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Valkyrie at Dealey Plaza
Following on the above information about Nazis, is everyone going to the movies to watch Operation Finale which is coming out August 29? It is rated as 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. The public is still fixated on both the Hitler era and also the JFK assassination. My current theory is that the public knows subconsciously that they have been grossly lied to about both, so the public is suffering from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

Thought folks might enjoy this quote from The Nazi Persecution of the Churches 1933-1945 by J.S. Conway at page 48. This was a quote from pastor Julius Leutheuser of the German Evangelical [Lutheran/Calvinist] Church on August 30, 1933:

"Christ has come to us through Adolf Hitler. He was the decisive figure when the people were just about to go under. Hitler struck out for us, and through his power, his honesty, his faith and his idealism, the Redeemer found us...We know today the Saviour has come...We have only one task, be German, not be Christian."

As for the above analysis, I don't believe that the wealthy were all that opposed to Soviet Communism. They would have gladly traded with the USSR just like the wealthy of today trade with Communist China and have sent 62 million of our manufacturing jobs to Communist China without batting an eye. It was the churches that were freaked out about Communism, not the wealthy IMHO.

James Lateer
When you, Mr. Lemkin, posit that the wealthy were the ones who were rabid anti-Communists, that might seem like an obvious reality. However, when I dig down deeper into this question, the situation looks a little different. I would add as follows:

1. The Bush family, Clarence Dillon of Dillon Read and J P Kennedy all had some sympathies toward Nazi Germany, but IMHO that was because they were actually doing business with Germany on a large scale and it didn't matter whether it was Hitler, Hindenberg or Adenauer.

2. The adamant opposition to Communism had to be viewed on a country by country basis. For instance, the US Army commanders assumed that the cooperation with Stalin would continue indefinitely after WWII because it had paid such dividends. They were quickly re-educated about that.

3. There was never any possibility that the US would go Communist. In the election where Hitler came to power in 1933, the Communists got 12.4% of the vote. In the US, Communists were allowed to be on the ballot, but received only 100K votes out of, say, 30 million.

4. The fervent opposition to the "loss of China" (the first Red Scare) was led by Protestant Evangelical missionary interests. Chiang Kai-Shek was a Methodist. The actual John Birch himself was a Protestant missionary.

5. The Second Red Scare led by McCarthy (related to E. Europe) was pushed by an alliance of Russian Orthodox folks from the Tolstoy Foundation in co-operation with Catholic interests led by McCarthy and his allies.

6. The most important fact of all is that after the Battle of Stalingrad, the Nazis knew they would lose WWII. They immediately made long-range plans for the aftermath of the War. The leaders of this European strategy for the US were Allen Dulles and diplomat Robert Murphy. That's why the US chose to occupy Bavaria, (the Catholic portion of Germany).

7. Only the incompetent Nazis like Goering got captured, tried and hanged at Nuremberg. It was the smarter, Catholic-connected, Austrian-connected, Munich-connected, Vatican-connected Nazis like Heinrich Muller, Otto Skorzeny, Martin Bormann and Eichmann who kept right on truckin' after the War. They had pre-planned starting in 1943 and had millions overseas by 1945. They invented the myth of the Alpine Fortress of Hitler. This justified Ike invading Catholic Bavaria and leaving the rest to the UK and the USSR.

8. The master plan, implemented by Adenauer was to DELIBERATELY HAND OVER THE PROTESTANT AREAS OF GERMANY TO THE RUSSIANS. What most people didn't know is that Adenauer and the Austrian/Catholic Nazis wanted Germany divided so that the Catholic culture would be in the majority. Don't forget that Hitler was both Catholic and Austrian and put those priorities ahead of Germany as a whole (during his entire life right up to the end).

9. That is why the European Union was kept "small" by Adenauer and only included Catholic France, Catholic Italy and the Catholic rump of Germany known as West Germany.

10. It was the murder of JFK and the accession of Protestant German Ludwig Erhard that spelled the end of this pro-Catholic run in Germany. It lasted from Hitler's succession in 1933 to the murder of JFK in 1963.

11. Once Ludwig Erhard took over (October, 1963), the rabid anti-Communists in both the US and Germany fell somewhat from power. LBJ was friendly with German Socialist Willi Brandt and the CDU/CSU party of Adenauer was forced to make a "Grand Coalition" with the Socialist SPD. Finally, in the 1970,s the Socialists took power in Germany under Willi Brandt.

12. Once the exclusive Catholic activist grip on West Germany was broken, all of a sudden the UK and the Protestant countries began to gain access to the EU.

13. The reason why the Adenauer Germans murdered JFK is because he was considered a turncoat Catholic by them. JFK was also considering a re-unification of Germany under a poliltically neutral plan (called the Rapacki Plan). This would have restored Germany to a Prussian and Protestant majority. Adenauer hated the Prussians and didn't like the Protestants all that much, either.

So there you have my latest explanation for the motive for the Skorzeny-involved murder of JFK. JFK made the mistake of flirting with a neutral and Protestant reunified Germany.

James Lateer

Kelly Declaration AARC v. CIA Re: Detailed Study of Hitler Plot

Plaintiff :
v. : Civil Action No. 17- 00160(TNM)
Defendant. :
__________________________________ :

Declaration of William E. Kelly, Jr.
I hereby declare and state that:

1. I am a journalist, historian and author of two published regional history books, who has spent considerable time, since 1969, tracking down and interviewing JFK Assassination witnesses.

2. In the course of my research in January 1995 I interviewed Volkmar Schmidt over the telephone, a conversation taped with his permission and subsequently transcribed and posted on the internet.

3. In that interview Schmidt told me that he hosted a February 22, 1963 party at his Dallas residence for the expressed purpose of introducing Lee Harvey Oswald to Michael Paine.

