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The Power of the Paedos - another high profile case hits the 'never happened' wall?
Thanks for this. Very interesting. Great to see Nikki Craft is around and active. I'd quite forgotten about her and have a bit of a soft spot and a lot of respect for rebellious women like her.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
PJ is shorthand for Portuguese police.

In the spirit of before it disappears, from a 2007 Sunday Times article by David James Smith:

Quote:In late November, PJ officers and forensic experts came to meet police and FSS experts in the UK, amid claims the PJ were still waiting for further results. Leicestershire police have apparently paid for all the forensic tests being carried out in the case by the FSS – they are the client in the case, not the Portuguese. The PJ have used this as evidence that the British are suspicious of the McCanns too – even the McCanns think the British police doubted them for a while, until the forensic results emerged – but you might think the PJ would have wanted to be in control of their own forensic findings.

I heard that a PJ officer had been surprised to find a member of MI5 at a UK meeting about the case, and this made him suspicious that shadowy forces could be at work. The Sol journalist Felicia Cabrita mentioned the “mysterious Clarence” – Clarence Mitchell, the former government PR officer turned McCann spokesman – and I was told there was suspicion too about another government official, Sheree Dodd, who had acted as a PR officer for the McCanns briefly in the early days – had she come out from MI6 to help dispose of the body?

These theories might seem preposterous, but for those involved in the case in Portugal, they fitted a pattern in which the Portuguese government and in turn the PJ had felt the heavy weight of diplomatic pressure from the UK – a pressure that the police and the journalists very much resented, with its implication that the police were not doing their job properly. This could be one reason why the PJ were so ready to suspect the McCanns.
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Paulo Rebelo. Ah yes. A copper....

Quote:Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case

Last updated at 11:06 20 October 2007

A ferrari engine makes a deep, distinctive sound.

When the children at Portugal's most famous orphanage heard the sports car roaring down the driveway, fear swept through the dormitories.

The noise could mean only one thing: the man known as The Doctor was coming to call.

Yet this medical practitioner had no intention of adhering to the ancient Hippocratic Oath.

Still missing: Will we ever know what happened to Maddie?

Instead, arriving at Casa Pia (House of the Pious), a 17th century Lisbon orphanage where more than 4,000 children are cared for each year behind high stone walls, the doctor would summon selected boys and girls from their beds for examinations one night each week.

Where possible, he chose deaf-mutes.

After checking that the children were not suffering from any sexual infections, the doctor was joined by the orphanage caretaker, known as Bibi, who ushered the unfortunate children outside to a waiting van.

With the doctor following in his red Ferrari, Bibi drove the van to the prestigious homes of some of the leading members of Lisbon society - ranging from Portuguese government ministers and high-ranking diplomats, to famous television stars and members of the judiciary.

There, the children were repeatedly sexually abused. Some were allegedly drugged to make them compliant; others were plied with alcohol.

This continued for years. Assaults were filmed; pictures of one attack were subsequently found at the home of a suspected paedophile in Paris.

According to medical records, the victims' injuries were horrific - and consistent with serious sexual assault and rape. In witness statements, many were able to describe in minute detail the homes where they were taken and identifying marks on the bodies of their abusers.

The existence of this so-called "magic circle" of the Portuguese establishment, allegedly involved in an international paedophile ring using boys and girls from Casa Pia, was last week likened to an earthquake waiting to shake Portugal to its foundations.

New allegations about the scale of the network will be put before the country's highest court within the next few weeks.

Amid rumours of links to other paedophile gangs across Europe and the U.S., international experts on child sex crimes and murders are expected to be in court when the case re-opens, four years after a group of victims broke a silence lasting more than 30 years.

But what relevance does this have to the disappearance 170 days ago of four-year-old Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, about 280km from Lisbon?

And what does it mean for Kate and Gerry McCann, who have not only had to cope with losing their child, but have also been subjects of a vicious campaign in the Portuguese press to smear them?

It is crucial for two reasons; first because it proves what international crime agencies have long suspected: that Portugal has become a magnet for predatory paedophiles from around the world, using the country's lax laws and preying on the high numbers of poor, abandoned children.

And second, because Paulo Rebelo, an urbane, methodical detective who led the Casa Pia paedophile inquiry, was last night finishing his first week as the new chief of the investigation into the disappearance of the British child.
Rebelo has replaced Goncalo Amaral, the "oafish" local police chief out of his depth in a case that has captured unprecedented world attention, with millions fascinated by the story of the girl snatched from her bed on holiday while her parents ate with friends 200 yards away.

The sight of the sweaty, corpulent Amaral in restaurants and cafes near the Portimao police headquarters had become commonplace since Madeleine disappeared.

