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Full Version: Morales assassins: Bolivia gang "fought in Balkans"
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I am reminded that Eduardo Rozsa Flores had serious & established Opus Dei connections.

So, how ersatz is this particular SMOM incarnation?

Quote:Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem

The new diplomatic passport of KMFAP

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has the honour to communicate the following:

KMFAP has issued a new diplomatic passport, which contains all the security elements set by international standards. The document has been designed and produced by the State Printing Company of the Republic of Hungary. The new passports are in circulation from 27 April 2007 and are valid for all countries. A specimen of KMFAP new diplomatic passports will be sent to the states worldwide. At the same time the former KMFAP passports have been revoked and are null and void. The Ministry declares that the main function of such passport is to identify properly the bearer in front of the different authorities. The acceptation of this passport as travel document is not equal with the recognition of our state.

The main objective of the use of KMFAP diplomatic passports has always been to help our humanitarian work worldwide. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation kindly requests the competent authorities to allow the bearer of KMFAP diplomatic passport to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.
The "Hungarian" Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem branch known as KMFAP is linked with IBSSA.

Quote:Third Quarter Report of 2008 from IBSSA-USA HQ
We are very pleased to announce it, on October 23rd, IBSSA-USA delegation was honoured to be invited to a special International Military event, in Tampa, Florida, representing International Bodyguard and Security Services Association.
The event was organized on the very famous US MacDill Air Force Base, where all the International NATO Coalitions (Anti-Terrorist Coalition Team of the US Command Center) were present.
Please, read the special speech given by Colonel Gabor Nagy, – as the Leader of the Hungarian Delegation of the NATO Coalition of the US Command Center
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Good evening. On behalf of the Hungarian Liaison Team please let me express my sincere appreciation for taking your time and joining us.
Special welcome to:
Major General and Mrs,. Allendice, Director, CENTCOM J-5
Major General and Mrs Diamond, Director, CCC
Brigadier General and Mrs Franken, CENTCOM Deputy Director J-5
Mr and Mrs Bill Humblin, Vice President, Bayshore Patriots
and last, but not least, let me welcome all CENTCOM HQ and Coalition comrades, colleagues who are present here today. Ladies and Gentlemen!
...The President of the United States, George Bush summarized in Budapest two years ago, honoring the 50th anniversary celebration…., I quote: “ The lesson of the Hungarian experience is clear: Liberty can be delayed, but it cannot be denied. The desire for liberty is universal, because it is written by our Creator into the hearts of every man, woman, and child on this Earth.” End of quote.

For my generation it is an educating lesson. It tells us that Hungarians just like other nations tirelessly promote freedom and democracy and are ready to fight for these values. Hungarians learnt from those historical lessons. In 1989 we changed our regime via bloodless, free, peaceful general elections, and proclaimed the 3rd Republic.
Huge efforts, encouraging developments in the last decade helped us to achieve a full fledged membership in NATO and European Union. Hungarians understand that security and stability are fundamental conditions for prosperity. We also understand the demands of interdependency; we share common values with the international community, thus we promote every effort to maintain global peace and security, to prevent or halt hatred, violent extremism, to help nations in their rebuilding efforts.

We, members of the small Hungarian liaison team are proud of being part of these international coalition efforts, and especially doing it under the auspices, or as I feel as an integral part of the United States Central Command. At this point let me think of those allied and partner nations’ servicemen and servicewomen, who are doing an excellent job in the theater by bringing peace to tens of millions of people, and assisting them in their nation-building struggles. Over a thousand Hungarian soldiers are among them either under UN or NATO ISAF flag, nearly half of them in the CENTCOM’s AOR.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Anniversaries, remembrance days also give us the opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to those who are providing vital support for our troops in the theatre and assist us in our daily coalition activities throughout the entire year. Today, I have the honor to thank to a member of the CCC for his outstanding support. Let me call upon Colonel Josep Moore, Deputy Chief Service Support, Chief of Resources and Sustainment Section of the CCC.

This is Colonel Moore’s second tour with the CCC. First time I met him here was in 2005, then he deployed back again to the AOR. He has field experience in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, served in Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan and Horn of Africa. In October 2006 he returned and took over his present position, in which he is responsible for leading and oversee the day-to-day and long range support operations of the Intelligence, Logistics – including both the transportation and equipment support sections, especially Coalition Operational Needs Statements (CONS) – Communications, Joint Manning of Coalition Staff positions for Iraq, Afghanistan and – until the end of September – the Horn of Africa Sections of the CCC in support of all Coalition Forces within the AOR.

