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Visual Report : Reality versus C.A.D. : the Real World versus Garbage-in, Garbage-out
Good Day .... the warrenatti-apologists 1980 diagram by JOHN LATTIMER
has been included for your comparisons, contrasts, and considerations
with respect to the reality of the photo captured about 8 to 9 seconds
before Z-223 by JAMES TOWNER . . . .

[Image: realityvscad.gif]
[Image: realityvscad.gif]


Best Regards in Research,


Donald Roberdeau
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John," Plank Walker
Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

For your considerations....

Homepage: President KENNEDY "Men of Courage" speech, and Assassination Evidence, Witnesses, Suspects + Outstanding Researchers Discoveries and Considerations

[URL=""]Dealey Plaza Map Detailing 11-22-63 Victims precise
locations, Witnesses, Films & Photos, Evidence, Suspected bullet trajectories, Important
information & Considerations, in One Convenient Resource

Visual Report: "The First Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy: while JFK was Hidden Under the 'magic-limbed-ricochet-tree'

"Visual Report: Reality versus C.A.D. : the Real World, versus, Garbage-In, Garbage-Out

Discovery: "Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Headsnap: West, Ultrafast, and Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll"

File: President KENNEDY Assassination Research, Maps, & Discoveries for Your Considerations

T ogether

For the United States:

[Image: advisory7regional.gif]
T [size=12]ogether

"Better to light a candle, than, curse the darkness."

(Chinese proverb)

[size=12]If you want to get 'even' with someone, start first with the Ones who have been Good to You.


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