Germany shortly
after the assassination occurred.
41. The name Dan Burros appeared in the notebook of Lee Harvey
42. Dan Burros was a member of the American Nazi Party and
had a history of corresponding with an exiled Nazi leader in Egypt
named Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Rudel had lived in Argentina.
Rudel was involved witht the most conspiratorial of the post-WWII
ex-Nazis. That included Otto Skorzeny and Wernher Naumann. Rudel
also founded the Kameradenwerke group which financially supported
convicted war criminals.
43. There were five persons with proven prior knowledge of the assassination.
One of them was an NSA whistleblower named Eugene
Barry Dinkin. He was stationed only 120 miles from Bonn, the capital
of West Germany.
44. Dinkin must have learned about the JFK plot from spying activities.
Due to his proximity to Bonn, he was most likely spying on
people in Germany and possibly other nearby countries.
45. General Charles Willoughby has been accused by many assassination
researchers as being involved in the assassination. Willoughby
came over from Germany in World War I and was investigated
soon after for involvement with a female German spy.
46. In a letter to CIA director Allen Dulles, General Willoughby
claimed to have close connections to former friends of Kaiser Wilhelm
II who was, around this time, exiled in the Netherlands following
World War I.
47. George de Mohrenschildt befriended Lee Harvey Oswald when
Oswald returned from Russia and moved to Dallas-Fort Worth,
Texas. During World War II, de Mohrenschildt was determined to
be a Nazi spy or active Nazi sympathizer by several Federal agencies
including the FBI.
48. Shortly before World War II, George de Mohrenschildt was involved
in the production of a propaganda film with Count Konstatin
49. DeMohrenschildt claimed that Maydell was a cousin when he
was not.
50. Count Maydell served time in a U.S. prison as a Nazi spy during
World War II.
51. Following World War II, General Walter Dornberger was held in
solitary confinement by the British government.
52. Dornberger was identified as the head of the informal network
of German Nazi prisoners in Allied custody following the War.
53. British Intelligence wrote that Dornberger was a dangerous person
and was capable of fomenting World War III.
54. In November, 1963, General Walter Dornberger was chief scientist
for Bell Aerospace which had a facility in Dallas.
55. Michael Paine was a research engineer for Bell Aerospace and, in
that capacity, was a subordinate of General Dornberger.
56. Dornberger was the best friend of Wernher von Braun. The
United States was entirely dependent on the missile scientists who
worked for von Braun at the Redstone Missile Facility in Alabama
for U.S. national defense.
57. Von Braun had been a member of the SS during World War II
when he was working closely with Dornberger on the development
of the V-2 missile.
58. Lee Harvey Oswald slept the night before the morning of the assassination
in the house normally occupied by Micheal Paine. Paine
who had allegedly been estranged from his wife who lived there,
moved back into the house four weeks after the assassination.
59. The Permindex organization had a common board of directors
with Centro Mondo Commerciale in Italy and Switzerland. Permindex
had former Nazis as members.
60. Clay Shaw who was prosecuted in the JFK murder case was
CEO of Permindex and had ties to the GAF case.
61. "Centro" of Switzerland was identified by German expert T H
Tetens as a welfare fund for jailed and exiled former Nazis.
62. The Russian Orthodox Church members befriended Lee Harvey
Oswald before the assassination and cared for Oswald's widow
Marina after the assassination including arranging for translators.
63. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church in the U.S. was Metropolitan
Anastasy. He had been involved in issues of spying in East
Germany in the case of the kidnapping of Dr. Walter Linse.
64. Walter Becher was a German politician who spent a great deal of
time in the U.S. in lobbying members of Congress and similar duties.
65. Walter Becher died in Pullach, Bavaria at age 93. Pullach was
very small community which housed the headquarters of the BND,
which was the West German Intelligence service which was headed
by General Reinhard Gehlen. Pullach was to West Germany what
Langley, Virginia is to U.S. Intelligence. The BND had been part of
the CIA during the early 1950's and had been founded by Warren
Commission member Allen Dulles.
66. Jack Ruby testified before the Warren Commission. He stated he
was afraid of that both he and his extended family might be murdered.
When asked by whom they might be killed, he replied "anti-Semites."
Although Ruby is often associated with the Mafia and a probable
fear of the Mafia as his motivation in killing Oswald, his blaming of
"anti-Semites" is more in line with accusing Nazis. Through contacts
from his Jewish co-religionists, Ruby's motivation was probably due
to a desire to strike back against the Nazis due to their massacre of the
millions in World War II as well as the murder of his President.
67. In 1963, NATO was controlled by Secretary-General Dirk Stekker.
Stekker had run a business in the Netherlands during WWII and
was a close personal friend of German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.
68. In 1963, the top military authority in NATO was the Chairman
of the Military Committee. That man was Adolf Heusinger who had
been the top planner and worked side-by-side with Hitler on the Eastern
front. As can readily be understood from the above list of items
of circumstantial evidence, there was a close involvement of ex-Nazis
and probably certain high-ranking member of the West German government
in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
69. Some experts on the Jim Garrison investigation believe that
Garrison's staff thought that the money for both the de Gaulle assassination
and the JFK assassination had been laundered through
NATO headquarters.
70. As Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, ex-Hitler righthand
man Alolf Heusinger had an office in the Pentagon and supervised
a staff of around 400 there. His rank was equal to U.S. Service
Commanders at the Pentagon.
71. Conserative activiist William J. Gill was close to the Goldwater
Campaign, the CIA-involved Buckley Brothers, the Eastland-Dodd
SISS Committee and their counsel Jay Sourwine. Gill clearly had
inside information about the assassination plot in order to write his
biography of Otto Otepka. Gill's wife was a German Countess and
a famous female spy for Hitler's Abwehr intelligence department.
She had served as a Nazi spy in Spain in 1937 and in 1943. She was
mentioned in almost all of the books about the attempt to assassinate
Hitler 07-20-1944. She was mentioned in the memoirs of Allen
Dulles who was also involved in that Hitler plot as well as negotiations
with countless Nazis and ex-Nazis. She was living in Washington
D C at the time of the assassination. The spy Countess Podewils,
wife of William J. Gill was apparently recruited by Allen Dulles as
part of Operation Paperclip and brought to the U.S. The FBI kept a
file on Countess Podewils.

