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9/11-- The US military knows Israel did it
Following on with the Sabrosky watch -- because it indeed is a curious issue in the midst of a lot of international events and posturing, and because I do not wish to be (or be seen as) a "hit-and-run" commentator, and because the implications of the entire enchilada are so gravid -- here is more "stuff".

As said earlier, there is a lot to wade through. I have shortened up the content of the first article, using excerpts only, in order to save bandwidth and the reader's eyes. But please click through the link and read the whole thing as it suits your interest....

Alexander Cockburn – Counter Punch March 19-21, 2010 [/FONT]

"... Is there really a crisis in US-Israeli relations? Yes and No. Yes, because the world’s premier power doesn’t care to have its vice president publicly humiliated by a midget of a nation whose entire population is smaller than that of Los Angeles county. No, because the elected politicians nominally running the government of the world’s premier power live in mortal fear of the Israel lobby in the United States. This time, as always, No will carry the day. (You can find a detailed narrative by Jeffrey Blankfort on this site today, from which much of this Diary is drawn.)"

"... [/FONT] as Stephen Green wrote in "Taking Sides: America's Secret Relations with Militant Israel" (Morrow, 1984) a quarter century ago, "Since 1953, Israel, and friends of Israel in America, have determined the broad outlines of US policy in the region. It has been left to American presidents to implement that policy, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and to deal with tactical issues."

There are powerful forces in America that wish that this was not so, starting with the US military....."

[/FONT] Obama has harmed his image in the Muslim world and mortgaged his future - if and when he is elected president… If he sticks to them, once elected, he will be obliged to say, as far as peace between the two peoples of this country is concerned: ‘No, I can't!’

So yes, the crisis will soon be over, and no, there is no new era in US-Israel relations in the offing.


"... [/FONT]what are SPLC's directors Morris Dees and Joseph Levin really worried about here[?]. We Are Change is simply an organization that wants a real investigation into 911. No sign of hate that I could see on their website. And why did former Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff suggest that the questioning of 911 truth was akin to holocaust denial [?]. Or how about Obama advisor Cass Sunstein? The Harvard professor who produced a paper that would call for the "cognitive infiltration" of 911 conspiracy groups. Could these guys have figured out like many of the rest of us that all roads to 911 truth lead to Tel Aviv[?]. Is there a conspiracy of treason among the supporters of Apartheid Israel in this country? It is beginning to look like it.



[/FONT] “I can, I can tell you that I have heard the same thing from the directors of national intelligence agencies who’ve told me this in confidence to the extent that, I won’t say who they are, but I’ve been assured that they know and they can prove that Israel did it [9/11]. But of course what do you do when we can have this discussion about the Main Stream Media or Zionism…you know I mean uh when fact has to be certified by a news media that is owned or controlled by people who work directly for the Israeli government inside the U.S. then there will be no truth.”

“The underwear-bomber in Detroit was totally dropped on Israel’s door. Abdulmutallab’s Dad was not a banker out of Nigeria, he was a partner with the Mossad in the national defense industry. When the kid went to Yemen, he joined an organization run by two al Qaeda members who had just been released on the signature of Dick Cheney from Gitmo. Uh, the Yemeni government has proof and it has certainly offered the United States that the al Qaeda cell in Yemen is being operated out of Tel Aviv. The young gentlemen flew into Aregano where the government’s chief of security is one of my friends. I also deal with the Algerian government so I was able to track his movements through there. He arrived in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. With all the endless lies that went around. The endless lies. He had no passport and was wearing jeans and a tee shirt. He told authorities that he was from Sudan and he wanted to get on a plane to the U.S. In view of two American attornies, he was walked into a back room, out another door, and down a pilot runway by an employee of an Israeli security company. Within ten minutes he was walked onto a plane….”

“…if a population in a free democratic country is chronically misinformed by their news, systematically and chronically misinformed, and if they don’t have adequate information to make decisions, then they’re no longer a free people….”

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of
Gordon can be reached at:




Israeli Intelligence, Our Constant Companion

By Jeff Stein

March 25, 2010 "
Washington Post"