Colonel Moore’s name is well-known in the Hungarian Defense Forces. Hungarian soldiers met him in Iraq, and tie his name with vital logistic support the United States provided and providing for them in their efforts to meet the highest interoperability standards, timely deployment and sustainment. In his different capacities he oversaw the coordination of Hungarian donations to both the Afghan National Army and the Iraqi Army; coordinated the deployment of, and loan of vehicles to the Hungarian Transport Battalion in Iraq; oversaw the coordination of having C-17 support for Hungarian rotations, in one case to help Hungarians to demonstrate capabilities to host NATO C-17 fleet on Hungarian soil; oversaw the temporary loan of 27 HMMWVs including CREW CIED systems for expanding Hungarian force contribution in Afghanistan; he is tirelessly working on temporary loan of mission critical equipment needed for Hungarian Special Operations Forces to be deployed in Afghanistan early next year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the honour to read the decree signed by HE Dr Imre Szekeres, Minister of Defense of the Republic of Hungary.
This medal is the second highest one the Hungarian Minister of Defense awards; it is comparable to the Defense Meritorious Service Medal in the U.S. system.

Finally, let me introduce the Hungarian Liaison Team. My colleague, Lieutenant Colonel Attila Rabai is our intelligence officer, working in the Coalition Intelligence Fusion Cell as fulltime member. His background is signal intelligence, has been serving in United Nations and NATO peace support operations before, and represented Hungary in NATO’s Signal Intelligence Committee for six years...

...Let me also thank to all CENTCOM and Coalition personnel, to the Community of Tampa for their continuous support, their comradeship, and friendship. Special thanks to the Surf’s Edge Club’s personnel for this pleasant environment and delicious food they are providing us with today. Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose to salute to the Hungarian and American National Anthems.
The members of the presented NATO Coalitions were all standing and saluted to the Hungarian and American National Anthems. *(We must mention here, we – as the representatives of IBSSA-USA felt very proud (again) to be Hungarian, and to be a part of such a big organization as IBSSA, and we were honored to be invited by our friends and the representatives of the Hungarian Military forces.

After the ceremony, all the members of the coalition were invited to taste a little Hungary, by offering Hungarian Beef Stew, Gyulai and Csabai sausages and Pick salami, just to name a few of the delicious Hungarian choices. During the tasting, people from each nation had a chance to get to know each other better and had some personal and professional conversations and created new friendships between each other.
Coalition International Night
The Coalition Senior National Representatives at United States Central Command were pleased to announce the date of the fifth annual “Coalition International Night”, which was held on 16th of December, 2008, from 6-9 pm in the Hangar One at the MacDill Air Force Base, by Arne Skjaerpe, Senior National Representative (SNR) of Norway, Coalition Chairman.
Military Representatives from more than 60 Coalition Nations and their associates were on hand to display and discuss their native customs while providing traditional cuisine for us to sample. The evening was offering not only exotic food and drinks but also a chance to learn from the great Coalition.
International Night started in December of 2004 and has grown each year. We, as the IBSSA-USA delegation, - by invitation from the Hungarian Military Representatives - were happy to be able to join the Coalition’s event this year, as their demonstrated their gratitude to all Americans on the MacDill and in the State of Florida who are supporting the troops and the Coalition in Tampa.

Colonel Gábor Nagy, Senior National Representative of Hungary to USCENTCOM, and his Spouse "Erika"
Lieutenant Colonel Attila Rabai / Intelligence Liasion Officer

• Rear Admiral Fernando Gea, Senior National Representative of Spain to USCENTcom and His "Dulce"
• Tamás Török IBSSA - USA Secretary General
• Colonel Gábor Nagy, Senior National Representative of Hungary to USCENTCOM J - 5
• Major General Michale Diamond, Director, Coalition Coordination Center USCENTCOM J-5,
• Dr. Miklós Varga IBSSA-USA CEO
Hallandale Beach, Florida
Here's the Levenda link:

The "Hungarian" Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem branch known as KMFAP was allegedly consecrated by the American Orthodox Catholic Church.

Which means that the Rozsa Flores and his dogs of war have strong connections with the men of god known as.....

Wandering Bishops

I love it.

The elite spook-infested Sovereign chivalric Order (not) of St. John that harkens back to Charlemagne ( that harkens back elsewhere too) invited to a special NATO bar-b-q fuck-roast at McDill AFB in Florida.

A wee bit burdensome in their full regalia I would've thought. But hell, Wandering Knights used to wear hair shirts.