While the McCanns were warned repeatedly they faced jail for speaking about the case, he was been overheard, during his daily three-hour lunches of wine and shellfish, accusing the couple of killing their daughter.

In one conversation with Portugal's ex-Formula One racing driver Pedro Lamy, Amaral revealed he was convinced the McCanns drugged their daughter and accidentally killed her. "The police case is we are sure the parents killed Madeleine. They are both doctors and know about drugs.

"We are confident in our case," he said.

In an effort to make up for lost time following Amaral's dismissal, Rebelo has recruited his own men from Lisbon. To the fury of the original officers, he has lost little time in sidelining them, bringing in two child sex experts from the Casa Pia case as well as homicide specialists and computer analysts - known as "the cleaners" due to their reputation for leaving no stone unturned.
According to senior police sources, he also launched a furious private attack on the 100 officers involved in the original inquiry, which he has now cut back to 40.

At a meeting, he accused some officers of having "closed minds" about who was guilty, saying that "pre-conceptions should be challenged".

In addition, he oversaw Operation Predator - raids on more than 70 suspected paedophiles, whose computers were searched last week for images of Madeleine or other evidence of criminal sexual acts. Although by last night Rebelo had failed to make a breakthrough, sources say it is a clear sign, along with reports that Russian child traffickers may be involved, of a strand of his current thinking.

In a Lisbon café, an associate of Rebelo told the Mail: "The Casa Pia case had a deep affect on Paulo. You come across things that are appalling and cruel. But you get a feeling that there are some seriously bad people in the world, and some of them are here. He does not rule anything out."

So, after enduring months of soul-destroying leaks from the Portuguese police - from claims that they drugged Madeleine and then disposed of her body, to allegations that Gerry was not even her real father - the McCanns are no longer the sole focus of the Portuguese police investigation.

But the nightmare goes on. A group of officers loyal to Amaral are still leaking smears to the Portuguese press.

The latest?

That bodily fluids from Madeleine's corpse were found in the boot of the couple's hire care and that "background checks" were to be carried out on Gerry McCann's laptop. And then the police "sources" claimed that Kate killed Madeleine without telling Gerry, and that the body was "refrigerated" before being dumped up to 25 days later.

His career in tatters and now back on desk duties in Faro, Amaral faces a criminal hearing in the case of another missing child, Joana Cipriano, after being accused of concealing evidence that the girl's mother was tortured into confessing to her murder.

Amaral and his colleagues face countless unanswered questions about mistakes in the original police investigation into Maddie's disappearance, such as failing to ensure the McCanns' apartment was sealed off for forensics. (This did not happen until the next day, by which time the McCanns, their friends, resort staff and detectives had traipsed through, destroying potentially vital evidence.)

They also failed to seal off the Mark Warner Ocean Club resort. No roadblocks were set up and police on the Spanish border - two hours' drive away - were not alerted for 12 hours. Staff were only quizzed 60 hours later. And the CCTV footage from a busy main road was never studied. The list of mistakes goes on.

While the shift in the investigation may ease the intolerable pressure on the McCanns, it will do little to console them.

As well as growing fears that Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile ring, they can have little hope of justice when leading Portuguese figures are allegedly involved in covering-up their own child sex scandal.

Both cases - the two highest profile criminal investigations in the country since the end of the Portuguese military dictatorship in 1974 - have been riven by allegations of compromised police officers, high-level interference and vicious, virulent attacks on key witnesses.

Pedro Namora, a former Casa Pia orphan who witnessed 11 rapes on fellow orphans, during which they were tied to their beds, sympathises with the McCanns. He believes elements in the force have conspired to suppress both scandals, fearing damage to the country's reputation.

"Portugal is a paedophiles' paradise," said Mr Namora, now a lawyer campaigning on behalf of the Casa Pia victims. "If all the names come out, this will be an earthquake in Portugal. There is a massive, sophisticated network at play here - stretching from the government to the judiciary and the police.

"The network is enormous and extremely powerful. There are magistrates, ambassadors, police, politicians - all have procured children from Casa Pia. It is extremely difficult to break this down. These people cover for each other, because if one is arrested, they all are arrested. They don't want anyone to know."

Now 44, Mr Namora watched as friends sank into alcoholism, drug addiction and death after their traumatic childhood experiences at Casa Pia. "I was the only one who made it," he said. "What could I do? I couldn't keep silent."
He has received death threats and warnings about what will happen to his own children, after taking up the case when an orphan called "Joel" approached him, saying prominent paedophiles were using Casa Pia as a "supermarket for children".

Mr Namora has been threatened after fighting on behalf of the abused children he grew up with.

