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Italian Football Scandal 2011 - Investigation Last bet - Calcio Scommesse
The mammoth investigation is still on going and new revelations seem to come almost by day, some good resources are:

If you can't read Italian, google translate does a good job.
Quote:New shocking revelations from Cremona. Accused this time it's the president of Siena Massimo Mezzaroma. Former Carobbio and accuse Coppola: "He said he missed the game because he wanted to bet on our defeat"

Sensational revelations in Cremona. It seems to have no end and this time the betting scandal in the eye of the storm is the president of Siena Massimo Mezzaroma. A call into question the president, former players and Siena Carobbio Coppola:

"A few days before the match Siena and Varese - reads the report Carobbio - Coppola entered the locker room on his face whitened rappresentandoci that shortly before, outside the locker room, he was approached by a person close to the president who asked him if c 'was the possibility of losing the game. "

Again Carobbio so risks creating a new internal collapse in the world of football. Heavy accusations that investigators define "Serious elements of responsibility of the president of Siena."

But the sad tale of Carobbio enters another important element, namely the goalkeeper Ferdinando Coppola.

"This person, of which Coppola gave me the name but can not remember right now - continues Carobbio - had told him that the President had intended to wager or bet on our defeat. I mean the president Mezzaroma. The team refused to grant Coppola suggested to represent those who had contacted had not intended to refer the proposal to the players because he did not agree. reiterate that Coppola was almost shocked "

Yet another ugly tale from Cremona and then to a case, this football betting, which seems to be only the beginning.
Quote:ROME (Reuters) - Juventus coach Antonio Conte is under investigation and Lazio captain Stefano Mauri has been arrested as part of an Italian police probe into a widening match-fixing scandal, officials said on Monday.

Italy defender Domenico Criscito, left out of the squad for Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland which starts in less than two weeks, has also been targeted in the investigation.

Police visited the Coverciano training base where Italy are preparing for a friendly with Luxembourg on Tuesday.

Cremona prosecutor Roberto Di Martino said the raid only concerned Criscito, who plays for Russian top-flight club Zenit St Petersburg, and did not involve other players in the national team.

Criscito's agent was quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport's website as saying the defender was surprised by the allegations, which he denied.

Italy officials said all parties had agreed he would not go to Euro 2012 so he can clear his name.

Police in Cremona said they had made 19 arrests and were investigating Conte, who this month led Juve to Serie A championship glory for the first time since the club were stripped of the 2005 and 2006 titles.

He is being investigated on suspicion of sporting fraud and fraudulent association over allegations concerning a match between his previous club Siena and Novara in April 2011. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing involving Juve.

Monday's raids by around 280 police in 23 cities cast a further shadow over Italian soccer which has still not fully recovered from the 2006 "Calciopoli" match-fixing scandal which saw Juve stripped of the title and dumped into the second division.

Police arrested Mauri and former Genoa midfielder Omar Milanetto, now with Serie B side Padova.

All the arrests were in connection with fixtures last season between Lecce and Lazio, and Lazio and Genoa.

Di Martino said there was an "absolute superabundance" of evidence about the Lecce-Lazio match. He added gamblers appeared to win around two million euros ($2.50 million) on the game and paid 600,000 euros to bribe the players.

A police statement said five people were also arrested in Hungary on suspicion of involvement in an illegal international betting ring headed by Singaporean Tan Seet Eng who was arrested in December.


Conte's involvement in the investigation, following mounting media speculation he would be dragged in, was a big blow to Juve after a spectacular season when the team were unbeaten until they lost the Italian Cup final to Napoli on May 20.

The coach's lawyer Antonio De Rencis denied Conte, whose contract was renewed last week until 2015, was involved in match-fixing.

"Conte's reaction is one of someone who is completely outside this and determined to prove he has nothing to do with what has been alleged," the lawyer told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Monday's operation was part of "Last Bet", a wider investigation into match-fixing in Italian soccer which has already seen a number of arrests of current and former players.

Police said searches were carried out at the homes of a number of players, coaches and administrators of clubs in Serie A, Serie B and the lower division Lega Pro on suspicion of involvement in match-fixing on behalf of international criminal organisations.

In June last year, the Interior Ministry set up a special match-fixing task force in response to a number of high-profile cases.