I'd be interested to see what McDill has to offer by way of deep insight to the serious researcher.
Jan Klimkowski Wrote:The "Hungarian" Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem branch known as KMFAP was allegedly consecrated by the American Orthodox Catholic Church.

Which means that the Rozsa Flores and his dogs of war have strong connections with the men of god known as.....

Wandering Bishops


From the Hungarian" Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem branch known as KMFAP 's own website (my emphasis):

Quote:On the 25th of July, 1955, H.R. & I.H. Prince Nicholas signed the Decree of the new Constitution.

On the 3rd of August, 1962, the Hereditary Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, His Excellency Count Michael Paul Pierre De Valitch, pledged allegiance to the Grand Master of the Union of Autonomous United Priories, H.R. & I.H. Prince Nicholas.

On the 22nd of February 1966, the already aging Grand Master H.R. & I.H. Prince Nicholas signed the Magisterial Letters Patent regulating the succession process and instituting the Hereditary Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, His Excellency Count Michael Paul Pierre De Valitch as Grand Master Lieutenant General of the Union of Autonomous United Priories with the right to succeed him.

On the year 1968, His Eminent Highness Count Michael Paul Pierre De Valitch, in religion Lorenzo, took Holy Orders and was consecrated Bishop of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, Jurisdiction of New York.

On the 3rd of July 1977, Prince La Chastre, the Hereditary Grand Prior of the Priory of the Most Holy Trinity of Villedieu, a prominent member of the Autonomous United Priories, instituted His Eminent Highness Archbishop-Count Lorenzo De Valitch as Hereditary Prior Procurator General of the Grand Priory of the Villedieu.

On the 18th of August 1977, His Eminent Highness Archbishop Count Lorenzo De Valitch signed the transfer and the institution of the Magisterial See of the Autonomous United Priories in the City of New York. On the 23rd of August, 1977, the Attorney General of the State of New York, Louis J. Lefkowitz, granted Judicial Approval to the Union of Autonomous United Priories under the English translated title of “Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta.”

On the same date, His Honor Alfred M. Ascione, Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Juridical District, approved this act.

On the 7th of April, 1992, His Eminent Highness Archbishop Lorenzo De Valitch, Titular Archbishop of Ephesus, Prince Grand Master of the “Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta”, Hereditary Grand Chancellor of the “Sovereign Order of Cyprus”, and Hereditary Prior Procurator General of the “Priory of the Most Holy Trinity of Villedieu of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta”, victim of an illness of mental dysfunction was declared mentally incompetent by the Supreme Court of New York, and placed under the care of the Primate Metropolitan See of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, Jurisdiction of New York.

In accordance with the norms established on the Motu Proprio of the 7th of April, 1968, of His Eminent Highness Archbishop Prince Lorenzo De Valitch, which regulates that the succession of the Hereditary Grand Chancellorship of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus pass on to the Primate Metropolitan See of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, Jurisdiction of New York, His Eminent Highness Archbishop Prince Lorenzo De Valitch was discharged on the 1st of October, 1992, from His Office of Hereditary Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus by his rightfully successor, His Beatitude Dom Lorenzo, O.S.B., Patriarch and Primate Metropolitan of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, Jurisdiction of New York.

On the 21st of January, 1994, de Motu Proprio and in accordance with the Constitution of the 3rd of July, 1977, of Prince La Chastre, who established that at the death or mental impairment of the Hereditary Prior Procurator General of the Priory of the Most Holy Trinity of Villedieu of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, the succession should rest on the Primate Metropolitan See of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, Jurisdiction of New York, His Eminent Highness Archbishop Prince Lorenzo De Valitch was relieved from His Office of Hereditary Prior Procurator General of the Priory of Villedieu by his rightful successor, His Beatitude Dom Lorenzo, O.S.B., Patriarch and Primate Metropolitan of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, Jurisdiction of New York.

On the 22nd of January, 1994, in the City of Naxxar, Malta, in front of a large assembly of Knights of the Federation, His Eminent Highness Archbishop Prince Lorenzo De Valitch was liberated from His Office of Prince Grand Master of the Federation of Autonomous Priories of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, by his rightful successor, His Beatitude Dom Lorenzo, O.S.B., Patriarch and Primate Metropolitan of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, Jurisdiction of New York.

For respect and affection to His predecessor, His Eminent Highness and Beatitude Dom Lorenzo, O.S.B. expressed the desire to use “pro tempore” the title of Regent of the Federation, without renouncing, hindering, diminishing or affecting any and all of his own hereditary rights, obligations, privileges and prerogatives.

