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Trump says he will* release remaining documents
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:I think Roger is doing a good job considering he is not in the administration. He at least has Trump talking about it.

And the story is catching on in the MSM.

Yes, and the mainstream media is using the attention to drive home the lone nut theory.

From today's NYT

"Every government authority that has examined the investigation of his death, (odd wording, but ok)

has concluded that Kennedy was killed by a lone gunamn, Lee Harvey Oswald"

I find it fascinating that the "powers that be" still have such total control over the MSM with regard to this story. They've not lost a step.
Did the Times print the declassified document about how they had decided the WR was not valid anymore?

And they were therefore launching a full scale expose of the problems with the Commission's ideas. And they were going to show why its not reliable?

That is in a February 1967 FBI document that was released in July.

Hmm. Did any of the shows in the last month show that one? Or even better, ask why the expose was not printed? I can answer that question. Because the source for the FBI document was the CIA. You can bet that once they got the news they called Allen Dulles. And he got in contact with Sulzberger. Just like he did back in Guatemala.

But that document does not exist for these guys. Too busy hosting Posner right? Who has done absolutely nothing on the JFK case in twenty years.

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