4. While Michael Paine did not attend that party, his wife Ruth Hyde Paine did and met Oswald's Russian wife Marina, and they became close friends until the day of the assassination.

5. At the same party Volkmar Schmidt said he had an extended 2-hour conversation with Lee Harvey Oswald in which he used a "reverse psychology" technique taught to him by his surrogate father, doctor Whilhelm Keutemeyer, professor of psychosomatic medicine at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

6. Keutemeyer, Schmidt said, had two associates who were part of the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler, Herr Von Halen and dr. Adam von Trott zu Solz, both executed for their roles in the plot.

7. Schmidt admitted mentioning the July 20, 1944 plot to Oswald and suggested right wing General Edwin Walker should be killed, much like Hitler should have been.

8. Not long after their conversation Oswald purchased a rifle through the mail using the alias "Hidel" traceable to him when he could have bought an untraceable weapon at any Dallas sporting goods of department store with no identification.

9. Oswald is accused of taking a shot at Walker through a window at his home on April 10, 1963, a shot that missed, with the remains of the bullet in the Kennedy Collection at the National Archives.

10. Shortly after the Walker shooting Oswald relocated to his hometown of New Orleans where he got a job and an apartment while his wife Marina resided with Ruth Hyde Paine in Irving, Texas, before Ruth H. Paine drove Marina and the rifle to New Orleans.

11. CIA Cuban Desk chief Desmond FitzGerald, looking for disenchanted Cuban military officers or anyone close to Castro, met with Dr. Rolando Cubella Secades (AMLASH) to encourage him to kill Castro, and another CIA case officer met with Cubella in Brazil on September 7, 1963.

12. On September 7, 1963 Fidel Castro visited the Brazilian embassy in Havana and denounced US backed commando raids and attempts to kill Cuban leaders, as reported in an Associated Press dispatch published on September 9, 1963, ostensibly read by Lee Harvey Oswald in the New Orleans newspaper.

13. In September 1963 Ruth Hyde Paine visited her relatives, including her husband Michael's mother Ruth Forbes Paine Young - a close personal friend and traveling companion of Mary Bancroft.

14. During World War 2 Mary Bancroft worked closely with Office of Strategic Services (OSS) officer Allen Dulles in Switzerland and they were closely associated with Nazi military intelligence officer Hans Bernd Gisevius, a major participant in the failed July 20, 1944 plot, assisting him in his escape from Germany.

15. While visiting the Youngs in September 1963, Ruth Hyde Paine wrote to the pregnant Marina in New Orleans suggesting she return to Texas and live with her in Irving until the baby is born. For her response Marina was instructed to write to her in care of "Arthur Young Paoli, Pa.".

16. Marina accepted and on September 24, 1963 Ruth Paine left the Young's farm and drove to New Orleans, picked up Marina and the rifle and drove them to Texas while Oswald went to Mexico City.

17. The following day, September 25, 1963, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chaired by Air Force Chief of Staff General LeMay (while General Taylor was in Vietnam), met at the Pentagon where they were briefed on CIA covert operations in Cuba by Desmond FitzGerald.

18. A memo/ minutes of the meeting was written by Col. Walter M. Higgins, Jr., assistant to General Victor H. Krulack, who was SACSA Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities. In his memo Higgins wrote that FitzGerald reported that the CIA was preparing a "detailed study" of the July 20, 1944 plot against Hitler to be adapted for use against Castro in Cuba. Higgins wrote that FitzGerald, "Felt that there had been great success in getting closer to the military personnel who might break with Castro, and stated that there were at least ten high-level military personnel who were talking with CIA but as yet are not talking to each other, since that degree of confidence has not yet developed. He considers it as a parallel in history: i.e., the plot to kill Hitler; and this plot is being studied in detail to develop an approach." (emphasis added).

19. In October 1963 Ruth Hyde Paine helped Oswald obtain a job at the Texas School Book Depository, a building owned by D. H. David Harold Byrd, a close personal friend of Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay, who chaired the September 25, JCS meeting at the Pentagon.

20. On November 22, 1963 D. H. Byrd was in Africa on a safari with Werner von Alvensleben, a German hunter who wrote an essay in support of the July 20, 1944 coup plotters and whose father was identified in an OSS document as an "assassination specialist." Werner von Alvensleben's favorite rifle was a Mannlicher-Schonauer, the Greek version of the Mannlicher rifle allegedly used in the assassination of President Kennedy. In December 1963 von Alvensleben visited Byrd in Dallas.

21. On November 22, 1963 at the time of the assassination, the Joint Chiefs of Staff were meeting with the German General Staff that included two former Nazi officers who were directly involved in the July 20, 1944 plot, including Gen. Hans Speidel and Gen. Adolf Heusinger.

22. D. H. Byrd later told friends, including the president of the Dallas Morning News, that he had removed the southeast corner window of the Texas School Book Depository, from which he believed the shots that killed the president to have originated, and displayed it in his home with his animal trophies, "where it became the centerpiece of many social gatherings".

23. The request for these records are not broad, but very precise, and they should be looked for among the records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Asst. Army Sec. Joe Califano, Gen. Krulak's papers, the files of Desmond Fitzgerald and Rolando Cubella, as well as any of those involved in planning for the covert operations in Cuba in 1963. When the CIA says that the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler "is being studied in detail to develop an approach," to kill Castro, then it is impossible for there to be no documentary record of this "detailed" study. And considering the numerous other associations between the July 20, 1944 plot within the JFK assassination narrative, its significance cannot be over stated.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed on November 12, 2017. _____/s/ William E. Kelly, Jr. ____(Signature)
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
[Ooops. Posted on the wrong thread]--JL

I have recently inquired of a JFK researcher as follows (Maybe somebody reading this knows something about this issue):*************

"Having finished reading the excellent book The Skorzeny Papers. I am looking forward to readIng [much more about this subject].

