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A Case of Book Suppression
And its the best book on the subject, which is what makes it so bad.

From what I understand, this link does not take you to the article.

Because you have to subscribe to Kirkus.

Anyway its about Newman's excellent book, JFK and Vietnam. And how it appears to have been a victim of a hostile buy back in 1992.

But it has been reissued by the author now. I advise everyone to read it. IMO, its still the best book on the subject.
This is the review Alan Dale posted at Amazon dot com.

[URL=""]The story of the story is critical


By Alan Dale on February 17, 2017

The publication of JFK and Vietnam in 1992 did more than create controversy and ignite a media firestorm. Its basic thesis that President Kennedy was opposed to sending U.S. combat forces to Vietnam and would have averted the terrible war and its consequences was denounced by some and applauded by others. The book was given sufficient thoughtful attention by a few which would change the nature and scope of the argument over what would he have done if he had lived. While being attacked (and defended) during the initial period following publication, it was singled-out and praised by former DCI William Colby and former special assistant to President Kennedy, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., adding credibility to the idea that up until that time the story had never been presented with such detail, authority, or documentation. In 1992, JFK and Vietnam received high praise from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. It was featured and recommended on the front page of the New York Times Book Review. The book garnered nation-wide attention. For a time.

That time was cut short by the demonstrable suppression of the book by its publisher, Warner Books. After first surviving a very serious threat of intervention to block publication by a federal agency, within five months JFK and Vietnam was pulled from the shelves, found to be unavailable for purchase anywhere, and left its author unable to communicate with the publisher's representatives. They stopped returning his calls. Not since the Pentagon Papers had there been such an attempt to deny the American public access to a book about Vietnam. Without a serendipitous encounter between the author and a distinguished member of a distinguished American family, the story of the book itself might well have ended as abruptly as it began. It is our very good fortune that the story did not end there: the publisher returned the legal rights of the book to its author, and 25 years later we have JFK and Vietnam, second edition.

JFK and Vietnam, second edition, should be publicized and promoted so that every student, every teacher, every citizen who volunteers for military service, and every aspiring politician will know the many false calculations, mistakes, manipulations, deceptions and intrigue which led to the Vietnam War. This essential work examines in detail the Shakespearean machinations of deception and counter-deception that took shape in the hidden maneuverings of a president who was determined to avoid being trapped and determined to never again repeat the mistakes of the Bay of Pigs. Dr. Newman documents President Kennedy's navigation of a dangerous course through Cold War hot spots and a very divided administration. What eventually emerges is an astonishingly dishonorable deception: a deliberate attempt to manipulate the President of the United States to authorize a war policy to which he was fundamentally opposed.

This is more than JFK and Vietnam. It is JFK and Laos; JFK and the Pentagon; JFK and the CIA; JFK and the National Security establishment as it evolved during the years preceding his election. The president recognized and responded to a clever adversary during the two years, ten months and two days of his administration, which actedwithin 48 hours of his violent death in Dallasto reverse his policy on Vietnam and throw America headlong into the tragic war that ensued.

Five stars. Highest recommendation.
Quote:within 48 hours of his violent death in Dallasto reverse his policy on Vietnam and throw America headlong into the tragic war that ensued.

Nice review indeed, and I'm sure Mr. Dale would agree as would Mr. Newman that the Vietnam war had long been going on before Kennedy took office, and although there were constituents who believed that any further involvement in the Vietnam War would be considered a poor investment considering that President Diem would squander US funds.

However, the one and only war Jack had inherited before breaking out was the BOP's. This secret war had continued until the death of Fidel Castro. No, not the war itself, but the secret war you've heard and read about, but didn't recognize.

Vietnam ended with Nixon the Bay of Pigs never did.
I meant to explain it like this, many of the BOP fighters also fought in VN (Felix Rodriguez) just to name one of many. President LBJ had given them their war on communism, however, they really didn't care about communism on the other side of the world, when they already loss at the BOP's it was this war they wanted LBJ to continue by changing US foreign policy towards Cuba.

What many authors are doing is twisting it around because of LBJ repealing the withdrawal at VN.

Therefore, using VN as the catalyst towards Kennedy's assassination. If I'm not the first, then I'd like to say, this is furthest from the .....

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