On June 24th, 1994, during the celebration of the festivity of Saint John, His Eminent Highness and Beatitude the Prince Regent, promulgated and signed the decree of the commencement of an interregnum, during which the political and hospitaller structure of the Order should be reassessed to be properly updated according to the needs of the times and to expedite the return of the Order to the standards of its glorious pass. On the same date and act, H.E.H. The Prince Regent signed and proclaimed the actual Constitutional Charter of the Federation which will be in force for the full period of the Interregnum.

By a public act that took place on the 07th of December of 2002, during a Ceremony in the city of Bologna, Italy, His Eminent Highness and Beatitude Dom Lorenzo made the Lieutenant General of The Federation Count Sir J. Cosmelli, a Knight of Grand Collar and declared him as His Cousin and the Hereditary Successor of The Sovereign Order of Cyprus and of the Grand Priory of The Holy Trinity of Villedieu.

On the 22nd of October 2005, a few years after the decease of H.E.H. Archbishop Prince De Valich, during a ceremony that took place at the Royal Palace of Gödölö, in Hungary, His Eminent Highness and Beatitude Dom Lorenzo O.S.B. was proclaimed Prince Grand Master of The Federation. In the same day and during the said ceremony H.E.H. declared by Magisterial Decree the period of Interregnum as concluded.

On the 14th of November 2005, after a sudden stroke, His Eminent Highness and Beatitude Dom Lorenzo O.S.B. passed away in the Hospital of Saint Vincent in the city of New York.

In accordance to the Constitucional Letter of The Federation on the 12th of February of 2006, in a meeting of Grand Council with electoral purposes, that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, being present all of its members. His Excellency Count Sir J. M. Cosmelli GCC, then Lieutenant General of The Federation was voted by unanimity to succeed H.E.H. Dom Lorenzo OSB as Prince Regent of the Federation.

The new Regent, His Eminent Highness Prince Jose Cosmelli GCM, by His Magisterial Decree 01/06 of the 20th of February 2006 appointed Count Sir George Popper KGCM as Lieutenant General of The Federation, conceding him The Grand Collar of the Order of Cyprus, and they both started the vast work of reorganizing and renewing the Government of The Federation, as a State, and also of the structure of the Sovereign Order. On the same day and by His Magisterial Decree 01A/06, His Eminent Highness The Regent reactivated the Sovereign Order of Cyprus, also said of the Sward and Silence, one of the federated priories of The Federation, giving back to this Order its Historical duty and function of contributing to more Security in the World, fulfilling in this way the Historical Military vocation of the Knights of Saint John, also said of Malta. The rank of Executive Grand Chancellor of the Order of Cyprus was then given to His Grace Count Sir George Popper GCC Lieutenant General of The Federation.

On the 16th of September of 2006, in Hungary, His Eminent Highness the Prince Regent, appointed the first members of the New Ecumenical Council, being represented in this council several churches and religions such as the Roman Catholic, the Christian Protestant, the Jewish Faith and the Church of Eternal Life. Later a representative of the Moslem Faith was appointed.

On the 15th of November of 2007 in the city of Budapest, Hungary, a new meeting of the Grand Council, took place. All the members of The Grand Council were dully convoked in accordance with the existing legislation and 93% of it's members were present. The Grand Council decided to merge the Grand Council and the Magisterial Council in only one body under the name of Grand Magisterial Council and with the same broad composition as the actual Grand Council.

By proposal of His Grace the Lieutenant General, the members of the Grand Council have also analyzed the results of the last two years of Regency and, by unanimity and applause, have proclaimed His Most Eminent Highness Prince Jose, the Regent, as Grand Master, ratifying by this act the decisions taken during the Meeting for electoral purposes of the 12th February 2006.

The Constitutional Letter of the Federation given on the 24th of June 1994 to replace the existing old one, was reviewed, updated and modified by Magisterial Constitutional Decrees in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The growing prestige and credibility, both as a Sovereign Order and as a State, as well as its active Humanitarian Work, support to Development and to Culture, the valuable Health and Rescue activities in different parts of the World, lead several prestigious Orders and institutions to establish friendly relations, - this is the case of Pro Concordia Populorum Order -, to sign agreements of friendship and co-operation - as with the Ecumenical Knights of St. John, Spain, to join the Federation as Affiliated members - as the Ordo Hungariae, the Historical Hungarian Order -, or to work under its patronage as the Horus of Malta Spiritual Order.