I will mention something I have seen … on the topic of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller. In the version of the Muller Journals by Gregory Douglas called CIA Covenant: Nazis in Washington, Otto Skorzeny is mentioned in two periods. One is around November 5, 1949 and another is around August 1, 1950. As you know, most people think that this work by Douglas is a forgery. I am interested in the topic, however.

On page 41 of the Douglas book, the quote is "Wisner talked about Skorzeny whom he hopes to install as his chief assassin very soon." Was this information regarding Skorzeny something that Gregory Douglas could have known from sources available to him as he wrote in the 1990's?

Another quote at page 78 "Otto is working with the IRA now at the CIA's request." On page 163 of The Skorzeny Papers, Irishmen named Philip Mooney and William Hynes are mentioned. It is stated "both men survived the war, then 'all but disappeared from history in 1951.'" Then in The Skorzeny Papers, we read "The author was unable to make a connection between Skorzeny's Irish friends in Madrid from 1951 and either Brady or Stringer."

Was Skorzeny working for the IRA from 1950 to 1952? Author Douglas mentions the murder of Lord Montbatten which did not happen until 1979, so this murder couldn't have been mentioned in Muller's journals unless they were written in 1979 or after. My main question is, does anything in the Skorzeny Papers that you know of, corroborate in any way the Muller Journals of Gregory Douglas?

I would be interested if you know of anything, especially about Skorzeny and the Irish Republican Army.


James Lateer
Recent research causes me to go back to this older material to connect dots:

It is looking to me that some of the JFK assassination mechanism was embedded and hidden inside the US chemical and biological weapons programs.

Just as the 9-11-2001 anthrax attack trail disappeared into the US chemical and biological weapons program, there are some threads of information in the JFK case which also seem to disappear inside that same "black box".

I am thinking primarily about the New Orleans history surrounding the involvement of Dr. Alton Ochsner with Clay Shaw. Shaw had connections to Operation Paperclip but this was avoided by author Donald Carpenter in his biography of Shaw. And author Ed Haslem, a TrineDay published source, has described the New Orleans doctor Mary Sherman who was likely involved in chemical and biological weapons research for the government and who was murdered in a sadistic fashion.

The literature on Operation Paperclip includes excellent books by author Annie Jacobsen and Tom Bower, just to name a couple. But these books deal almost exclusively with the Nazi rocket scientists and not at all with the chemical or biological side of things.

We know that General Charles Willoughby was instrumental in bringing a Japanese expert on chemical and biological warfare to the US. It is also apparently true that Allen Dulles (in 1943) was informed that biological weapons were possibly being produced at the IG Farben plant at Hoechst or Leverkusen in Germany (by the Nazis). Operation Paperclip and its cousin the FIAT program were on the scene at Leverkusen in 1946.

And of course the elephant in the room is the controversial book by Judyth Vary Baker detailing her allegations about the weaponization of cancer (almost too horrible to even say) by the U S intel agencies, using Clay Shaw as a paymaster.

At would seem like the ex-Nazis who were rocket scientist were more important and influential in the JFK murder than those in chemical or biological arenas. But the secrecy surrounding this latter area is, by its nature, much more highly complete and some items of information about it have never been declassified, even today.

James Lateer
This is a new post by Bill Kelly on his website and its a VERY good one IMO!!!! Also, one person who only gives their first name asks a question. A few of the names listed in his question are to be expected - and a few not. I happen to know one that most would not have expected was very much connected to the plot in both the lethal aspects and in setting up Oswald as the patsy. Do follow the links in this piece - it will lead to a LOT of interesting information only summarized here. Bill Kelly is one of the leading lights now on painting the larger outlines of the plot and players. He has his special foci and interests - and I think they are on the mark. I think there are a few others that could be woven into this fabric to make even a fuller completed puzzle of the million pieces [clues].......minus all the false 'pieces' put out over the years to lead us all astray. I think several bloodhounds now have found several of the correct scent paths and are closing in....

Saturday, June 1, 2019

HOW JFK WAS KILLED - The MO and the Plans

By William E. Kelly, Jr. /


Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't the first suspect in the assassination of President Kennedy, but he was the first whose name and basic background was broadcast around the world.

When intelligence analysts from around the world checked their files to see what they had on Lee Harvey Oswald from the information they had Civil Air Patrol, USMC, stationed at Atsugi U2 base, trained in the Russian language, defector to the Soviet Union, Fair Play for Cuba Committee, arrest with DRE Cubans, radio debate, visitor to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City, attempt to get a visa to Cuba, - it was clearly apparent that whatever happened at Dealey Plaza and whatever the role of Oswald, the event was a covert intelligence operation.

US Army Intelligence officers in Texas had a file on Oswald that indicated he used the alias Alek Hidell, the alias used to purchase the rifle. But those Army files were destroyed and no longer exist.

A few days after the assassination the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) officer in California who investigated Oswald after his defection, wrote a letter to Dallas Police Detective Bentley, who arrested Oswald informing him that ONI had extensive files on Oswald files that the Navy claims no longer exist.

As president JFK had made many political enemies in Washington FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, CIA director Allen Dulles, CIA officer William Harvey and all of the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, especially Generals Lemeitzer, Powers and LeMay.

The disagreements and disputes began with the April 1961 Bay of Pigs fiasco, when JFK began to distrust the CIA for claiming the invasion would be successful without direct U.S. military action, that JFK refused to provide. Then it all escalated during the Cuban Missile Crisis, when JFK ignored the unanimous advice of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to invade Cuba and negotiated a peaceful resolution instead.

So if the President was killed not by a deranged lone nut, but his political enemies in Washington, then there should be evidence that supports this among the government records, and there is.

Who did it and how did they do it? It is easier to answer the latter than the former, though the answer to how leads directly to who was responsible and their motive, as no motive could be attributed to Oswald.


