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Information Operations-USAF

Information Operations-USAF
Information Operations-USAF, Air University

research & theory
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Basics and Overviews
Relating to Doctrine and Strategy
Who's Doing Research
Army Research Institute products
Media Theory
Surveys, Polling, & Statistics
Focus Groups
Symbols & Symbology
Game Theory
Behavior Modeling & Analysis
Insider Threat Models
Social Network Analysis (SNA)
Bayesian Inference and Decision Theory
Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience (ECN)
Chaos Theory
Rumor Propagation
Lattice Theory & Formal Concept Analysis
Collective Intelligence
Schmitt Analysis
Uncertainty Reduction Theory
Social Penetration Theory
Information Manipulation Theory
Inoculation Theory
Borden-Kopp Model
Shannon's Information Theory
Innovation Diffusion Theory
Metcalfe, Amdahl and Moore
Clausewitz and Info Ops
Sun Tzu and Info Ops
Persistent Surveillance
Knowledge Management
Media Richness Theory
Steganography hiding in plain sight
Other Info Ops and Knowledge Theory
Other Theories to Consider
see also info & cyberwar and other
Congressional Research Service reports
see also Boyd (OODA loop)
and effects-based ops theory
and other military/strategy theories
at the AWC Military Theory page
see also laboratories page
see also perception page, especially memes,
knowledge representation and semiotics
and subliminal perception & priming
and reflexive control
see also influence ops theory and links at top
of Influence Operations page
see also behavioral influences research
at Behavioral Influences Analysis Center
see also psychology of terrorism
at the Center for Terrorism Studies
see also research and theory page, especially
comparisons, behavior, & language theory
at the Center for Regional and Cultural Studies
see also using scenarios
at the Future Studies page
see also data mining & analysis theories
and more at the AWC Intelligence page
see also netcentric warfare, incl. concepts
on the AWC Gateway to the Internet
see also Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
storytelling, interviewing and more
at AWC Communication Skills page
see also game theory, decision making,
critical thinking, intuition, and more
at the AWC Thinking Skills page
see also cognitive biases and psychological
theories summarized at Wikipedia
see also motivation at
Strategic Leadership Studies
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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