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When capitalism and communism will become anachronism: A Newest Form of Democracy.
Fair enough.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Originally Posted by ComradeMan
What does "at communism" mean-- I don't understand the nuance.

Nicholas Popov

As in any religion, the Communists were propagandizing a priority of intellectual values over material values.

In the Soviet Russia the word "communism" were associating with a phrase 'to receive on a freebie'/ 'get a free lunch'. Kremlin elite had special customer service in special clothing stores, hospitals, and received high-quality food rations at low prices. They could afford to free aviation cruises for fishing to Baikal and many other entertainments. The tsarist hunting and golden spoon-baits for members of the Politburo, as well as diamond mania by Galina Brezhneva did not become a unexpected opening to the people. The supply of Moscow as a showcase of socialism for foreigners was supplied relatively not bad also.
The exit of foreigners outside of Moscow was possible only by special permission.

In a province simple people were receiving coupons on 200 gram of butter and 0,5 kg of sausage a month. Also, they have had a right to a low-paid job at chronic deficiency of habitation and the goods. Provincials have been compelled to go for the goods to Moscow, that was provoking discontent of Muscovites.

However, the health care and education were free. And people were opened and friendly.

It was 'communism' for the Elect's only.
Originally Posted by Menocchio

What does this ahistorical gibberish actually mean?
But given the fact that you've enumerated some of the privileges of the bureaucratic class within "real existing socialism", I'd speculate that by "communists" you actually mean "the state officers in USSR". However, you still have to demonstrate three things:
1) what are "intellectual values"
2) how does the fact of historical privileges translate into an ahistorical eternal truth which encompasses everyone who proiclaims himself/herself "communist"

It was, historically, "communism" for the elect only.
Yet, the relationship between the ideology and material practice is more complicated than a suggestion that it (the privileges) follows logically from the ideology itself.

Nicholas Popov

I am not so clever to compete in knowledge of ideological Talmuds. The desire has been extinguished 30 years ago in university, when communism was the state religion of the USSR.

Deviation from the revolutionary ideas in Russia began after the death of Lenin.
It is impossible to build a new society without innovation in management. The power of one person means return to former tsarism. Lenin's idea of the Soviets (Council of several participants) was a necessary innovation at that time and the first step towards collective intelligence. But fixed leadership (headed by the Secretary) has remained the same. A six-time convicted criminal, J. Stalin took advantage of this mistake (?), and shortly after Lenin's death has destroyed most of the revolutionary creators. Leon Trotsky did not escape this fate also.
All party disagreements were decided by majority of votes. The new tzar gradually has replaced the Old Bolsheviks on the "cooks" from the Stalinist conscription. These people had no independent thinking, but they have been betrayed to the new "Master of the House" who has opened new possibilities for them. Some of them were honest fanatics of a new faith, but who did not understand the essence of what is happening. Others have used affiliation to one-party monopoly for mercenary ends: for increase of the social status and for access to material values under the general poverty of people. In so doing professional qualities were substituted for personal fidelity and a party affiliation. The unaffiliated person could not calculate though on slightest prospect in this monopoly. In USSR: the state officer = the party member. The new bureaucratic elite has substituted real care for the simple people by slogans the communist consciousness and selflessness.
The privileges follows logically not from the ideology itself, but from the 'historical' relationships between lackeys and lords in any domination.

Besides, newly appeared "Messiah" has destroyed an the intellectual top of the nation, capable to independent thinking, that has lowered the general standard of culture and intellect. Stalin has replaced romanticists-thinkers on dogmatists, careerists and grabbers, and also usurped the power in republic. The creative stage of Russian revolution ended with the departure of Lenin and its like-minded persons.

Modern Russian two-headed, one-party 'democracy' is an eructation of Stalin's school and artificial selection.

The revolution dies without new ideas ...

P.S.: Refreshed 5-Pointed Star will reborn as a symbol of Collective Wisdom and consolidation peoples of five continents without ideological coloring.
Originally Posted by NecroCommie

Some self-proclaimed communist movements might go with the first point, but that is far from making communism per se something even close to religion. Not only that, but this is not how religion is defined. Many religions do nothing of that sort.

And about the God-given part: there exist religions without any sort of idea about God, so this is not how one describes religion. And even if it were, communist movements are almost entirely atheist. No matter how much one tries to argue about some personality cults and such it does not make communism any less secular. At the most, it means that not all communists understand communism.

Nicholas Popov

Sunday's readings of Marxism according to Pol Pot, Cult of Messiah Stalin, worship to "The Great Helmsman" Mao... compulsory cramming of psalms at the Soviet universities...

Well, let will be 'zombie'. How it is better?

[Image: stalin_icon.jpg]

Any cult of the leader (the leaderism) is a religion for the sheeps. (For flock)
The crucession according to Stalin
[Image: 200611102075269.jpg]

Religious dogmatism requires blind worship and does not tolerate dissent and newness.
The reeducation of non-believers / gentiles on Belomorkanal. A way to a nirvana.
[Image: m_e2be10d52f9c45459e9d4bc608906480.jpg]

Self-effacing "Brother Number One" did not wanted to be a god.
Sacrifice of 'Infidels' according to Pol Pot.
[Image: 1280159312-74.jpg]

It is good when your head doesn't lie on this "altar", NecroCommie.
[Image: 220px-Choeungek2.JPG]

The 'Testament' by criminal 'Father of all times and the people' who lived and ruled the destinies as God, to preceding and future simpletons.
[Image: 265.jpg]
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