San Francisco attorney Bill Simpich has noted, in order to understand what occurred at Dealey Plaza you must look at it as an operation a covert intelligence operation, and then all of the pieces begin to fit together.

British Major General Llewellyn W. Atcheriey developed the Modus Operandi - MO - system of maintenance of records and files and devising classifications of types of crimes and criminals.

In applying Atcheriey's MO System to Dealey Plaza, the choice is pretty easy, and a very definite line in the sand - that is whether the assassination of the President was the result of the actions of one deranged loner, or was it not only a conspiracy but a more very specific covert intelligence action, - a pre-arranged plan that was designed to be deceptive and secret to protect the actual sponsors. If the former, then we can let the psychologists analyize the psychosis of a madman and the assassination would be disconnected to any of the political and historical activities of the day. But if the latter, the murder was connected to the political realities, it therefore can be figured out, as President Kennedy said, "Problems created by men can be solved by men."


When the Secret Service hired a team of psychologists to profile all of the known historical assailants of presidents, they tried to narrow down the list of potential assassins, but failed to consider one category the professional covert operational assassins who have a very specific, clear cut profile, one which Oswald sets the mold.

Like Oswald, the covert operational personality (COP) profile is trained by the military (usually USMC), is fluent in more than one language, has a specific technical specialty, communicates with crypts, uses aliases, post office boxes and keeps an apartment separate from their family. A COP has a case officer who directs their covert activities and utilizes standard intelligence procedures, what Allen Dulles calls the "crafts of intelligence."

Besides Oswald, other well known Covert Operational Personalities COP include Frank Forini Sturgis, Eugenio Martinez, all of the Watergate burglars, Felix Rodriguez, Jerry Patrick Hemming, Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Ed Wilson, Frank Terpil and Antonio Veciana, to name a few.

The Modus Operandi behind the assassination of President Kennedy must be considered a covert intelligence operation because the facts of the case indicate that 1) individuals expressed foreknowledge of the murder; 2) many if not most of the principle characters were trained in covert intelligence operations, utilized tradecraft and had direct intelligence agency/network associations; 3) deception and traceable tradecraft disinformation was utilized; 4) there were, as former Senator Richard Schweiker (R.Pa.) put it, "fingerprints of intelligence" all over the place.


It isn't the psychosis of the patsy that is significant, but the psychological warfare aspects of the assassination that provide important leads in the investigation. Evidence that the assassination was the work of a covert intelligence operation is the fact that a black propaganda psychological warfare plan was put into place to blame the assassination on Fidel Castro, the part of the plan that failed.

As Peter Dale Scott, Dan Hardaway, John Newman and Jefferson Morley have all conclusively demonstrated, there was a preconceived plan to blame the assassination on Castro a part of the plan that failed.[ JFKcountercoup: The Psy-Op that Failed - the Crack in the Dealey Plaza Plan ]

There were dozens of CIA officers, operatives and assets made that claim in the hours, days and weeks after the assassination, and continue to do so today.

[ JFKcountercoup: List of Psychwar Black Prop Ops ]

Peter Dale Scott calls this the Phase One aspect of the assassination, which was replaced by Phase Two on the evening of the assassination when LBJ decided that blaming the murder on a Cuban communist conspiracy would eventually not only lead to an invasion of Cuba, as the assassination planers had hoped, but to World War III.

[JFKcountercoup: The Tipping Point]

LBJ used this excuse same excuse in order to convince Texas authorities not to charge Oswald with "furthering a communist conspiracy," as Assistant DA Bill Alexander was prepared to do, and as he was encouraged by David Atlee Phillips's media asset Joseph Goulden. At LBJ's insistence Oswald was instead charged alone with the murder.

LBJ then used the same excuse of impending WWIII in order to convince Earl Warren and reluctant Congressmen to become commissioners with the predetermined conclusion that one man alone was responsible for the assassination, and there was no conspiracy, especially a Cuban Communist one.

This very distinct psychological warfare operation is still active today as can be seen in the published works of Carlos Bringuier ("Red Friday"), Gus Russo ("Brothers at Arms"), Max Holland (Soviet Disinformation), Brian Letell ("Castro's Secrets) and Phil Shennon ("A Cruel and Shocking Act") as well as the History Channel TV programs by Bob Baer ("JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald."). All of these published and broadcast authors maintain that Oswald was the lone gunman, but that he was motivated to kill Kennedy by Castro or Castro agents. They are also all documented CIA agents or former agents, operatives and media assets except Shenon, whose primary motivation, he says, was sparked by a former Warren Commission attorney. And that he isn't interested in any other JFK assassination theory other than Castro inspired Oswald.

[JFKcountercoup: Phil Shenon Rides Again - Promoting the Castro Cover Story / JFKcountercoup: Phillip Shenon's "A Cruel and Shocking Twist" / Phil Shenon - A Cruel and Shocking Twist (Winter 2017) / JFKcountercoup: The Second Plot - The Original Cover Story / (PDF) The Anti-Latell Report | Arnaldo Fernandez - / JFKcountercoup: JFK Declassified - Fallback to the Original Phase One Cover Story ]


When former Warren Commission Attorney Sam Stern was interviewed by the HSCA he stated that, "Had the Commission learned of the CIA-Mafia conspiracies to assassinate Fidel Castro, we would have gone much more into Cuba, the CIA, and the Mafia. We would have had a whole host of new avenues calling for investigation. And we would have obviously had to develop some new sources of information other than the agency.'"


[ ]

As former FBI agent Bill Turner said at a COPA Conference years ago: "We now know what happened at Dealey Plaza to a fairly good degree of certainty. The motives were piling up the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, the two-track back channel to Cuba the motives were piling up to the point they had to assassinate him. I think it's now pretty obvious, with the information we have today, that the mechanism of it came out of the alliance between the CIA and the Mafia. They already had an assassination apparatus set up for killing Castro, and they just switched targets and they killed JFK instead."

