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Michael LeFlem reviews Pieces of the Puzzle
Up at Kennedys and King, one of our best reviewers critiques the Gayle Nix Jackson book, Pieces of the Puzzle and gives it a Thumbs Up which is rare these days.
Quite an honest appraisal by Mr. LeFlem, of Gayle Nix Jackson's well written book.

Also a plus to read that there's some bonus material shared within her book, several chapters of pretty nifty research, cohesively offered up by a well read foursome with familiar ties to the JFK research community. Pieces of the Puzzle sounds like a real page turner, prompting us to come to terms with the truth about our once free democracy amid the elephant in the room. Two thumbs up!

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*Credit Amazon

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The material about Odio and McChann I think is really important.

If the visit to Odio's door is the night of the 27th, then there is no doubt that Oswald is being impersonated.

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