After being telephoned by a stranger offering to pay off his mortgage, he was told the exact movements of his own three children, and warned that they and their father would come to a grisly end unless he shut up.

An open, warm man, Mr Namora makes an unlikely conspiracytheorist-But he believes the case, which he brought to light in 2003, will underscore Portugal's growing attraction for paedophiles, which has seen six children disappear in recent years.

One reason for this attraction is that the law was quietly relaxed last year, ahead of the forthcoming trial, meaning that repeat offences against the same child would merit only a single charge - and a lesser sentence.

In echoes of the McCanns' ordeal, the initial investigation was badly handled when allegations of abuse were first made at Casa Pia in 1982. Carlos Silvino, the man known as Bibi, was linked to rapes and assaults, but police "lost" pictures showing prominent Lisbon politicians with him and the children.
He was only charged after dozens of children came forward in 2003. They also accused Jorge Ritto, a former Portuguese ambassador, of child abuse. Ritto, it transpired, had also once been sent home in disgrace from a posting in Germany after an incident involving a young boy in a park.

The conspiracy did not end there. Teresa Costa Macedo, a former secretary of state for the family, has revealed that she knew about the attacks in the early Eighties - and that she had alerted General Antonio Ramalho Eanes, the then Portuguese president, about the allegations.

Mrs Costa Macedo, who remained silent for two decades after being warned she would be killed if she spoke, now says that the caretaker "was just one element in a huge paedophile network that involved important people in our country. It wasn't just him [the caretaker]. He was a procurer of children for well-known people who range from diplomats and politicians to people linked to the media".

While still a government minister, Costa Macedo handed police "photographs, an account of the methods used to spirit children out of the orphanage and testimonies of a number of children". Many of the photographs were found at ex-ambassador Jorge Ritto's house. Police reportedly found four children locked up who had been missing from Casa Pia.

Under armed guard at a safe house last week, Bibi could count himself a lucky man. He originally faced allegations that he had sexually assaulted more than 600 children. That has since been reduced to 30. Silvino has hinted at the high-level of the conspiracy, saying: "They can't touch me - there are too many people involved."

Following Ritto's arrest, the police questioned Carloz Cruz, known as Portugal's "Mr Television", and Joao Diniz, a high- society doctor and driver of the red Ferrari. The network allegedly went further. Paulo Pedroso, a government minister, was arrested and quizzed about 15 cases of child sexual abuse.

Amid allegations that paedophile networks have become endemic in Portugal - the European police force Interpol has named the country as one of the worst offenders in Europe - there are fears that the Casa Pia scandal will come to eclipse Belgium's notorious Marc Dutroux case, in which the arrest of a notorious paedophile and child murderer revealed a sordid picture of judicial and political corruption.

Of course, the Casa Pia case may have no direct link to the disappearance of Madeleine, but the culture in which such a serious child abuse network was allowed to operate is the same culture that pervades the whole of Portugal. Was it this attitude that led to the bungled initial investigation in the McCann case?

Perhaps the appointment of the man who exposed the Casa Pia scandal will give the parents of Maddie hope that a proper investigation will now discover the truth.
Read more:
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Quote:Belgian child abuse report exposes Catholic clergy

Paedophilia expert unveils harrowing testimony and documents cases in almost every diocese

September 10, 2010

Some of the most damning evidence of systematic child abuse by the Roman Catholic clergy to come to light was unveiled today by Belgium's leading authority on paedophilia, who published hundreds of pages of harrowing victim testimony detailing their traumas and suffering.

The explosive report by Peter Adriaenssens in the town of Louvain, east of Brussels, lists evidence of 476 instances of child abuse by priests and bishops going back 50 years.

Adriaenssens was appointed by the church last year to head an independent inquiry into the scandal. Since April, when Roger Vangheluwe, the bishop of Bruges, resigned after admitting persistently molesting a nephew, the Adriaenssens commission has been inundated with evidence, with hundreds of victims coming forward.

He has since documented cases of abuse occurring in almost every diocese in the country and in virtually every school run by the church. "We can say that no part of the country escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several [church] members," said Adriaenssens.

"This is the church's Dutroux dossier," he added in reference to the notorious Belgian paedophile serial killer, Marc Dutroux, who kidnapped, tortured, abused and murdered six girls in 1995-6.

Speaking of the victims, Adriaenssens said that 13 had killed themselves, according to relatives, and another six had attempted suicide.

The 200-page report includes copious anonymous testimony from 124 of the victims "to honour their courage" in coming forward.

"There are days when I thank God for having the chance to speak," testified one woman.