Former CIA officer David Atlee Phillips wrote (in the unpublished manuscript AMLASH Legacy) that, "I was one of the two case officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald. After working to establish his Marxist bona fides, we gave him the mission of killing Fidel Castro in Cuba. I helped him when he came to Mexico City to obtain a visa, and when he returned to Dallas to wait for it I saw him twice there. We rehearsed the plan many times: In Havana Oswald was to assassinate Castro with a sniper's rifle from the upper floor window of a building on the route where Castro often drove in an open jeep. Whether Oswald was a double-agent or a psycho I'm not sure, and I don't know why he killed Kennedy. But I do know he used precisely the plan we had devised against Castro. Thus the CIA did not anticipate the President's assassination but it was responsible for it. I share that guilt."

In a private conversation with former Congressional investigator Kevin Walsh, Phillips said, "My private opinion is that JFK was done in by a conspiracy, likely including American intelligence officers."
According to Jack Anderson, Mafia boss John Roselli was recruited by the CIA to assist in their efforts to kill Castro. "Roselli made midnight dashes o Cuba with his hired assassins in twin powerboats. Once a Cuban patrol ship turned its guns on his darkened boat, tore a hole in the bottom and sank the boat. Roselli was flushed out of the water by the other boat, which escaped into the shadows….All told, six assassination attempts were made, the last in the spring of 1963. Through-out this period, Roselli worked under the direct supervision of two secret CIA agents James "Big Jim" O'Connell and William Harvey."

Under Harvey, there were four attempts to kill Castro. According to Roselli's account given to Anderson, "the plotters were smuggled into Cuba with high-powered rifles. The last assassination squad, Roselli said, made it to a Havana rooftop before they were caught."

Roselli saw Harvey for the last time in June 1963, when Harvey paid for their meals and Florida hotel rooms under a CIA account he controlled labeled "ZRRIFLE," which was the CIA code for the Castro assassination project.

None of these sources are silly conspiracy freaks but rather former government agents and officials and a mobster who worked at JMWAVE on the plots to kill Castro. All of them were connected to the conspiracy that resulted in the murder of the president.



After the passage of the JFK Act in 1992, Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB) chairman Judge John Tunheim received a letter from Gene Wheaton, a security expert and former head of a CIA propriety airline who had received a presidential commendation for his government work in the middle east. Wheaton talked on the phone with an ARRB attorney and later met her. She reported that Wheaton told her, "…Cuban exiles who were originally trained by the CIA to kill Castro, killed Kennedy instead, considering him a traitor for his failure to support them at the Bay of Pigs."

In a later filmed interview Wheaton said, "The straight story is that there was a CIA fronted program to assassinate Castro and Carl Jenkins was in charge of training the Cubans in Miami to assassinate Castro and it was paid for by the CIA….And they were according to them, they were the ones that diverted the Castro funds and training to snuff Kennedy….They were training to assassinate Castro, but if you are trained to assassinate one person, you can use that training to assassinate anybody with that same training."

According to Wheaton, "Chi Chi (Quintero) and Carl Jenkins were in charge of the main team…and I.F. Harper helped train these guys to assassinate Castro. According to them, they just went off and decided to get their revenge on Kennedy for his failure to support the invasion of Cuba. Lee Harvey Oswald was just a stooge…"

Air Force Major Ralph P. Ganis (USAF Ret.), who purchased the private papers of former Nazi Commando leader Skorzeny, wrote in his book "The Skorzeny Papers"that, "Lee Harvey Oswald was a deception,…maneuvered into position at the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD), set up as the patsy…so his liquidation was necessary to prevent the exposure of the entire network."


In determining which of the many CIA-Mafia plan to kill Castro was utilized at Dealey Plaza, we can eliminate all of the early plots to poison Castro, shoot him with a bazooka, taint his diving suit, use exploding sea shells and cigars and instead concentrate on the CIA plans to kill Castro by shooting him in the head with a high powered rifle as he drove by in an open jeep.

Of the CIA plans we know of from the Higgins Memo of the September 25 meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when they were briefed on CIA covert operations against Cuba by Desmond FitzGerald. That meeting was chaired by General LeMay. FitzGerald told them that the CIA was engaged in a detailed study of the German military's plan to kill Hitler, to be adapted for use against Castro. That is the failed July 20, 1944 explosion at the Wolf's Lair.

HIGGINS MEMO: / mtg 9-25-63 Hitler plot.pdf?dl=0


While the CIA claims it cannot find any record of this "detailed study," we can review that plan ourselves and see how it could be adapted to kill Castro. The plan was given the code name Valkyrie, and we find five strategic aspects of that plan that were adapted to be used against Castro, but instead used to kill JFK in the Dealey Plaza operation.

The Valkyrie plotters used standard covert intelligence operational techniques, they got the victim to approve the plan, they utilized the Home Guard (National Guard in USA) to carry out the street level actions, they controlled key communications, and they would blame the assassination on communists. The only part of the Valkyrie plan that wasn't to be adapted for use was the bomb, which was replaced with high powered rifles a more reliable surgical strike to the head.


While the Valkryie plan was basically an overall CIA strategic plan to get disgruntled Cuban military officers to engineer a coup against Castro, as they had done in Vietnam, the more specific tactical contingency was the CIA's Pathfinder plan to kill Castro with a high powered rifle as he rode in an open jeep. That plan that was considered a contingency plan until it was approved by the National Security Council Special Group (Augmented) and "higher authority" and was practiced over and over, but the records show it was "disapproved by higher authority" (ie. JFK and RFK).




Like the Valkrie records, the CIA says that today it has no records of the Pathfinder plan to kill Castro except for that one document that was misfiled in Frank Sturgis' CIA file.


