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How are people commorating this 45th anniversary?
I had hoped to be in Dallas, but work scheduling did not permit. So I am dividing my day between music, reading- JFK stuff- and of course the forum.

Anyone care to share memories of 45 years ago today? How you learned, your initial reaction, when/how you came to believe conspiracy?

I was living for that year in the States, in the 8th grade with aunt and uncle. I had just turned 14. I had been one of the kids who loved JFK - even in Canada kids were excited by this young inspiring couple.

On 11/22/63 I knew within hours it was a conspiracy- my initial belief that day was that it had been done by LBJ's people. I told my horrified aunt and uncle this and they thought me to be rather ....crazy. This event would change my life forever.

All I remember is that my mom was sitting on the living room couch in front of the TV, as the assassination was being reported, with me on her lap. She was hugging me and crying all day.

I believe it's my earliest memory, or second earliest.

Thanks for starting this thread Dawn.
I was in Mrs. Service's Science class, when unexpectedly the Principle, Mr. Hamburg came in unannounced with a radio. Pluged it in and walked out. He was crying and this shocked everyone into frozen silence. The radio was broadcasting the shooting - and an hour or so later the death of JFK. For that hour there was no class and no movement in the class. Then we were let go for the day. I went home and spent the next week or so in front of the TV crying with my parents. We were crushed. When two days later we saw LHO shot by JR it all became clear to me that it was a conspiracy - although it took years for the details and motives; as well as many of the other players to come into clear focus. It was the beginning of the end of my belief in the American Mythology and IMO the beginning of the end of America - which has enraveled steadily since. It had before that day, but not in so blatant a manner - nor so clearly and with such force. For me personally, I was radicalized, saddened deeply, and set-out on a decades-long quest to understand the details. 911 and all in between couldn't have happened if those who 'pulled-off' the coup d'etat on 11/22/63 had been brought to justice. Quite the opposite happened, and those who were behind the crime grew in power and committed many more. The last one they commited was the banking 11/22/63 is as current as today....and tomorrow.
Yea for COPA and John Judge. Article on yesterday in Dallas.

JFK anniversary marked at Dallas shooting site
Many in crowd of around 500 skeptical of official version of events

JFK reflects on challenges of presidency
Nov. 22: On the 45th anniversary of his assassination, see President John F. Kennedy explaining his impressions of the White House after nearly two years in office.
Nightly News

DALLAS - About 500 people crowded Saturday into the plaza where John F. Kennedy was shot 45 years ago, all agreeing it was right to remember a pivotal moment in American history, even if they didn't all believe the official line.

People stood shoulder to shoulder and bowed their heads during a moment of silence at 12:30 p.m. local time. Some hawked JFK memorabilia or pitched conspiracy theories to visitors. Others offered firsthand accounts of their memories of the killing.

Visiting from Pipersville, Pennsylvania, 66-year-old Barbara Koenig said coming to the site was something she needed to do.

"I remember the day of the assassination, and I've always wanted to visit this site," she said. "It's just an eerie feeling. It kind of takes you back 45 years to what you were doing and thinking about the whole tragedy of the affair. I burst into tears (then). In fact, I'm ready to cry now."

Nearby, street vendors held out commemorative newspapers hoping would-be customers would buy them. One person roamed the crowd with a sign questioning whether it was a lone gunman who killed Kennedy or several.

A group of men who wore black suits, matching ties and earpieces stood silent and appeared to guard a large black banner behind them.

Not properly investigated?
The day Kennedy was assassinated is one people should always remember, but its truth still has not been entirely revealed, argued John Judge, head of the Coalition On Political Assassinations, a Washington-based organization that researches political assassinations.

Judge believes Kennedy's assassination was a government conspiracy and could easily be solved if all of the facts were revealed.

"If the case were to be honestly investigated or if a grand jury could open it up, we could get at it," he said. "I think (people) want to remember a piece of their history that was stolen from them."

On Saturday, two Xs spray-painted in the street marked the spots where Kennedy was hit as his motorcade drove through the plaza. A placard from the National Park Service stood on the ground directly across from one X.

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Officer handcuffed to Oswald can't escape photo
Tech puts JFK conspiracy theories to rest
For more news in the U.S., click here

For 68-year-old Ann Murphy, news of Kennedy's assassination stunned her when it reached her and other teachers in Toronto. She was in disbelief when school officials announced, "President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas," she said.

Murphy stayed glued to her father's grainy, black-and-white television set for more news on the events unfolding in the United States. She was even more stunned when she saw nightclub owner Jack Ruby later shoot the suspect in Kennedy's assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, on live television, Murphy said.

"It's strange," she said, "that one man's influence and popularity would extend well outside his own country."

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