"Four years of psychotherapy have taught me that silence kills. I have had enormous depressions, going as far as attempted suicide. At other times I think it would be wise to let sleeping dogs lie. But in the end I've chosen to speak ... Since the resignation of the bishop of Bruges, I am living again in anxiety and fear. And I am far away. I've chosen to live far from my country, hoping that the past won't rejoin me."

This testimony was from a woman abused in the 1980s, but most of the cases concerned young boys and teenagers, as well a documented case of a two-year-old boy being molested.

Another victim told of being repeatedly sexually molested by his parish priest for five years from the age of seven.

"From being a violated child, I myself became, several years later, an abuser of adolescents and was sentenced to eight years in jail of which I served four and a half … The priest's violations certainly strongly shaped my sexual identity and influenced my life choices."

The evidence presented, said the daily newspaper Le Soir, was of "immense persistent suffering which neither the church, justice, nor society have been able to assuage … Adriaenssens has done what everyone else declined to do – listen to the victims, understand them, and give them the place they deserve."

The abuse went back to the 1950s, was most common in the 60s and was tailing off by the 1980s, Adriaenssens said.

"The exposed cases are old, of course," he said. "Society has developed. But there's nothing to indicate that the number of paedophiles has diminished. Where are they today?"

Most of the victims were now middle-aged, but remained traumatised. Around half of the abusers had died.

The expert unveiled his report today because yesterday a Belgian court ruled that the material, seized by police in a highly controversial raid in June, was inadmissible in court because of the "disproportionate" police action and ordered it returned.

Pope Benedict criticised the Belgian authorities for "deplorable" conduct when in June they seized the commission's files, raided the headquarters of the Belgian Catholic church, held cardinals and bishops for several hours, took their mobile phones, and carried away computers and documents.

They questioned Cardinal Godfried Danneels, who retired as head of the Belgian church and archbishop of Brussels in January.

Two weeks ago Belgian newspapers published tape recordings of Danneels seeking to hush up the case of Vangheluwe, the Bruges bishop.

Vangheluwe's nephew secretly recorded Danneels pressing him to keep quiet about his uncle at least until he retired next year.

"I don't think you'd do yourself or him a favour by shouting this from the rooftops," the cardinal warned the victim, who replied angrily that his uncle had abused him for 13 years from the age of five.

The recordings were made in April and the bishop resigned two weeks later, the most senior clergyman in the Catholic church to have quit after being exposed for child abuse.
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
Mimicking the above, but this from AP:

Belgian Report on Catholic Church Atrocities

September 11th, 2010 Via: AP:
Hundreds of sex abuse victims have come forward in Belgium with harrowing accounts of molestation by Catholic clergy that reportedly led to at least 13 suicides and affected children as young as two, an independent Belgian commission said Friday.
Professor Peter Adriaenssens, chairman of the commission, said the abuse in Belgium may have been even more rampant than the 200-page report suggests, because his panel’s work was interrupted and all its files seized in a June 24 raid by Belgian judicial authorities who are conducting their own probe.
Adriaenssens, a child psychiatrist who has worked with trauma victims for 23 years, said nothing had prepared him for the stories of abuse that blighted the lives of victims. He called the report’s findings “a body blow” to the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium.
Belgian church authorities said they would react on Monday to the report. The Vatican had no immediate comment.
The report’s findings are the latest embarrassment for Belgium’s Catholic Church, which is still reeling after the April resignation of Bruges Bishop Roger Vangheluwe, who admitted to having sexually abused a nephew for years when he was a priest and bishop.
Friday’s report lists 507 witnesses who came forward with stories of molestation at the hands of clergy over the past decades. It says those abused included children who were two, four, five and six years old.
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"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
The nightmare of Islington and paedophiles in orphanages:

Quote:Senior Labour politician helped paedophile headmaster establish false identity

By Eileen Fairweather

Created 7:18 PM on 11th September 2010

Comments (40) Add to My Stories
A paedophile who was sentenced to 21 years in prison last week has links with a Labour politician who is a senior figure in the judicial system, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Derek Slade, who abused boys at the boarding school where he was headmaster in the Eighties, was given help in establishing a false identity by Derek *Sawyer, former leader of Islington *Council and now chair of the London Region Courts Board.

Mr Sawyer facilitated Slade’s escape from his past by setting up educational companies in which the disgraced teacher used a fake name and CV.

Oxford-educated Slade, 61, was jailed last Monday after being found guilty at Ipswich Crown Court of abuse against 12 boys aged eight to 13 between 1978 and 1983.

They were pupils at St George’s School, at Great Finborough, Suffolk. But he escaped justice for years using an alias with Mr Sawyer’s knowledge. The politician has been chairman of *numerous bodies involved in London’s probation service and justice system.

