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Finally: the Hammarskjold case is Moving
Since the late nineties, I have always thought that the Congo was a very important piece of history in the Kennedy case and also in the turning of Third World policy after JFK.

Like everything in the JFK field, it was ignored, for the simple reason that all anyone wanted to talk about was Cuba and Vietnam.

The more I read, the more I thought this was short sighted. There were three murders that took place which ended up reversing Kennedy's policies there and putting an imperial strong man in charge who was the opposite of what JFK and Hammarskjold wanted.

Finally, someone has made a documentary on this, and if you click through this article, a very important revelation has surfaced. Kennedy's ambassador to Congo, the visionary Edmund Gullion, suspected that Hammarskjold's plane was sabotaged the night it happened!

We had to wait fifty years to learn this! Dag Hammarskjold was murdered, plain and simple. And it was over Congo. JFK admired Dag and tried to pick up where he left off and look what happened to him.
Pretty perceptive of you, Mr. DiEugenio, no great surprise though given your uncanny knack for recognizing intricate patterns amid the horse manure thrown around otherwise as fact(s).

As much as President Eisenhower made every good faith effort to warn against the lurking dangers of the encroaching powers of the Military-Industrial-Complex, his modern day Paul Revere announcement just before leaving office in 1961 fell on deaf ears somehow. Couple that with the free reign of Allen "the Serpent in the Garden of Eden has nothing on me" Dulles' Agency to "neutralize" any threat to "national security" meant men of rational thinking like Hammersskgold, Lumumba and President Kennedy would be silenced permanently under fabricated circumstances (nothing to see here folks, never mind the evidence contrary to what we say happened).

Hammersskgold, caught between a rock & a hard place between warring factions amid a contentious Cold War chess-match between the superpowers, imposing their will on what country they could bring into their fold next (never mind the senseless body-count of fellow human beings), was cleverly lured to his demise on the pretext that he should try to broker peace in the Congo region, never realizing he was being duped into the treacherous hands of the underlings of power hungry maniacs void of any oversight.

It's encouraging that truth and light is being shed on his senseless killing. May a sense of justice prevail.
Thanks Alan.

I just read somewhere else that Hammarskjold had a deep sense of foreboding about boarding that plane. He actually had made out a will shortly before.

Adoula, the leader of Congo at that time, did not want him to get on.

Its amazing to me how long this was covered up. Hammarskjold's first biographer went along with the official story. Even though, right then and there, as in Dallas, there were plentiful indications that the plane was sabotaged.

This makes my cover story in Deep Truth Journal look well timed. It is called, Kennedy, Hammarskjold and Lumumba: How the Congo Descended into Darkness.
To his credit, Mr. DiEugenio, the UN Secretary General, given his high-profile position, knew the kind of people he was dealing with day in and day out, and to what unthinkable lengths they'd go to impose their will upon the grand chessboard (assassination was just another walk in the park for these power hungry madmen).

It's encouraging that a spotlight is now shining upon this case. A miscarriage of justice is now being replaced with an honest appraisal of why an airplane "crashed"... (with bullet holes in its fuselage; and, many ignored witnesses describing a smaller, faster military aircraft shadowing it before the "crash".

Speaking of great timing, Lisa Pease, an advocate promoting justice too, is shedding light and truth of her own.

Given the decades of cover-up, it's refreshing that advocates for truth & justice dare to reclaim history. Bookmarked! ----> the Deep Truth Journal Kennedy, Hammarskjold and Lumumba: How the Congo Descended into Darkness.

Rest In Peace ---->

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9685&stc=1]
UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, courtesy of Wikipedia

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Kennedy called Hammarksjold "The greatest statesman of the 20th century."

There is a lot of justice in saying that.

In my article I go through some of his achievements and how he looked at the UN as being the great equalizer where smaller and weaker nations would have a say in things against large, powerful ones.

In Greg Poulgrain's upcoming book he takes us behind the curtain as to the secret relationship between the two men.
Photo of President-elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy getting the news of the murder of Patrice Lumumba ---->

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9686&stc=1]
Photo credit: Jacques Lowe

The revolutionary leader of Congo was shot to death several days before Kennedy was to take office. Like Hammerssjold, the incoming president sought to embrace a Foreign Policy of self-determination for third world countries.

Sadly, Like Patrice Lumumba and Dag Hammerssjold two years prior, President Kennedy would suffer the same fate as the other two idealist, who also shared his vision before their tragic deaths in 1961. What a disturbing pattern...peaceniks die, power corrupted warmongers rule.

For a more in depth read about President Kennedy's view of his fellow human beings on this blue & green planet, venture over to the following interesting & informative piece Here.

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.jpg   jfk-lumumba.jpg (Size: 21.6 KB / Downloads: 43)
The Guardian just posted another story about this murder case.

This one focused on the SAIMR documents that were in the Susan Williams book and which implicated Allen Dulles, although the article leaves that out.
Here is that new article:
This makes my article in Deep Truth Journal all the more relevant.

Except there I did not just focus on Hammarskjold. Although I did use the Williams book and a biography of the UN Chief.

But I tried to depict the overall tragedy of what happened in Congo as a result of the three murders, adding on Lumumba and JFK.
Your exemplary research on these three wise men, Mr. DiEugenio, sheds considerable light upon their sense of morality, even amid the dire challenges they faced. In spite of the impassable gauntlet thrown down in their paths they choose to do what was morally right. President Kennedy, saddled with the burden of correcting the previous administration's tunnel-visioned policy in the Congo; and, sadly, by the time he had reset the table he met his tragic end; and, the greatest Secretary General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold, appearing here with the young elected leader of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba ---->

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9687&stc=1]
*Credit Columbia University

made every good faith effort to support self-determination in African countries, ruffling the feathers of the greedy & powerful, who privately held him in contempt amid hushed whispers determining his fate. Dag Hammarskjold, Patrice Lumumba and President Kennedy posed a serious threat to the narrow-minded, self-serving status-quo, who would rather remove these bold visionaries permanently--the sooner, the better--than risk losing their ironclad grip over a region rich in natural resources.

Amazing what some people will do for thirty pieces of silver...bunch of greedy, self-serving cowards void of integrity. We are left to wonder what kind of world would it be if there were more Abels than Cains in the '60's....

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