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Online Event at Facebook
Thinking about doing an (online event) regarding Hidden Secrets regarding Watergate, last and final words of Luis Posada regarding the assassination of President John F. KENNEDY, and the unheard of ghost exposing the sixth burglar in Watergate including his whereabouts on November 22, 1963 along with his cohorts involved such as William 'BILL' Pawley as the paymaster, Luis Castillo, James McCord and his roll along with many others. The interpretation of the CIA's summary between November 21 thur 25, 1963. Many alias names used by the sixth burglar including the infamous 'BILL' leading back as far as 1962, and his relationship with Jimmy Hoffa.

I will be taking questions too, all are welcome to a Q&A TIME, but before doing this, I would like to see if anyone is interested in such an event, a real time online FaceTime event. Please let me know so I can prepare for it, and schedule a date, otherwise, I don't want to waist my time.


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