Mr Sawyer, who denies any *wrongdoing, helped Slade after the paedophile was first convicted of child abuse in the *Eighties. Slade was found to have *savagely beaten boys at Dalesdown School, in *Sussex, and was jailed for three months, though the *sentence was reduced on appeal to a conditional discharge.

The pair set up International British *Educational Projects, which allowed Slade to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh – a name taken from a child who died aged eight in 1955.
He obtained a copy of the child’s birth certificate and acquired a false passport.

Mr Sawyer, who was an Islington *councillor until 2006, became leader of Islington Council in 1992, after the *discovery that paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children’s homes. The council barred an inquiry from *naming anyone suspected of involvement in the abuse.

Mr Sawyer said he was unaware Slade had given him false information or was using a fake passport. He said: ‘I have been very shocked by Derek Slade’s *conviction for child abuse. I have been taken in and have been used by him.’

The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster to justice ...but he was helped to hide from his past

The soldiers’ sons blinked back tears as the television news showed their fathers setting sail for the Falklands War. In 1982, the soldiers’ battle for survival had just begun – but so had the children’s.

The scared youngsters were packed off to a new military boarding school, St George’s, in Suffolk where they were abused by the sadistic, paedophile headmaster.

At the start of this month, Derek Slade was found guilty at Ipswich Crown Court of numerous serious crimes against 12 boys aged eight to 13 between 1978 and 1983. He was jailed for 21 years last Monday.

Now The Mail on Sunday can exclusively reveal how Slade, 61, escaped police for years using an alias with the knowledge of a Labour politician at the heart of Britain’s justice system.

Derek Sawyer, former Labour leader of Islington Council and now head of the London Region Courts Board, helped Slade maintain a fake identity after Slade was first convicted of abuse in the Eighties.

The politician even set up a limited company – International British Educational Projects (IBEP) – with the paedophile that allowed him to work with vulnerable children under his false name with a fake CV and a reference.

The pair have a connection that spans four decades.

Slade’s downfall last week resulted from simultaneous investigations on three continents. A sugar company in Swaziland, the London branch of the charity Help A Poor Child (HAPC) which briefly funded an orphanage school IBEP opened in India in 2003, and former victims of Slade’s brutal military school, all helped police untangle a complex web of evidence – about Slade and his connections with Sawyer.

It is not known when Derek Slade and Derek Sawyer first met, but records show that in 1977, Sawyer set up Anglemoss, the company behind St George’s School, with Slade. Sawyer was then 27, and had recently joined the Labour Party. He resigned as a director of Slade’s British schools soon after helping set them up.

Four other directors then joined the company. When contacted by The Mail on Sunday last week, Sawyer denied that he was ever a founding director of the school.

Slade, then 28, an Oxford classics graduate, had no formal teaching qualifications but was the head teacher of the school which was based first at Wicklewood, Norfolk, then at Great Finborough, near Stowmarket, Suffolk.

The school, which had 350 pupils within six years, had low fees and was aimed at the lower ranks in the Armed Forces. At Slade’s trial, several witnesses described his ‘reign of terror’. One of them, Alistair – not his real name – told the jury that he was broken physically and mentally by the headmaster within 72 hours of arriving at the school.

Alistair, whose father fought for Britain in the Falklands, wrote home that he was unhappy. He was unaware that Slade read the children’s letters. He was summoned to Slade’s office.

When he did not address him as ‘sir’, Slade knocked him to the floor.
‘I didn’t even see it coming, a slap across the side of my face and I hit the deck screaming with pain,’ said Alistair. Slade flew into a rage and resumed his attack. ‘I was lying in a heap. He went crazy because I couldn’t stop crying.’

Slade dragged him to a chair where he was caned. During the hour-long assault, Slade pulled off Alistair’s shorts and slashed both his face and body.
‘I couldn’t work out what I’d done wrong. Slade looked like a monster, a madman. In his eyes there was evil.’

Alistair described how he was eventually made to take part in what Slade called his ‘midnight feasts’, dinner parties at his house in the school grounds for Slade’s male friends, where the boys were sexually abused.

In 1983, after whistleblowers had brought the abuse to the attention of the BBC’s Roger Cook, Slade was forced to leave the school. But a Government inquiry proved a whitewash and Slade remained a school governor.

However in November 1986, Slade was convicted of savagely beating boys at Dalesdown Preparatory School in Sussex.

The trial was the result of The Mail on Sunday publicising pupils’ allegations in February of that year. The judge described photos of their injuries as ‘sickening’.

Slade was jailed for three months at Chichester Crown Court. He appealed and his sentence was reduced to a conditional discharge.

