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Obama plot: Remember chicago

It would serve us well to contextualize this and other "foiled" Obama assassination plots within the deep political parameters of the Chicago and Tampa JFK provocations.
I have no idea if this was a genuine plot or a psy-op.
Wish Mae Brussell was here.
She was so good at differentiating.
I'm afraid we have to assume the worst.

It's the only survivable option.
Charles Drago Wrote:I'm afraid we have to assume the worst.

It's the only survivable option.

Yes, a sinister (but NOT unexpected) turn of events. The timing smells funny to me. This is not the first 'such', but I think Charles is correct in pointing-out this one was 'meant' to be taken more seriously. Remember, all Presidents have multiple ['apparently real'] threats and attempts on their lives that are 'twarted by' the SS and other security entitites. Which they choose to let the President and/or the Public know about [or create out of whole cloth] are often to pull our/their leashes.
If "follow the money" was Watergate's mantra, then "question the timing" must be the mantra for all investigations of public acknkowledgments of deep political phenomena.

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