Former Atalanta captain and Italy midfielder Cristiano Doni was banned for three-and-a-half years in August for his part in the 'Calcioscommesse' scandal involving Serie B matches last season.

Atalanta, promoted from Serie B, were deducted six points in the top flight this season as a result.

Former Lazio and Italy striker Giuseppe Signori was banned for five years and 15 other players were suspended for between one and five years for their part in the same scandal.

Football betting - Carobbio attacks "Conte knew everything"

The former midfielder of Siena reiterated Palaces in the harsh accusations former engineer: "We told him to be quiet because there was an agreement with the Novara." The other match was awarded the 1-0 with AlbinoLeffe of last season in Serie B.

A record sheet. And the record is that of Philip Carobbio , former midfielder Siena questioned by federal prosecutor Palaces after the confession made ​​to prosecutor Roberto Di Martino di Cremona. Carobbio not retract anything, indeed. Part in fourth and sinks the shot against Antonio Conte, his former coach just last season, the one passed to Siena and coincided with the promotion to the Tuscans. In his opinion, the current manager of Juventus course he knew the two combine seasonal.

TWO MATCHES indicted - The challenges mentioned are obviously Carobbio Novara-Siena 2-2 on 30 April 2011 and AlbinoLeffe -Siena 1-0 in the first round. The midfielder has explained his position thus: "There was an agreement for a draw with the Novara and in fact we talked about during the technical meeting. We were all aware of the agreed outcome, especially in order to act accordingly during the challenge. The same coach Antonio Conte, told us that we could rest easy because we had reached an agreement with the Novara. I'm not sure about who agreed to the first, but Drascek came to our retreat and spoke with Vitiello. That was the initial contact , but then was told the entire team and I discussed it on the pitch before the match with Bertani and Gheller, players of Novara. "

WITH THE KO ALBINOLEFFE - Carobbio goes down hard when it comes to the game with the AlbinoLeffe, lost against seriani when Siena was already in A. "At the end of Siena-AlbinoLeffe 8 January 2011 - says the midfielder - the coach at Stellini, asked me and some of the opponents to contact third parties to make agreements on the return game, so leave those points I had most need. I spoke with Garlini, dell'AlbinoLeffe a senator, and he contacted Bombardini Third, both showed their availability. In the late afternoon or evening, the day before the race AlbinoLeffe-Siena on 29 May, there was A further meeting outside our hotel to the withdrawal of Stizzano Park Hotel, near Bergamo. were Hall, Passoni and Poloni, it dell'AbinoLeffe technical collaborator, who met with me, Nando Coppola and another of Siena I do not remember. At that time we agreed to give points all'AlbinoLeffe who needed it to go mathematically to playout, but asked to limit the loss to a single goal margin, possibly 1-0. During the week there was much talk between clubs, players and coach on the agreement reached. Someone wanted to win, hoping to finish first and achieve the stated prize. But in the end we all agreed, team and coach, leaving the victory all'AlbinoLeffe ". Not only Count, then, was aware: "The meeting was attended by the technical manager, the deputy, the goalkeeping coach and collbaoratore. It is clear that the company was aware of the agreements. All components participating in these talks. Remember you've talked with Daniel Faggiano, who is an officer, Perinetti right arm. "

CREDIBLE WITNESS? - Apparently, yes. The Prosecution of Cremona and the federal prosecutors seem to agree Carobbio a credible witness, because you guilty of having committed crimes. But also decided and determined to confess everything possible once stuck. The first round despite Conte and vice Stellini then have dismantled the framework built by Carobbio, arguing that everything that was told from the midfielder did not quite correspond to reality.
This does not detract from the seriousness of the revelations in the ongoing investigation, I was browsing through recent articles something made me chuckle.

Mario Monti suggested football in Italy be suspended for 2-3 years because of the recent scandal

But as a commenter on the website rightly points out - "If football should be stopped two or three years, having regard to the political scandals should be suspended for 200 or 300 years"

Danny Jarman Wrote:This does not detract from the seriousness of the revelations in the ongoing investigation, I was browsing through recent articles something made me chuckle.

Mario Monti suggested football in Italy be suspended for 2-3 years because of the recent scandal

But as a commenter on the website rightly points out - "If football should be stopped two or three years, having regard to the political scandals should be suspended for 200 or 300 years"


Well said! :rocker: No doubt the pollies are extremely releived there is a distraction to all their crimes and scandals.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

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