Sawyer took over the leadership of Islington Council in 1992, when the media revealed paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children's homes

By then he had left four British schools after brutality and indecency allegations. Following his criminal conviction, he could never again teach in Britain.

‘Derek Slade’ disappeared and ‘Edward Marsh’ was born – or, rather, reborn. Police believe that Slade picked the name after trawling cemeteries until he found the grave of a boy who would have been a similar age to his own, had he lived.

He then obtained a copy of the dead boy’s birth certificate and used this to obtain a false passport in Edward Marsh’s name in 1988. The passport was used by him to travel in the United States, India, Russia and Africa. Slade also used a genuine passport in his own name to travel to India.

Meanwhile, his friend Derek Sawyer became a Labour councillor in Islington in 1982. Oddly, the ward he represented was St George’s – the same as the name of the school he and Slade founded.

Sawyer took over the leadership of Islington Council from Margaret Hodge in 1992, when the media revealed that paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children’s homes. Hodge took the flak for the scandal but the role of her successor also now demands closer scrutiny.

Although a damning independent inquiry confirmed Islington had employed 26 alleged child pornographers and pimps, the council – now headed by Sawyer – had set its terms of reference and barred it from naming anyone. No one was ever arrested in the UK.

Two ringleaders were eventually apprehended by police in Morocco and Thailand for the abuse of local children.

Four days before the report was published in 1995, Sawyer and Slade registered the company that allowed the latter to access more children abroad. The pseudo-charity, International British Educational Projects (IBEP), aimed to bring education ‘on the British model’ to impoverished children in Africa, Russia and India.

The Mail on Sunday has obtained an early IBEP sales pitch, which gives both Sawyer’s home address in North London – where he still lives – and a Mickleover, Derbyshire, address for the fictitious Edward Marsh.

It is undated but Sawyer’s phone number has an 0171 prefix, which dates it to prior to BT’s 2000 move to 020 numbers for London. It suggests that interested clients ring either Sawyer – described as ‘Director, London office’ – or Mr E. Marsh, ‘Projects Co-ordinator, Derby’.

Following Slade’s trial, police revealed he had been working on a charitable schools project in Swaziland.

The project was sponsored by Ubombo Sugar. Police have confirmed that in 1999 – by which time Slade had a criminal conviction – ‘Dr Edward Marsh’ visited Swaziland as IBEP’s appointee. Sawyer went on to run the school board.

Staff and parents swiftly became suspicious of the bullying manner of ‘Dr Marsh’, who left soon after in 2000. Sawyer claimed Marsh had suffered a breakdown and he continued running the board.

IBEP’s foreign ventures were not limited to Africa. Derrick Pereira, UK chairman of Help A Poor Child (HAPC) met Slade at Sawyer’s home in North London in 2005. Mr Pereira was expecting to meet ‘Dr Marsh’, whom he understood was a wealthy philanthropist author.

Slade let slip his real name. Mr Pereira picked up on the gaffe but was told Slade preferred to use his pseudonym as an author, which was allegedly acquired after a rich, childless uncle made changing his name a condition of inheriting.

In 1990, Slade and Sawyer had cofounded a publishing company called Oriflamme, to publish educational textbooks by Slade under the name of Edward Marsh.

Former victims organised a school reunion at St George’s to get access to the building. In the attic, they found a box of old photos, which helped confirm dates and put names to faces

HAPC for a time funded IBEP’s Anglo-Kutchi English Medium School in Gujarat, India, for young earthquake orphans. Labour MP Keith Vaz – Islington’s senior solicitor in the early Eighties, and patron of HAPC – supported fundraising for the school in his Leicester constituency.

A Labour councillor raised thousands for the school at a dinner-dance Vaz attended. Slade visited Leicester to be presented with donations by local children.

However, HAPC ended the association after Slade’s British victims, who had sought each other out on the internet and joined forces to try to expose him, alerted the charity.

Last week, Sawyer said: ‘I was not aware that Derek Slade had obtained a false passport and not aware of the false information he had given.’

Slade’s former pupil Alistair had read HAPC’s description of its support for IBEP’s orphanage school, which mentioned Slade, but Sawyer’s name was unfamiliar to him. When he found a picture of him on the internet, Alistair recognised Sawyer from visits to St George’s and felt sick.

The former victims organised a school reunion disco at St George’s in order to get access to the building. In the school attic, they found a box of old photos, which helped confirm dates and put names to faces. They say they also found an Eighties photo of Sawyer visiting the school.

In February 2007, HAPC announced on its website: ‘Recent events, which we are unable to disclose at this time, made his [Slade] position untenable.’

The charity says that it has since demanded that IBEP return its funds and provide assurances about the children’s safety. Derrick Pereira says that Sawyer has still not supplied these.

