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Secret neo-Nazi documents to be published
Quote:Moar secret neo-Nazi documents published // Redwatch Poland. Again.

Published by @ndy December 22nd, 2009 in Anti-fascism, Media
According to John Oates @ Register, Wikileaks is gonna publish some infos, including membership lists, drawn from eleven neo-Nazi orgs (Secret neo-Nazi documents published, December 21, 2009). The infos is drawn from the:
  • 1. Aryan Front forum (
    2. Blood and Honour 28forum (
    3. Creativity Movement forum (
    4. East Coast White Unity forum (
    5. Enationalist forum (
    6. Final Stand Records forum (
    7. Hammerskin Nation forum (
    8. North East White Pride forum (
    9. Volksfront International forum (
    10. White Revolution forum ( (Additional material: October 2009 White Revolution membership database)
As an added Bonus!, computer geeks are formatting the infos so that even journalists can use it (as “journalists won’t write about it otherwise”). “The compressed data is about 54MB… The internal documents include more than just membership lists. There are what seem to be private internal messages, forum posts and email addresses.”
Of related interest: in November 2009, Wikileaks also published docs — in Polish — inre the police prosecution of the Polish neo-Nazi Redwatch site. (All charges were dismissed.) The docs name most of the dingbats responsible for the s(h)ite.
From the lovely Andy at Slackbastard. I'll update as it becomes available.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

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