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The REAL reason Oswald went to Irving on 11.21.63
While there may or may not be merit to the theory that Oswald went to Irving on Thursday in order to make up with Marina, while avoiding the weekend because of Ruth, Gil once again displays an annoying lack of recognition of the broader implications involved with Oswald and his CIA control...There's a couple of problems with Gil's analysis...The first and main one being that he is not telling you the weekend-avoidance/make-up theory originates from the notorious evidence troll Greg Parker who has a proven track record of miring the credible research community in a morass of bogus, made-up theories (Prayer Man)...The second one is more subtle and nuanced...Gil seems to be oblivious to the fact that Oswald was under the control of CIA in an attempt to manipulate his doings and circumstances towards being framed as a patsy in the assassination...Gil lives under the delusion that the trip to Irving was suddenly devoid of that control and was completely independently under Oswald's control...Despite all the other evidence that Oswald was, step by step, under the total control of Intel on a day by day basis before that...This is what Gil does...Just like Parker he assumes the role of your best conspiracy friend who is letting you in on the new secrets he has discovered in the evidence, while leaving out the most important thing and trying to pass along more of Parker's BS...Parker has badly infected the credible research community with his disinformation because of recklessly irresponsible researchers like Gil who act like the guys who hold the gate open for the Trojan Horse...Whenever the research community slips out of strict academic rules for evidence analysis and lapses in to a friendship network of established personalities who don't fact-check each other's input the credible research community suffers...Any time the best and brightest get automatic one-star dunning, while dangerously misleading insiders get an automatic pass, the research community has badly failed its objective...It is recklessly remiss and irresponsible to ignore that Oswald needed to be made to look like he was going to fetch the Carcano the night before the assassination...All Mr Jesus is doing is slipping-in an excuse for a Lone Nutter explanation of Oswald's actions that gets around the Conspiracy...This treasonous action is met with no criticism from the research community...In fact the lack of any discussion on this website is directly due to this pro-Parker faction dividing the credible research community...You can directly trace the destruction of constructive discussion to Greg Parker and his Prayer Man theory and the divide caused by irresponsible researchers who ban instead of admitting wrongness on Prayer Man...This impasse is still active and is STILL defeating the cause of CT research, and, as Gilbride correctly voiced, it is directly due to certain mainstream researchers and moderators hijacking the Kennedy internet and refusing to do what they say they do and admit the good evidence on Prayer Man...This lack of forth-comingness is extremely dangerous and what Gil does here is a good example why...It never dawns on Gil that Ruth was CIA and Marina was probably most definitely under some kind of Intel control...It never dawns on Gil that the weekend restriction may have been a ruse to get Oswald out there the night before the assassination...If the Conspiracy community is going to continue the practice of favoring a friendship clique and villainizing the best and brightest and their correct evidence it is going to continue to violate what it says it is there for...Obeying lack of discussion on this site is capitulating to Greg Parker and his evidence-f*cking...And it comes at the direct expense of the stated purpose of the conspiracy community...It is also a cowardly concession to James Gordon and the censorship that led to the formation of this website...

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