The following are the final conclusions of the author based on the information
which is set forth in The Three Barons.

1. The West German Government can be described as possibly involved
in the assassination plot.
2. Certain former WWII Nazis were likely involved in the plot.
3. The Permindex organization was a primarily a welfare fund for
fugitive and other ex-Nazis.
4. James O. Eastland was likely using Lee Harvey Oswald as an
agent in New Orleans in his Communist-busting role as official
Chairman of the SISS committee.
5. Senator Thomas Dodd played a key role in the assassination plot.
6. The plot to kill JFK could likely have included the intention of
killing LBJ as well.
7. The Civil Rights Act was the price that Civil Rights groups required
in order to keep silent about the possible assassination conspiracy.
8. The Metropolitan Anastasy of the Russian Orthodox Church
was likely directly involved in the plot or its promotion. Anastasy
was to a large extent CIA-funded.
9. NATO and its SACEUR General Lyman Lemnitzer could have
been at least tacitly involved in the plot along with NATO Secretary
General Dirk Stikker and the highest NATO General Adolf
Heusinger, the right-hand man for Hitler on the Russian front.
10. The plot could have been created by West German Intelligence
Chief General Reinhard Gehlen and he was almost certainly involved
in or very aware of the plot.
11. The British Intelligence retired agent Sir William Stephenson
could likely have held a meeting of some kind regarding the plot
near Montego Bay, Jamaica.
12. That Clarence Dillon, father of Treasury Secretary C. Douglas
Dillon was likely involved in the plot and was likely high up in the
command of the conspiracy. Dillon owned a resort home near Montego
Bay, only a mile away from the compound which was a center
for Sir William Stephenson.
13. The National Security Council through members Dean Rusk,
McGeorge Bundy and former employee W.W. Rostow were likely
at the center of the plot, at least to the extent that it required highly-
placed individuals in the JFK administration. Certain officials of
the CIA and/or military intelligence were likely loaned to the National
Security Council as was done in the Iran/Contra plot to avoid
Congressional oversight.
14. Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with American Nazi Dan Burros
and likely involved with the famous Federal informant and/or
agent Roy Frankhouser, through Burros.
15. Some of the same people who attempted to kill Charles de Gaulle
were likely involved at least in helping foment the plot to kill JFK.
16. That it is likely that Catholic activists Judge Robert Morris, former
Congressman Charles Kersten, West German official Heinrich
von Brentano, Senator Thomas Dodd, Mayor Richard J. Daley and
possibly Speaker of the House John W. McCormack were likely involved
(though not proven) to be involved in the assassination plot.
This is based on circumstantial evidence. However the Catholic
Church as an entity was not in any way involved other than some
specific individuals both in Europe and the U.S. 99.99% of Catholics
were devastated. There is absolutely no hint of any involvement
of the Vatican and no Pope would ever dream of being party to
premeditated murder, nor would have any radio preacher like Rev.
Carl McIntyre. The same cannot be said of the Russian Orthodox
Church hierarchy, however.
17. Congressmen Hale Boggs and Edwin Willis of HUAC had some
role in the assassination. At minimum, Boggs was involved in the
cover up before the fact and had advanced knowledge of the assassination.
Willis has been implicated only by author Judyth Vary Baker
in her memoir.

