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Did Harvey return from Russia?
It may take a few days to do all of these. The thing that is
clear that in Russia, many photos were taken of "LHO". Some
are fake, some may be genuine...but few look like the man
killed by Jack Ruby.


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Jack, your image comparisons are fascinating.

[Image: vpx9ib.jpg]
Thanks, Phil.

Here is another, the day he married Marina.

He looks like a sissy.


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Another...still more to do.

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The Russian Oswald on the left in Post #24 is sanpaku per George Ohsawa's You Are All Sanpaku (1963).

Sanpaku being the designation for "three whites", white surrounding the iris on three sides.
I forgot to send this one yesterday.


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Jack...this is just a thought, but the one you referred to as effiminate in Post #23 sorta resembles that nude, after death photo, which doesnt look like LHO. I don't have a copy to post as a comparison though.

I am still doing comparisons of the Russian LHO with the Dallas LHO.
Some depict the same person, some do not. The point is...we do not
really know what the variety of LHOs in Russia represents...a substitute
or doctored photos, or both. But the photos show something suspicious
was going on. This leaves us to wonder...did the fake defector Harvey
return to the US, or was a Russian impostor substituted for the US


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.jpg   2lhocomp11.jpg (Size: 50.82 KB / Downloads: 16)

In #28, the Russian Oswald's eye-to-eye is greater, as is that nasal bridge. The whole face evinces a greater mass, or puffiness.

And, as if it weren't obvious, all of these Russian Oswalds' photos are doctored, be it overexposed, out-of-focus, airbrushed.

I imagine that in the Soviet Union of the era, the agencies of the government would have the photos on file of virtually all of its citizens, that these photos would be centralized and readily accessible for such operations as this murky Oswald business.
A little additional on this one, showing that it is a composite photo.


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