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Tracking Oswald: Part 6
This debacle of a series is finally over. It set new lows for lack of honesty and insight. Which is saying something.

They shut it down in USA but thanks to our friends in Canada, we were still able to review it. It furthers my belief that the MSM is simply incapable of confronting the facts of the JFK case.
One only needs to read Super Mod Lauren Johnson's signature to know who the MSM is beholden to.

This whole series is in sharp contrast to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Until publishers, television, media in general level the playing field so truth may gain some equal footing on what the general public may consume , the lopsided slant/tilt will continue.

Recalling that Life Magazine cover in 1966, where Oswald was further sentenced/condemned by the media, quote, "Did Oswald Act Alone?", IF there was a Free Press in the modern era, another magazine would have hit the stands the next morning before the rooster crowed asking on their cover, "Is Mr. Oswald Guilty At All?". As if.
BTW, I should note how Bob Baer tried to somehow involve Sylvia Duran in all this.

He finds two Sylvia Durans in Mexico City, a city of 17 million. He eliminates one and goes to the apartment of the one he thinks is her.

When she says she does not wish to talk to him, she tries to impute an element of guilt to that.

If it was her, I do not blame her considering what Shenon did to her in his book. Which was to favor her over Elena Garro De Paz and her nutty red headed Cuban story at a twist party with Oswald. Bill Kelly did a nice job on that one.

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