Many of the above conclusions are revealed for the first time in The
Three Barons.

The basic fact is that the Nazi's were not completely defeated in World
War II. German intelligence and German cartels apparently viewed the
JFK assassination as a way to gravely wound their former enemy, the United
States and move along with their hopes of fomenting World War III.

James Lateer
A very interesting post James....

I believe you will also find that the KKK/Minutemen/White supremacy groups held the same hatred of Jews as well as being entrenched within the DPD and FBI....

The following appears to be the lynch-pin to your conclusions.... if this is not happening, the connections to Dodd and others is broken...

4. James O. Eastland was likely using Lee Harvey Oswald as an agent in New Orleans in his Communist-busting role as official Chairman of the SISS committee.

In my research of Caulfield to find his evidence for EASTLAND controlling Oswald... I come up short... Even your book does not go into the evidence of the connection beyond secondary and tertiary lines...

Assumptions made:

  • Oswald was tainting SCEF via FPCC
  • No Louisiana agency was doing this
  • only the SISS was doing this
  • SISS was controlled by EASTLAND
  • Oswald was SISS since June 1962

"potentially" "likely" "possibly"

I see the connections you've illustrated... just not the sources for such important conclusions...

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9490&stc=1]

Attached Files
.jpg   James Lateer book - 3 Barons - excerpt about Senator Eastland and SISS and Oswald.jpg (Size: 291.3 KB / Downloads: 47)
Once in a while you get shown the light
in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
R. Hunter
As a response to Mr. David Josephs and his questions, I would like to continue this line of analysis by asking the following questions and making the following points for added clarification:
Mr. Josephs, you have hit on the crux of the remaining unknowns regarding my theories and/or the theories of Dr. Jeffrey Caufield. If these remaining questions could be correctly or creatively analyzed, it would be a giant leap forward in the JFK case.

  1. You have correctly identified the hazy and blurred status of Oswald in relationship with the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Was Oswald actually a paid staff person or agent or informant in a direct relationship with SISS? What exactly was the relationship between Eastland, SISS and Oswald?

Spy agencies (and their like) deliberately make every attempt to disguise the "master-servant" relationship between their assets and themselves. They hope that if people can't determine exactly which payroll the asset was on, then the conclusion will be that NONE OF THIS HAPPENED AT ALL!
There is no question that Senator James O. Eastland was leading a monumental effort to totally criminalize and outlaw the entire Southern Civils Rights movement in October and November, 1963. Most people don't realize how centralized the Civil Rights movement was in the South in 1963. Basically, SNCC, CORE, SCLC and similar groups were mostly subject to leadership and coordination by SCEF (run by James Dombrowski in New Orleans), the ACLU, the National Lawyers Guild, etc. There is no question that Eastland only failed BY ONE VOTE in the Supreme Court with his plan to criminalize and outlaw the entire Civil Rights movement. Obviously, if he had succeeded, that would have been an even bigger deal for American history than the JFK assassination itself. This major plot by Eastland has largely been hidden from the public and kept entirely out of the press since it happened.

Eastland and SISS had been investigating and harassing Dombrowski and SCEF non-stop from 1956 to 1963. I have personally examined the contents of 110 folders containing Dombrowski's personal papers as well as a transcript of his hearing before Eastland in 1956 and his lengthy FBI file. The Supreme Court case of Dombrowski v. Pfister is a well-known case reported in the Supreme Court case reports, so there is no room to deny the basics of the activities of Eastland.

There is no doubt that Eastland controlled SISS. He had been leading many hearings of SISS since the early 1950's. Readers can't conceive of what a major organization SISS actually was. SISS had at least 40 to 50 employees including a research director, lawyers, investigators, etc. James O. Eastland was Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee (which was the "parent" committee of SISS), Eastland had the right to appoint the chairman of SISS and appoint all the members. This is a commonly-known fact about Senate Committees and their subcommittees and can be easily verified in political science texts.