...another of Mossad’s reason for being, as with all the world's spy services, is to make sure friends are really friends.
And judging by once sensitive FBI documents making the rounds in recent days, the Israelis have been at this task in Washington for a very long time.
The 21 documents, obtained by Grant F. Smith, a Washington, D.C. author who has made a career out of writing critical books on Israeli spying and lobbying, detail the FBI’s investigation into the theft of a confidential U.S. document on the Reagan administration’s position going into the 1984 U.S.-Israel Free Trade Area Negotiations.
Acting on a complaint that the document was circulating on Capitol Hill, the FBI discovered that an Israeli diplomat had acquired the paper and given it to officials at AIPAC, the lobbying group whose annual convention drew both Netanyahu and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton this week.
Although the document was classified only “confidential” (as opposed to Secret, Top Secret and higher), the FBI concluded that President Reagan’s “negotiating position concerning a trade agreement between the United States and the State of Israel is compromised because this report divulges those products and industries that have been identified by the International Trade Commission as being the most sensitive to imports from Israel."
U.S. trade officials were furious at the discovery, “most angered by the fact that the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) had apparently attempted to influence members of Congress with the use of a purloined copy of the ITC report and had usurped their authority,” the FBI reported at the time.
Its investigation quickly hit a brick wall, however, when the Israeli embassy official who handled the stolen goods, identified as then-Minister of Economics Dan Halpern by Grant Smith in his 2009 book “Spy Trade,” claimed diplomatic immunity.
“He indicated that he received this information in his official capacity as a diplomat, and that it would be against the principals of diplomatic work to divulge any information pertaining to the identity of the individual who provided him the report," the FBI reported.
Because the man claimed diplomatic immunity,"active investigation into this matter will be discontinued at WFO [Washington Field Office],” the FBI said. “Washington Field will be contacted by the USTR or the ITC if pertinent information is developed regarding this or similar incidents."
In his March 13, 1986 interview with the FBI, Halpern said "he received this information in his official capacity as a diplomat and that it would be against the principles of diplomatic work to divulge any information on the identity of the individual who gave him the report."
In any event, he told the agents, the report was all over town, and that "the Government of Israel did not ask to receive the report and stated that when the individual provided him with the report, the transaction was not conducted in a discreet or secretive manner."
Halpern is now on the executive committee of the America-Israel Chamber of Commerce in New York and the co-CEO of Iftic, a private business consultancy, according to his listing there.
But the trade-spy flap was small potatoes compared the arrest 18 months later of Jonathan Pollard, the naval intelligence analyst who passed upwards of a million pages of classified documents to his Israeli handlers, according to court documents. Under a 1987 plea agreement, Pollard is serving a life sentence.
Since then, Israeli intelligence operations here have hardly slowed. In 2005, U.S. counterspies overheard Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., agreeing to help a suspected Israeli agent lobby the Justice Department to reduce espionage-related charges against two former AIPAC officials. Harman denied my account in Congressional Quarterly, which was subsequently corroborated by major news organizations.”


Lt. General Robert G. Gard, Jr., Chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, discusses Israel’s ability to drag the US into a war with Iran, the difficulty of destroying Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility even with bunker-busting bombs, Pentagon war games that exposed serious US vulnerabilities to Iranian retaliation, the need to vastly reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the US and Russia and why the aircraft carrier-based US Navy is becoming obsolete.
MP3 here. (36:55)
Lt. General Robert G. Gard, Jr. is Chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation where his policy work focuses on nuclear nonproliferation, missile defense, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, military policy, nuclear terrorism, and other national security issues.

Articles referred to in the interview:

War game was fixed to ensure American victory, claims general

“How To Lose An Army” (William Lind)

“Escalation dominance” is a widely-discussed term; Google for it. Here’s is one article from the first page of that Google search that has to do with nuclear strategies:

It is long, detailed, with many links, footnotes and references; a 24-page MS Word copy is available below.

Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator (requires Java)

Attached Files
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"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
Ed Jewett Wrote:Thanks, Helen. I did not get a "mailerdaemon" on the sending of my e-mail, so I believe I have an accurate address, one that was repeated in several recent article taglines as his "contact". I may continue to make an effort, but I suspect at the moment he is inundated with work, inquiries, etc. His commentary is suddenly widely available, and he appears to have set aside material in preparation for a "blitz" or he is quite prolific.

What I was after was not "evidence" but some better sense of his comment about "the military" knows...

Retired petty officers and Marine corporals? I was hoping he'd have leads to articles by leading currently-active or "influential" military leaders. Such information -- to the extent that it exists -- would be very interesting in terms of military affairs, US politics, and foreign policy. Some of that has been posted and shows appropriately-careful wording. Furthermore, there are web sites [Patriots for 9/11 Truth] that lists hundreds if not thousands names of people within the US government, military, foreign service, intel fields and other disciplines who are calling for a new investigation.

As for evidence, that is widely available in some corners where it has not been buried under a blizzard of counter-propaganda or the typical hasbara brigade flurry of counter-charges et al. Israeli/Zionist methods, technologies, ownership and management roles, are spread across the event. Let me be clear that I do not think Israel or the Mossad did this alone; neither do I think that certain limited US people did this alone.

This "evidence' -- recognizing that it cannot be called evidence until it is examined closely by a range of people from various disciplines, under certain rules of procedure and evidence and so on ... hey, there are JFK veterans here by the dozens ... or in some formal "court" of inquiry. The 9/11 Commission and its post-adjunct efforts haven't begun any such examination.