Mr Pereira also says that concerned sources in Swaziland eventually spotted HAPC’s website warning, and contacted him. The charity’s delicate wording was understand able, given the involvement of powerful Labour politicians with the project.

The Africans asked, on a conference call, what the charity knew about ‘Dr Edward Marsh’, Slade and Sawyer. Mr Pereira says: ‘They were so shocked to be told that Marsh and Slade were one and same man that they dropped the phone.’

The African investigation established Marsh’s passport fraud from his visa details. Issued in London on September 25, 1998, it was for an Edward Marsh born on May 31, 1947, in Derby, two years before Slade was born in Southampton.

They scrutinised Slade’s fake CV as Marsh, which claimed a first class BA degree from University College, Oxford, in the Trinity term of 1969, and a BA Education from the University of Birmingham via Saltley Teachers’ Training College, on July 23, 1973.

At his end-of-terrace home, police found huge amounts of child pornography and his fake passport

Slade actually graduated later and had no teaching qualifications. Through Sawyer’s company IBEP, a convicted child abuser was able to work with vulnerable African children having obtained money under false pretences.
Sawyer is a man who has acquired key positions on bodies running the capital’s police, magistrates and probation services. He represented all London’s councils on the Metropolitan Police’s public safety board and was made a trustee of two crime prevention youth charities, including Catch 22 – patron the Princess Royal. He is currently chair of the London Region Courts Board, which works with Her Majesty’s Courts Service to achieve effective and efficient administration of the courts.

On discovering his links to Slade, Ubombo Sugar removed Sawyer from its school board – even placing a notice in The Times of Swaziland in January 2009 making it clear that the parting was not amicable. Mr Pereira remains furious that through Sawyer, ‘a man at the heart of the British capital’s justice system’ – as a source described him – a dangerous child abuser was protected and promoted.

A separate source in Swaziland told The Mail on Sunday last week: ‘I hope Slade rots. There is no doubt as to the closeness and longevity of his and Sawyer’s relationship. It is said that in support of the application for “Marsh” to come into Swaziland, Sawyer/IBEP presented a very glowing CV with documents attached.’

The British police, who had met the group of victim investigators, now knew Slade’s fake identity and arrested him in England last February when he attended a medical appointment as Edward Marsh.

At his end-of-terrace home in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, police found huge amounts of child pornography, and his fake passport.

There were more than 70,000 images of children, some apparently African and Indian. Almost 5,000 were eventually judged indecent.

Police also found audio tapes Slade had made of boys being beaten and boxes of explicit material. About 50 new witnesses came forward after Slade’s arrest, including former pupils who now have senior defence forces roles.

Before his six-week trial, Slade offered to plead guilty to the indecency, assault and child pornography charges, if the three witnesses describing rape backed down. His trial would then have been a brief formality, gone unreported and protected his friends. But all witnesses refused.

At his trial, Slade admitted 15 offences of indecent assault and five of actual bodily harm, and denied but was found guilty of six additional offences of assault, four indecent assaults and three serious sexual assaults. They were sample offences, many more are suspected.

Slade also pleaded guilty to 16 charges of making indecent images of children, possession of almost 4,500 indecent images of children and being in possession of a false passport. When he was sentenced, a dozen of his victims were present. They applauded the judge and jury.

One said afterwards that they persisted with the prosecution in order to show that ‘the bad guys don’t always win’.

Shortly after Slade’s arrest, Sawyer dissolved IBEP – the accounts of which are peppered with large financial transactions involving the fictitious ‘Edward Marsh’ – and wrote to Help A Poor Child to demand it stop linking his name with Slade’s on their website, as this was ‘damaging’ to him. It has not yet done so.

Detective Inspector Adrian Randall, who headed Slade’s 18-month investigation, says that police enquiries are continuing.

In response to The Mail on Sunday’s allegations, Derek Sawyer said: ‘I have been very shocked by Derek Slade’s conviction for child abuse. The revelations which emerged during the court hearings have been very disturbing.

‘I am glad that justice has been done and has seemed to be done by his many victims. Like many others I have been taken in by Mr Slade and have been used by him.’
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
See also post #5 in this thread, linking Islington to paedophile rings in Jersey.

Aangirfan links Islington to Baby P here:
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war
This explains why the Jersey paedo scandal got stopped in its tracks. Too many very important people involved --- and possibly Freemasons at that with satanist connections.

Sounds just like the Dunblane shooting case doesn't it... top pols, freemasons and paedophilia protected by the authorities.

And the Jersey and Islington cases link to the foul Dutroux.