As is described in the book The Austin-Boston Connection, by Champagne, Nelson and others, the partnership is described which existed between about 28 Northeastern Catholic big-city Democrats like Thomas Dodd, Richard J. Daley, Speaker John W. McCormack on the one hand, and on the other hand the Texas-led Southern Democrats like former Speaker Sam Rayburn of Texas, Rep. Carl Albert of Oklahoma, and LBJ along with more extreme Southerners like James O. Eastland and Strom Thurmond. The purpose of this alliance often centered around (a) Communism and (b) Civil Rights issues.
This 50-50 partnership was reflected in SISS where Eastland was the official, legal chairman of SISS but his ally Thomas J. Dodd of Connecticut, a "liberal" Democrat was always allowed to be the "acting Chairman." Between Eastland or Dodd, either could actually be chairing a SISS committee meeting on a given day in the period 1959 to 1963. Often, under the very loose rules of subcommittees, a hearing could be held where only one committee member was present, i.e. Dodd all by himself or Eastland all by himself. This often occurred.

It is impossible that Eastland and Dodd could be co-chairing SISS, but that the left hand didn't know what the right-hand was doing. If Dodd was being paid to enable the JFK assassination and Dodd's activities for this purpose involved SISS in any major way (such as travel to Germany or financial payoffs), Eastland would have obviously known about it. To think otherwise is to gratuitously close one's eyes to an obvious reality.

Mr. Josephs classifies as an assumption that Oswald was tainting SCEF via FPCC. This relationship can be proven basically by process of elimination. The court proceedings in New Orleans in October and November, 1963 involved not only SISS but also LUAC (Louisiana Un-American Affairs Committee) and the Louisiana Sovereignty Commission. All three of these, plus the NOLA Police Department, the Louisiana State Police etc. were working totally together in this massive attempt to outlaw the Civil Rights movement.

The Court hearings and testimony mention "an informant" (only one) who supposedly had proof that SCEF and thus it's associated groups like SNCC, CORE, SCLC and others were Communist. This informant was never named. But at this very same time, Oswald (the only person that we know of) was busting his back trying to infiltrate not only the Communist FPCC but also CORE at the Clinton, Louisiana voter registration event. There has never been a good explanation of why Oswald was in Clinton trying to register to vote in a CORE event other than this role of infiltrating "Communist" Civil Rights groups .
Even if there were other informants on this project, it is still the only explanation of Oswald's attempted infiltration of Civil Rights groups such as CORE and others.

Virtually on the eve of the JFK assassination, James O. Eastland distributed the documents in the case, (which would have contained the name of this mystery informant) to his seven committee members for review. Apparently, this was to ensure that all 7 members saw the name Lee Harvey Oswald on the papers before the assassination and they would be thus "silenced" regarding anything to do with Oswald post 11-22-63.

  1. For whom was Oswald working?

The only thing known (which has been presented as legal proof by Jim Garrison) was that Oswald was getting money from Clay Shaw around this time. Of course, Shaw had ties to the CIA and also Operation Paperclip Nazis and probably I G Farben, the German petro-chemical conglomerate (as well as Italian fascists in Permindex, etc. etc.). Even the controversial Judyth Vary Baker affirms that Shaw was the paymaster for Oswald as did Jim Garrison and his witnesses.

It is unlikely that Oswald was officially on the SISS payroll. But one has to look at the nature of "compulsive infiltrators" like Oswald, Roy Frankhouser and Joseph Milteer. This type of person (which includes Oswald) is not an ordinary employee of anybody. They are just in the business of infiltrating and informing. This is why it is so confusing trying to figure out for whom Oswald was working. You have the same problem with Roy Frankhouser and Joseph Milteer (and George H W Bush). To me, it doesn't matter whether Oswald was being "run" or manipulated by SISS, the Louisiana Sovereignty Commission, or the New Orleans Police, etc. All of these forces were partnering together. If one can't prove for which agency Oswald was technically working, this doesn't disprove that he was working on the "project" which was common to all of these right-wing groups. It's a false equivalency to claim that if you can't name which one, then none is true.

A girl might sleep with ten men in a night. Then she might have a baby. If you don't know who the father is, the girl still has the baby. Being unable to name the father doesn't prove that they all are innocent, even though legally, that might be the outcome in a court. Just because we don't know who was officially paying Oswald, doesn't mean that none of these folks were paying him. Somebody was. And we know by his pattern of activities what he was up to.