But if you need someone to post up a range of "exhibits", that can certainly be done.

What logical extrusions were possible would then be open to those here at "Deep Politics".

I just didn't hear him mention a single thing, not art students, not vans, not Silverstein, not various companies involved at WTC, not warnings to employees not to come to work that day, not warnings to Netanyahu to stay off planes that day... What I heard was him saying the US could wipe Israel off the map and that Americans would make sure that happened were the truth known. Would they really? Would they really believe "The Jews did 9/11" and crank up another one of those patriotic just wars to turn Israel into waterfront property? Or is there a diversion going on to blame a country far away, one that undoubtedly does have a connexion to 9/11, so that Americans don't strike out and hit someone closer to home, say, military intelligence?

That's why I'm interested in his evidence, whether it's hearsay from higher ranking officers or something else more concrete doesn't really concern me that much at this point. I think, I'm guessing, that it's just a straight forward analysis: WTC7 proves it was staged because if WTC7 was rigged to go down, so were WTC1 and 2. It's a logical assumption. Then add Silverstein to it saying WTC7 was "pulled" and some of the circumstantial stories and decide Israel did it.

Interesting timing and I hope both sides start hurling mud about 9/11, but I don't think either will. 9/11 truth has levels of clearance for official clients, subplots within larger stories, several cover stories, and I'll be damned if I know where all the missing mass went and how, how the buildings were vaporized on live TV beyond the thermite and other cutting charges.
Indeed, Helen, mysteries wrapped in enigma wrapped in plausible deniability wrapped in political posturing. This is why we do what we do in the dialogues about deep politics. Much of our difficulty is when it plays out in current time, not when we have the luxury of stepping back and examining things over time. I will assume that some of the 'evidence" you've postulated -- there is information available even beyond what you've mentioned -- is what is in the back of the fellow's mind -- as is the more certain facts and events surrounding the USS Liberty, espionage, etc. -- and he hints at knowledge at intel levels which may be lacking in credibility because of the recent records of "cooked" intel.

So we watch, and wait, and vet.

My personal orientation due to history and training tends to focus more on "news" than deep research. News-watching now is made more difficult because so much news is cooked, or contains honey pots and traps, that posting something, even 18-24 hours old and appearing in other places, can get one's fingers burned. So I tend to try to vet to some degree, employ my own internal "crap detector" (which is imperfect and challenged increasingly by the sophistication of the crap dealers).

Our task, I think, or my task, given my orientation to currency and news, is to put information out into the ether where minds such as those assembled here can discern, detect, and shoot down (or warn others about) the potency of the "nugget" in question.

As a child, I very much enjoyed playing the simulation game "Diplomacy" and went on to become deeply interested in such multi-player theoretical exercises that I have written professionally about the art and was employed in the design of a game that "played" out in accelerated process to depict a simulated week inside an hour of real time. The engine of that virtual exercise involved ascertaining hidden critical information from others in a setting in which each player wore as many as five to seven hats. As a child, it was difficult -- using the counter-culturist Bill Walton's answer as to why he had joined 'the establishment' by turning professional in basketball -- to "get a good game up" in which his skill (23 for 24 in an NCAA Final Four game -- would be challenged (and thus improved).

So our challenge in this day and age is to utilize our mental OODA loop as well as Walton played hoops and process the data at higher speeds. Why, when discrnment of deep politics in the case of JFK for example has taken decades, do we need to "be quick"? Because ICBM's fly at 7 kilometres per second or Mach 15 (if the data I saw is correct), and because close in-shore sea-launched missiles can arrive faster than many can read this thread (or perhaps even this post).
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
Is General Petraeus Anti-Israel?

[Image: photo1.jpg]

Gen. David Petraeus, commander of Multi-National Force-Iraq, has been nominated to head Central Command, a position which was held by Adm. William Fallon until his unexpected resignation in March.

'I Didn't Say Israel Intransigent' -- Jerusalem Post

Petraeus phones IDF chief to reassure him comments spun out of context [video].

Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the US Military's Central Command (CENTCOM), telephoned IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi on Wednesday night to reassure Israel that comments attributed to him regarding supposed Israeli intransigence were spun out of context.

Read more ....

Update: From the Horse's Mouth: Petraeus on Israel -- Max Boot, Commentary Magazine

Max Boot has made the best comment on this affair, and I have quoted him below ....

.... Those who are either happy or unhappy about the administration's approach to Israel should lodge their compliments or complaints where they belong — at the White House, not at Central Command (General Petraeus).


as posted by Snuffysmith, veteran news gatherer, discussion board moderator and blogger (especially on nuclear topics)
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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