This document is an internal CIA memo from a top officer in the National Photo Interpretation Center (NPIC) from 1975, when eight former NPIC employees came forward when they learned that the Church Intelligence Committee was looking into the CIA plots to kill Castro.

These eight former NPIC employees said that they worked at either the CIA's Task Force W Cuban Desk in the basement of the CIA Headquarters (under William Harvey and Desmond FitzGerald) or at the CIA's JMWAVE Station (under Ted Shackley).

At JMWAVE the NPIC employees said that they helped prepare photos and maps of the targeted areas in Cuba where the ambush on Castro would take place (Bay of Pigs and Veradero). They were also aware of the details of the Pathfinder plan because the Pathfinder file was kept in the NPIC section of the JMWAVE station instead of the Operational Files where it belonged.

The NPIC employees who were aware of the Pathfinder plan said that the two CIA officers who were responsible for implementing the plan were Rip Robertson and Carl Jenkins.

In response the then head of the CIA's Operational branch told the NPIC director that he had Jenkins' file in his hand, but they could find no records of the Pathfinder plan itself.

USMC Captain Carl Jenkins served in Japan was Oswald was there, and was a principal founder of the New Orleans USMC Reserve Unit that still exists today. While Oswald was from New Orleans, his USMC Reserve Unit was based in Illinois the one that after his defection changed his honorable discharge to "Undesirable."

Assigned to the CIA Jenkins became a principal trainer of anti-Castro Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, specifically instructing the "Pathfinders," who were to go ashore weeks before the invasion to establish contact with local cells of anti-Castro Cubans and set the stage for the invasion.

After the failure of the invasion both Jenkins and Rip Robertson (who went ashore) were both assigned to train anti-Castro Cuban commandos who would conduct maritime infiltration and sabotage missions during Mongoose and afterwards, primarily out of the JMWAVE Miami CIA station.

Among those U.S. military advisors who trained the JMWAVE Cubans during the pivotal summer of 1963 were U.S. Army Ranger (also known as "Pathfinders') Captain Edward "Rod" Roderick and Captain Bradley Ayers, and a legendary explosives and covert operational tactics trainer named John "I.F." Harper, whose "I.F." nickname apparently stems from the name of a pooular Jewish Kentucky burbon and is not his real middle initials.

The only published reference to Harper is a Soldier of Fortune Magazine article on how he helped train the Contras to fight the Nicaraguan Sandinistas in the 1980s, much like he trained the anti-Castro Cuban Pathfinders in Florida twenty years earlier.

From open source records (Soldier of Fortune Magazine), it is apparent that the Pathfinder crew from JMWAVE continued their operational support of CIA activities. When the JMWAVE base was disbanded during the LBJ administration, some were active in the Congo and Dominican Republic before most of the officials, officers and men were transferred to Southeast Asia. Then, as the SOF article details, they came together under the Oliver North network involved in the Iran-Contra scandal primarily training the anti-Sandinista/communist Contras in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Solidifying the fact that the intelligence network that was responsible for the operation that led to the death of President Kennedy was still functioning in the 1980s is the fact that Mrs. Ruth Hyde Paine Michael Paine's wife and chief benefactor of Marina Oswald was working the Quaker Contra connections in Nicaragua at the time.

As this is being written, Ruth Paine, Carl Jenkins and John Harper are all still alive, I have their contact information, and will try to question them about these things.

Please Support my research by donating a few bucks to keep me going:

Posted by William Kelly at 4:03 PM

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  • Brandon said...
  • I'm trying to keep as up to date on the Pathfinder teams as possible... and based on Larry Hancock and David Boyland's research, along with a handful of other sources, I end up with the following: Rafael Chi Chi Quintero, Felix Rodriguez, Nestor 'Tony' Izquierdo, Herminio Diaz Garcia, Steve Wilson, Roy Hargraves, Felipe Vidal Santiago, Frank Sturgis, Carlos Hernandez, Antonio Soto, Jorge Navarro, Victor Hernandez, Frank Barnardino, John Koch Gene, Luis Posada and Dick Whatley.
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"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Skorzeny Network in Dallas

Major Ralph P. Ganis and The Skorzeny Papers (Skyhorse, NY, 2018)

It has been pointed out by a number of reviewers that The Skorzeny Papers book lacks citations and even examples of what the documents contained in them look like, though Ganis says they are mainly letters between Skorzeny and his wife and carbon copies of business documents in different languages that had to be translated.

I met Major Ganis in Dallas, talked to him at length, transcribed one of his radio interviews and have talked to him on the phone a number of times, all of which makes me believe that he is the real deal and has supporting records for everything he says, even though at this point, we have to take his word for it. As a military veteran who has served in three branches of the service, through five wars, I take the man at his word, though you don't have to.

Dallas Names the Skorzeny Intelligence Network Overlay

Maj. Ralph Ganis, an experienced and decorated U.S. military officer, says that he used research techniques he learned working in intelligence that allowed him, as he read theSkorzeny Papers, to recognize an intelligence network that was operating as business enterprises, many out of Dallas, Texas. He calls this the "Skorzeny network," though there appears to be a number of overlapping networks, some of different intelligence agencies, others of different government nationalities.

Major Ganis makes me recall Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, who was assigned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to create the Able Danger Counter-Intelligence (CI) computerized program that led to the identity of the network of radical Islamic extremists responsible for the 9/11 attacks, before the attacks occurred.

Ganis however, because of his military training, and our own counter-intelligence review, has the retrospective advantage of hinsight by trying to uncover and decipher the intelligence network responsible for the Dealey Plaza Operation - years, decades a half century after it occurred. So we have vast resources at our disposal, and can narrow down areas of interest and zero in on those responsible.

According to Ganis: "Skorzeny's Dallas business and social circles were the critical piece for carrying out the assassination…..By analyzing Skorzeny's Dallas business network, we can see for the first time a coherent covert assassination operation."