Keep in mind that even the Warren Commission had been told that Oswald was an FBI informant but the specifics of who employed Oswald, if anybody, was never nailed down.

  1. Proof of Oswald's relationship to SISS.
Analysis: In the Ordeal of Otto Otepka, author William J. Gill discusses Otepka and Oswald. There is no doubt that Otepka was effectively "working" for SISS as a mole inside the JFK State Department. This struggle between Otepka and SISS vs the JFK State Department is the "ordeal" that the book was based on. And Otepka kept a file on Oswald in a safe in his office for no precisely known reason. And his safe was burglarized and the Oswald file was stolen by operatives of the Kennedy administration. Again, this does not mean that Oswald was on the official payroll of SISS. It only means that Oswald was being monitored and watched constantly by SISS, at least since the time of his return from Russia and possibly before. Author Joan Mellen, in Farewell to Justice, describes how she interviewed Otepka in Florida before he died around 2006. Mellen asked him why he was investigating Oswald and he didn't give a valid reason (in my judgment).

The activities of Oswald in New Orleans in 1963 were being followed by SISS. This is proven by the events on or just after 11-22-63. The following is footnote 64 of Chapter 17 in the book The Man Who Knew Too Much by Dick Russell (one of my favorite "smoking guns"):

p.403 Oswald pretty much dropped from sight. On the day of the day of the assassination, a copy of the incriminating radio debate would be immediately delivered to the national media by Carlos Bringuier's DRE affiliate group in Miami (64)


64. Debate to media: HSCA. 85-86. The HSCA's interview with José Antonio Lanusa revealed that the DRE in Miami first "called a CIA contact," who instructed them he needed an hour "to contact Washington head*quarters for instructions. . . . When the CIA contact called back, he told them the FBI would contact the group." The next day, Lanusa said the DRE turned over the debate tape and other material on LHOincluding the Marine Corps training manual he had dropped off with Bringuier on August 6to FBI agent James J. O'Conner.
An FBI file of November 27, 1963 (WCD 351), describes a conversation with Al Tarabochia (of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee), recounting his telephone discussion with Carlos Bringuier. Tarabochia main*tained that Bringuier had "identified Oswald as having been in New Orleans and an active leader of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee there" on the afternoon of the assassination after Oswald's arrest. The next day. "Tarabochia states that Bringuier told him he was threatened . . . by an unidentified man, believed to be American. . . . The unidentified man told Bringuier that Oswald did not kill President Kennedy and that the killing was done by a racist group rather than by a Communist or Marxist. He then said to Bringuier that he, Bringuier, would pay the penalty for accusing an innocent man. Bringuier had never seen the man before this occasion." (See Chapter Twenty-four for more on a possible link with a "racist group.")

Of course, Ed Butler and Dr.Alton Ochsner, (right-wingers in NOLA and LHO associates) both flew to Washington to testify to SISS about LHO while Oswald was still alive and in jail. Butler's testimony was classified then and is still classified today (2018). It's hard to see how SISS wasn't right in the middle of framing Oswald for being a Communist. And, of course, framing Oswald as a Communist was a part of (though probably not absolutely necessary) in the plot to kill JFK.

  1. Was Eastland part of the JFK murder plot?

Analysis: This is one question that I don't think I have a 100% good answer for. Here are the arguments against the hands-on involvement of Eastland:

  1. Almost all political high-ups at the time of the assassination were apparently "keeping their hands clean." After all, they only needed one Jim Garrison type to bring them up on murder charges had they been actively involved. (This did not include JFK's immediate cabinet).
  2. Something could easily have gone wrong; like the bullets could have missed or Oswald could have "spilled the beans" in one of those jail-house press conferences, or Ruby could have talked, etc. etc.
  3. Eastland's mission to criminalize the Civil Rights Movement would have taken precedence for him over the assassination. As we know in hindsight, LBJ was more pro-Civil Rights than JFK, so Eastland would not have had much to gain from the murder of JFK.
  4. The activities of Oswald had two locations: Dallas and New Orleans. The activities of Oswald in New Orleans were not "hands-on" plot activities. The frame-up of Oswald as a Communist was more directly related to the Civil Rights issue than the assassination. Oswald could have been framed up just as well in Dallas (which he was somewhat by Michael Paine).
  5. Eastland was considered to be of sub-par intellect by his peers according to the book by Robert Sherrill Gothic Politics in the Deep South. He had no special skills which would have recommended him for assassination plotting. Contrast people like McCloy, Dulles, Willoughby, etc. who had been spies or had worked face-to-face with spies for years and years.