In the linked article there seems to be a suggestion that Tony Blair was involved in all of this? We think we know he was peripherally involved in protecting senior Labour MP's/Ministers said to be involved in paedo activity, but there didn't seem to be any reason to connect him directly. There still isn't. Really. But smoke, fire etc., I now begin to wonder.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

Quote:M. Magnee said prosecutors had ignored evidence that might have linked the ring to a Satanic cult called Abrasax, which is suspected of performing human sacrifices. - Dutroux says he abducted girls with police help - Europe, News ...

Quote:The News of the World, 13 July 2008, reports that a secret police report into the Jersey children's home reveals children were raped, tortured, murdered and then burned in a furnace.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Via wikileaks.

Effectively, the Vatican wants diplomatic immunity for child sex abuse. How very holy.....

Quote:WikiLeaks cables: Vatican refused to engage with child sex abuse inquiry

Leaked cable lays bare how Irish government was forced to grant Vatican officials immunity from testifying to Murphy commission

Heather Brooke The Guardian, Saturday 11 December 2010

The Vatican refused to allow its officials to testify before an Irish commission investigating the clerical abuse of children and was angered when they were summoned from Rome, US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks reveal.

Requests for information from the 2009 Murphy commission into sexual and physical abuse by clergy "offended many in the Vatican" who felt that the Irish government had "failed to respect and protect Vatican sovereignty during the investigations", a cable says.

Despite the lack of co-operation from the Vatican, the commission was able to substantiate many of the claims and concluded that some bishops had tried to cover up abuse, putting the interests of the Catholic church ahead of those of the victims. Its report identified 320 people who complained of child sexual abuse between 1975 and 2004 in the Dublin archdiocese.

A cable entitled "Sex abuse scandal strains Irish-Vatican relations, shakes up Irish church, and poses challenges for the Holy See" claimed that Vatican officials also believed Irish opposition politicians were "making political hay" from the situation by publicly urging the government to demand a reply from the Vatican.

Ultimately, the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (equivalent to a prime minister), wrote to the Irish embassy, ordering that any requests related to the investigation must come through diplomatic channels.

In the cable Noel Fahey, the Irish ambassador to the Holy See, told the US diplomat Julieta Valls Noyes that the Irish clergy sex abuse scandal was the most difficult crisis he had ever managed.

The Irish government wanted "to be seen as co-operating with the investigation" because its own education department was implicated, but politicians were reluctant to press Vatican officials to answer the investigators' queries.

According to Fahey's deputy, Helena Keleher, the government acceded to Vatican pressure and granted them immunity from testifying. Officials understood that "foreign ambassadors are not required or expected to appear before national commissions", but Keleher's opinion was that by ignoring the commission's requests the clergy had made the situation worse.

The cable reveals the behind-the-scenes diplomacy in which politicians in the Irish government attempted to persuade an imperious Vatican to engage with the investigation.

The foreign minister, Michael Martin, "was forced to call in the papal nuncio (representative)" to discuss the situation. The ambassador reported that resentment towards the church in Rome remained very high in Ireland, largely because of the institutionalised cover-up of abuse by the Catholic church hierarchy.

Finally the Vatican changed tactics and on 11 December 2009 the ambassador stated that the pope had held a meeting with senior Irish clerics. The Irish cardinal Seán Brady and the archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, went to Rome and met the pontiff, who was flanked by Bertone and four other cardinals.

At the end of the meeting, the Vatican issued a statement saying that the pope shared the "outrage, betrayal, and shame" of Irish Catholics, that he was praying for the victims, and that the church would take steps to prevent recurrences.

On 21 March this year, Benedict issued a letter savaging the Irish bishops for their earlier handling of the crisis: "Grave errors of judgment were made and failures of leadership occurred. All this has seriously undermined your credibility and effectiveness."

He also apologised to the victims: "You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry. I know that nothing can undo the wrong you have endured. Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has been violated. It is understandable that you find it hard to forgive or be reconciled with the church. In her name, I openly express the shame and remorse that we all feel."

In a section entitled "Some Lessons Learned, but Crisis Will Play Out for Years", the ambassador related that his contacts at the Vatican and in Ireland expected the crisis in the Irish Catholic church to be protracted over several years, as the Murphy commission dealt only with allegations from the Dublin archdiocese.

They believed further investigations into other archdioceses would lead, "officials in both states lament, to additional painful revelations".
"It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted...."
"Proverbs for Paranoids 4: You hide, They seek."
"They are in Love. Fuck the War."

Gravity's Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon

"Ccollanan Pachacamac ricuy auccacunac yahuarniy hichascancuta."
The last words of the last Inka, Tupac Amaru, led to the gallows by men of god & dogs of war

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