Years ago I acquired a trade paperback book at a used bookstore called A Money Tree Grows in Dallas that was a rundown of Dallas corporations, including addresses, the names of their boards of directors, and major stockholders, that I used to cross-reference a number of important players such as Arthur Collins, Leon Jaworski, Jean deMenil, John Connally, and others, documenting their ties and relationships. After all, if you serve on the board of directors with less than a dozen men, you must know them all pretty well.

And Ganis in the Skorzeny Papers plays the same game, and it works, as we have come to the same conclusions though from vastly different backgrounds, and using different sources and research techniques.

As Ganis writes, "….The evidence shows that Skorzeny's network had access to and control of essential operational elements necessary for an assassination, the structure to deflect participation, and the ability (to) synchronize the entire affair."

(There are) Ganis continues (p. 302-303), "…three descriptive groups….the action arm, those individuals responsible for the assassination; the deception group, those responsible for the cover story and setup of a scapegoat; and the support elements, those in charge of communications, transportation, logistics, security, safe houses, and other operational necessities."

If the assassination was a covert intelligence operation, then those who planned, set up and conducted the operation must have had to control the entire scene from beginning to end, and that certainly narrows down the suspects.

And one of the CIA techniques for determining the validity of defectors or new sources of information is the amount of new names, places and events that are provided, and Ganis comes up with quite a few.

One of the Dallas oil men Ganis says is mentioned in the Skorzeny Papers, who I had never heard of before, is Algur H. Meadows, who founded the Meadows Foundationin Dallas in 1948 to promote philanthropic non-profit enterprises, like the Meadows Historic center, which provides office space for non-profit organizations in Dallas.

It just so happens that the CIA, created just the year before, set up a means to fund secret CIA covert operations through such non-profit philanthropic foundations, such as the Meadows Foundation, and the Catherwood Foundation, also established in 1948. While I have not studied the Meadows Foundation activities over the years, as I have the Catherwood Foundation, I am confident that any review will reveal similar operations that Meadows performed for the CIA.

While this secret funding network was kept from the American public until it was exposed by Ramparts Magazine during the LBJ administration, the Soviets knew about it from the very beginning, as Frank Wisner, the head of CIA covert operations, explained the details to Kim Philby, the British MI6 representative in Washington who was also a Soviet double-agent. And Philby wrote about it in his autobiography "My Secret War."

According to Ganis: "A third man who was deeply involved with the (Algur H.) Meadows oil deal was Colonel Jack Crichton, vice president and director of DeGolyer & MacNaughton. Crichton too was a veteran OSS officer from the European Theater during World War II. Crichton remained in the U.S. Army Reserve after the war and in 1956 had organized a U.S. Army Intelligence unit in Dallas the 488[SUP]th[/SUP] Military Intelligence Detachment. The 488[SUP]th[/SUP] was tasked with strategic analysis but by virtue Colonel Crichton's ties to Skorzeny through the Spanish oil venture it opens up the possibility that Colonel Crichton's unit was somehow connected to the Skorzeny network. Certainly, Crichton had a communications channel to Skorzeny via the General American Oil Company." (p. 160 not listed in the index)

Skyhorse books in New York City published Ganis' book, and also published another book on the assassination of President Kennedy in 2013 by Republican political dirty trickster Roger Stone, that blames the assassination on LBJ. Stone also lists Jack Crichton in the index, but none of the references are included in the text narrative, which means they were intentionally censored from Stone's manuscript.

According to Stone's index, Crichton, John Alston is mentioned on eleven pages under the headings of Bush (315-16), Castro assassination plot (305), Mamantov (273, 317), in motorcade (235), Operation 40 (299), papers of (317) and Texas connections (316-17), but if you go to each of those pages, there is no mention of Crichton at all.

There are two different spellings of Crichton's name in the Skorzeny book index Crichton and Critchton, with the former being the correct one, and the one that I will use.

Now we can surmise what some of these index references were about such as the fact that (Ilya) Mamantov was recruited by Crichton to serve as a translator for Marina Oswald in the hours after the assassination, but I don't know of any association between Crichton and Operation 40 or a Castro assassination plot, though I'm sure those references would be interesting.

There are other listings for Jack Crichton in Ganis' book however (p. 225), in which he mentions three other men I have never heard of before Clifford Forster, James Burnham, and Archibald Roosevelt, Jr., and their political action organizations.

As Ganis writes: "In February 1960, (attorney Clifford) Forster, along with James Burnham, a contract CIA officer, founded the American Committee for France and Algeria….Later, Forster would also be involved with The Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters,' another CIA-associated pressure group for the Congo. This group included CIA station chief Archibald Roosevelt, Jr. and Colonel Jack Crichton of Dallas, among other linked to this story….all represent the exact geographical areas, precisely the right time, for Skorzeny's covert operations in these areas."

As has been pointed out before, one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist, so it's hard to discern who is on the right side here.

Now it certainly is curious that Jack Crichton was interested in the situation in the Congo as well as Algeria, as both come into play in the assassination.

Both President Kennedy and Fidel Castro also held interest in the situation in the Congo, originally a Belgian colony. Certain areas of the Congo and I suspect it is Katanga, held important uranium reserves used in making nuclear reactions and atomic bombs. Castro sent some of his military to the Congo and some of those JMWAVE Cubans went to the Congo after the assassination.

Although I'm not acquainted with the political situation in the Congo at the time, though I will beef up on it as soon as possible, I believe President Kennedy supported the independence of African nations from their European imperialists, as he did with Algerian independence from France, another hot spot that had the attention of JFK, as well as those suspects in his assassination.

It is certainly interesting that the Dallas oil men like Crichton would be concerned about the foreign affairs of both the French in Algeria and Belgians in the Congo.