Arguments for Eastland being a plotter:

  1. Since Dodd was a plotter and Dodd and Eastland were co-chairmen of SISS, then Eastland was too close not to be involved.
  2. In my judgment, only bloodthirsty people will commit capital murder to further their political ends. Eastland was intimately involved with the murders of the three Civil Rights workers, the assassination of Medgar Evers in Mississippi, and attended picnics on his plantation where lynchings took place on Sunday afternoons.
  3. As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Eastland was in charge of naming all Senators to their committees as was reported in the memoir True Compass by Edward Kennedy. He would have had to be on board with the assassination before the fact (or at least multiple members of Congress of his stature).

Summary and Conclusion:
I agree with the statement by Mr. Josephs that the fact of the control of Oswald (by Eastland) has never been explicitly proven. I think one could argue that Eastland is proven to a 90% degree of likelihood of being aware of Oswald and his infiltration activities and maybe relying on them. But that is not the same as saying that Oswald was being financially controlled by Eastland or even by any of Oswald's right-wing allies like LUAC, NOPD, Louisiana Sovereignty Commission, KKK, National States Rights Party, etc. etc.

Does the reader believe Oswald could have been working on both the "communizing" of the Civil Rights movement AND the JFK assassination? I believe it and I think that, in general, this has been proven. But as for true "smoking gun" evidence (such as the name of LHO on a document relating directly to Eastland or SISS), that has not yet turned up. But I think that the circumstantial evidence involved on this issue is more than enough proof to substantiate the basic facts. (But not beyond a reasonable doubt for purposes of a criminal conviction).

James Lateer
"43. There were five persons with proven prior knowledge of the assassination.
One of them was an NSA whistleblower named Eugene
Barry Dinkin. He was stationed only 120 miles from Bonn, the capital
of West Germany.

44. Dinkin must have learned about the JFK plot from spying activities.
Due to his proximity to Bonn, he was most likely spying on
people in Germany and possibly other nearby countries."

Although, Dinkin stated his knowledge of the plot was derived from studying psychological sets in publications, wouldn't it be possible that his position as a
cryptographic code operator stationed in Metz, France, allowed him to read military intelligence communications concerning a plot that he wasn't supposed to see?

As another curious coincidence, didn't Soutre live in the area around Metz?

Regarding the status of Eugene B Dinkin. I think that Dinkin could have gotten his information about the upcoming JFK assassination just as he said, i.e. from reading and analyzing published material. I also think that he could have gotten the information from his duties as a cryptographer. Finally, I think he could have just heard a rumor that was circulating around his base or office. Others may have known what he did and may have given him the information, but he would have been the only one brave enough to try and stop the assassination.

Regarding Metz, France, it is important to know something about Metz. Metz was the eastern terminus of the United States "communication corridor" which was a long narrow supply route which led from the Atlantic Ocean eastward and ended in Metz. It was used for logistics in support of US troops in Europe.

Importantly, the supply route was owned and operated by the US Army. Unlike combat troops, the supply zone would remain in US control even if war broke out. If war broke out, the combat troops and aircraft would be put under NATO command. But not so for the supply corridor.

Thus, Dinkin had nothing to fear if he offended the NATO commanders above him in rank. They would have no authority over him, even in training exercises. NATO did take control of US soldiers during training exercises, which were not that frequent.

Also, it is noteworthy that when Dinkin desperately went and told his story to the press, he did it in Switzerland and Luxembourg. As far as I know, neither of these countries was part of NATO. In his whistleblowing, he was apparently trying to avoid encountering NATO commanders. This backs up the theory that NATO was totally on board with the assassination, and it may have done more. The JFK assassination may have officially been a mission of NATO complete with a code name, etc. etc.

In his whistleblowing accusations, Dinkin named not only "military interests" but also "right-wing economic interests." Since he had the actual date of the assassination in advance, he must also have had in his mind the actual "right-wing economic interests" who he blamed. By specifying ECONOMIC interests, he was excluding mere right-wing organizations like the OAS, the KKK and so forth. They were not economic interests. Economic interests would have to be people like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, IG Farben, Deutsche-Bank, Dillon, Read, Texas Oil Barons, or such people.

Implicitly, it would be European economic interests since Dinkin found out about the assassination over in Europe. Since Dinkin died around 2010, its unlikely that we will ever know exactly what he knew or how he knew it, unless he told a relative or left notes somewhere before he died.

James Lateer

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