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The Dissenting Warren Member
The Dissenting Warren Member
All I see is a part of a memo, nothing about a dissenting member. I am assuming that member was Boggs. And we know what happened to him.
hi Dawn, when i open it, there are a few documents listed and it says to click to enlarge and download each so you can read them and no it was McCLOY :banghead:......try a refresh on your pc then open, and see if it is better...just a thought....b
JFK Assassination Warren Commission Member John J McCloy
THis is quite interesting.

Bernice, you kind of misnamed this. McCloy is not really dissenting. He is commenting on drafts of the report as it evolves. This is the way the Commission worked. The actual commission members had the last say on everything. Rankin was the go between between the Troika and the worker bees, like Belin and Specter.

THis appearance with Cronkite is something. Was it actually shown on TV, because McCloy comes off pretty bad.

In describing his visit to the TSBD, he says he sat in the window" just like whoever the assassin really was." Funny.

Then he goes off on how it must feel "liberal" to think Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy.

He says it is common sense to believe the WC. What is common sensical about the SBT?
hi jim;thanks for your input, it is someone elses work and that was their title,at the site, so i had to follow suit..i will not change in anyway anothers work, so.there it titled,.., i am imagining the interview came on tv, but ?? McCloy does not come off well, but looking back what we know now, Croncite comes off much worse, what a shark he was,

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He never really answered the first question about whether they were fair to Oswald.

He says he was fact finding, but never discusses the methodology of that fact finding.

I wouldn't either.

"The conclusions weren't rushed." "They were arrived at in their own due time." Rankin's outline saying Oswald did it was submitted on January 11th.

HE then uses that whole BS story about the autopsy materials not being available to them and blames that on the Kennedys.

He then concludes that all the controversy was caused by the critics.

"There was nothing fraudulent or sinister about it." How about Ford moving up the back wound. How about Rankin saying he would record Russell's dissent but then not doing so.

McCloy was as bad here as he was with the Japanese internment.
Here are the Executive Session for anyone that is interested, and yes Jim, the autopsy photos were available and sounds as though some ?? may have seen them..below agreed is certainly was to lay dust...crappy kind..that hides hopefully....

The political need that the Commission was to fulfill was perhaps stated mostly bluntly by Commissioner McCloy, who said that "This Commission is set up to lay the dust, dust not only in the United States but all over the world."

A fascinating section of the Jan 27 session includes a discussion of the medical evidence. Rankin opened by discussing the confusion around the bullet wounds, and noting that "we have an explanation there in the autopsy that probably a fragment came out the front of the neck," something definitely not present in the autopsy report in evidence. Rankin said "we have the picture where the bullet entered in the back, that the bullet entered below the shoulder blade to the right of the backbone," showing two things: the Commission did have possession of the autopsy photos, and the Commission knew that CE 386, entered into evidence later on March 16, was a false representation of the location of this wound. After a discussion of the confusion over where the pristine bullet was found at Parkland Hospital, Russell commented: "This isn't going to be something that would run you stark mad," one of the more prescient comments made in all these sessions

A discussion of the need to obtain the autopsy photographs included Rankin's statement that "I think that the Attorney General would make them available now -- although they were denied to us before because he said that he didn't think that there was a sufficient showing of our need." The Commission already had possession of the autopsy photos, what was at issue was the desire, as Rankin put it, to avoid those pictures being a part of our record."
Current Section: Senator Russell Dissents, by Harold Weisberg part 1 part 2

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