Another Dallas oil man Jean deMenil, was head of the French Schulemburger company, whose Huma, Louisiana facility had an underground arms bunker where explosives, dynamite, arms and ammunition were kept. Before the Bay of Pigs and French Algerian crisis, both of which occurred in mid-1961, the Huma arms bunker was burglarized, by David Ferrie and his band of bozos, and the booty taken to Guy Bannister's office and Ferrie's apartment in New Orleans. Some of the burglars said that they had a key, and it was not a burglary, but a gift, and the arms were to be used either for Cubans fighting Castro or the OAS terrorists fighting deGaul to keep Algeria French.

The CIA's Catherwood Foundation philanthropic front, besides covertly funding the Cuban Aid Relief and Catholic Welfare charities supporting Cuban refugees, also funded the Columbia-Catherwood Award for journalism. In 1963 the New York Times reporter won the award for his reporting on the Algerian crisis.

According to Ganis, the Skorzeny Papers reveal that: "The American Committee for France and Algeria's first publication, called Integration,' did not appear until September 1960. The organization's mission statement read, The American Committee for France and Algeria has been organized to explain to the American people the reasons why we, a group of American citizens, believe that, in the interest of humanity and Western civilization, American policy is, as that of our allies will, be best served by an Algeria integrated with France." (p. 225-226)

Of course once President Kennedy assumed office, that did not jive with his policies, which encouraged French President deGaul to free Algeria as a French colony, and led to a number of assassination attempts on deGaul, including some by the OAS. One such assassination attempt on deGaul by the OAS was a "military style" ambush of his motorcade that failed.

Ganis says that, "One last facet of the Congo saga that is a unique and important link connecting Otto Skorzeny to the CIA efforts in the country is a private psychological warfare group formed in the wake of Lumumba's death. This was a pressure group aligned with conservative elements within the United States government supporting an independent Katanga, called The Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters.' The committee was a small, but powerful lobby directed at garnering U.S. public support for the breakaway province in the Congo. It appeared on the scene in the fall of 1961, months after Skorzeny's jaunt down to the Congo to conduct his Lumumba assassination assessment, but well within the CIA's continued period of covert action in the country. That interest actually never abated, and the Congo Crisis went on for years. Skorzeny is directly linked to The Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters and, from all available evidence in the Skorzeny papers, was a hidden advisor to the group. His principal contact to the group was one of his main business partners, Cliford Forster, the well seasoned veteran of the psychological warfare and political operations such as those in France in 1949 involving Paix et Liberte. Forster will also support a similar pressure group for the French Algerian crisis."

As Ganis points our, "Significantly, a member of the Katanga committee was Dallas, Texas oil executive, and U.S. Army Reserve intelligence officer, Colonel Jack Crichton. Crichton also knew Skorzeny from the Delta oil drilling project in Spain beginning in 1953 and continuing through 1963. Crichton's involvement with the Congo pressure group brings him even deeper into the covert operations of the Skorzeny network."

"To gain international attention," Ganis writes, "the committee took out a full-page ad in the New York Times in December 1961, explaining the mission and goals of the organization and declaring, Katanga is the Hungary of 1961.' The stated purpose was a wholehearted desire to keep alive the spirit of resistance of the Katanga people, who only wish to live their lives in peace, without outside interference."

It should be noted that the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC), to which the accused assassin belonged, also took out a full page ad in the New York Times in order to explain its mission and goals and garner public support. And Ganis comes up with yet another new name Michel Stuelens, when he writes: "The committee operated in conjunction with a Belgian expatriate named Michel Stuelens. He ran the Katanga Information Service (KIS), a Katangese government organization, from its headquarters on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. The KIS engaged in a massive press campaign directed at the American public, including Washington politicians, business leaders, and academia…." (p. 289)

According to Ganis (p. 225-226), "Oddly, the last issue of the US/France Reportappears to be Number 11, December 1963.. That issue carried the headline article The Assassination.' The article, on the conspiracy' which it explains is a vast communist network within the United States, aligned with the left. According to the article, the reason the assassination took place, was to lay blame on the far right, and this would have happened if not for the capture of Lee Harvey Oswald before his intended escape."

Then Ganis and the Skorzeny Papers come up with two new companies new to me Premier Petrochemical and Delta Drilling, and a few new names Lewis W. McNaughton and Joe Zeppa, and then sets them down at the same board table withJack Crichton and Colonel D. Harold Byrd, the owner of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD).

It is also of passing interest that George H. W. Bush was in Dallas on the day of the assassination, staying at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel, the scene of many curious events, and was in Tyler, Texas at the time of the assassination, flying there on Joe Zeppa's plane.

Ganis informs us that the Skorzeny Papers mention the fact that: "On January 9, 1963, Dallas papers announced the formation of the new petrochemical company calledPremier Petrochemical. The company was to deal in synthetic fertilizers. An important factor for this book is the chairman of the new company was Algur H. Meadows and that one of the companies' stockholders was Colonel D. Harold Byrd. Others includedLewis W. McNaughton and Joe Zeppa of Delta Drilling, overseen by Colonel Jack Crichton."

Ganis (p. 335) concludes that, "It should also be pointed out here that the Skorzeny papers also confirm he too was involved in synthetic fertilizer. The importance of the company formation is its potential use by Skorzeny in manipulating the support pieces to the Dallas operation. In fact, on October 12, 1963, the Dallas papers carried an article on Meadows, stating he was to receive a medal from the Spanish government for his oil work in the country…..There is yet much to be investigated in these connections. But clearly the Skorzeny Dallas business network was active in Madrid just prior to the assassination."

Indeed, there is much more to be investigated in these connections, but clearly there was a covert intelligence network operating in Dallas at the time of the assassination, and Colonel Jack Crichton and Colonel D. Harold Byrd were in the thick of it.
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass

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