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A Distinguished Panel Presentation Presents...
Given that Mr. Mellor (Pete) stepped in at very short notice for Mr. Griggs who had gotten ill, certainly wish the longtime exemplary JFK researcher a full, speedy recovery.
The guy who is a really unsung hero of this effort and who is really what I call a work horse as opposed to show horse is Malcolm BLunt.

This guy visits NARA as much as anyone I know even though he lives across the pond.

He is simply invaluable for the stuff he digs up on this case.
I'll 2nd Mr. DiEugenio's lavish praise heaped upon a worthy recipient @ Mr. Blunt. Two thumbs up to the distinguished gentleman.

For those who may not already be aware, please keep the following reading gem (updated & revised) in mind when you are looking for something worthwhile to immerse yourself into this Summer.

That said, How about an encore w/Mr. Blunt, courtesy of the Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury 2018 Seminar ---->
Dr. John Newman, intelligence analyst and author, interview is out on audio at the LGP

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