Peter Levenda's Sinister Forces trilogy is a tour de force which deserves to be read and reread.

Here is a short version of Peter Levenda on the wandering bishops of the American Orthodox Catholic Church:

Tuesday, July 19. 2005

Quote:The Bishop and the Boys - Part One

The number of American clergy or misionaries [sic] used by the CIA
has been small. The CIA has informed the Committee of a total of 14
covert arrangements which involved direct operational use of 21
individuals. In six or seven cases, the CIA paid salaries, bonuses,
or expenses to the religious personnel, or helped to fund projects
run by them.
-- The Domestic Impact of Foreign Clandestine Operations: The CIA and
Academic Institutions, the Media, and Religious Institutions,
(Section X of the Church Report), p. 202

In 2001, investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker published Barry
and the Boys: The CIA, The Mob and America's Secret History. One of
the first authors to concentrate on the life and times of Barry Seal
( a dope smuggler and CIA operative who began his career as a cadet
in the Civil Air Patrol with such dubious luminaries as Lee Harvey
Oswald and David Ferrie) he also explored the gun-running career of
David Ferrie himself in the same volume. It is a book full of new
information on Seal, Ferrie, and the anti-Castro Cubans of Miami, as
well as on the mysterious goings-on at Mena, Arkansas. He followed
this up with the publication, in 2004, of Welcome to Terrorland:
Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 Cover-Up in Florida, a book about the
terror attacks that should be on everyone?s bookshelf.

But there is another aspect to Ferrie that has so far escaped most
modern investigators and researchers, probably because it is just too
weird ... even for conspiracy theorists and Congressional
subcommittees. This is the area of his life we might term the

Since it is our intention to investigate the spirituality of our most
notorious political figures and the religio-mystical ambiance in
which both covert and overt policy is planned and executed, we can
have no better starting point than the life and times of David
Ferrie. Ferrie will lead us to Jack Martin, to Thomas Edward Beckham,
to Fred Lee Crisman, to Thomas Jude Baumler, to Carl Stanley (now
"Saint Christopher Maria"), to Walter Propheta and, eventually, right
back to J. Edgar Hoover himself. It will also lead us to William
Bryan, the hypnotist suspected of complicity in the assassination of
Senator Robert F Kennedy. It will also lead us to the Iran-Contra
affair. It will also lead us to the civil war in the former
Yugoslavia and "ethnic cleansing".

This is the world of the wandering bishops and, gentle reader, you
will only hear about this from me. No one else has covered this
story. No one else has delved very far into the shadowy world where
intelligence agents and archbishops meet. Although I was there, and
saw some of this first hand, I will base most of what is told in
these pages on the documents themselves: Warren Commission records,
FBI interviews, HSCA documentation, etc. It's all there, if you know
where to look.

Because of the separation of church and state guaranteed by our
Constitution, it is easy for anyone in America to set up their own
church. In countries where there is a state religion this is
virtually impossible. In other countries, such as Mexico, we find
laws enacted that curtail the practice of religion in certain ways.
And in communist countries, the free expression of any form of
religion is frowned upon or outlawed altogether.

But in America...

Some of the world?s newest faiths were created out of whole cloth in
the United States. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints --
better known as the Mormons -- was an invention of Joseph Smith, Jr.,
a ceremonial magician who combined myths about the Indian burial
mounds, the lost tribes of Israel, and Masonic ritual into a unique
amalgam of Christianity, Judaism, and occultism. The Spiritualist
church was created out of the experiences of the Fox sisters in
upstate New York. The Theosophical Society was created in New York
City in 1875, and out of that was formed the Liberal Catholic Church.
And so on.

As popular as many of these religions have become, however, there is
another world of created church about which most people are unaware,
and properly so: the leaders of these churches often do not
evangelize. They are not interested in congregations or parishes,
theology or liturgics. They have other agendas, and the clerical
collar and pectoral cross of the clergyman serve to disguise and
obscure actions and projects that have far-ranging historical and
political repercussions.

These men (and some women) have been found involved in everything
from the assassination of a president to the assassination of his
brother, to Iran-Contra. And they are with us today, changing
denominations, titles, and even names like sacerdotal chameleons as
they shape-shift through the political landscape. Their story is told
in some detail in Sinister Forces, Book One: The Nine (and nowhere
else). We will build and expand on that detail to tell the following

The American Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC) had several
incarnations. The version created in June of 1964 (by Bishops
Guthrie, Roebke, Zeiger and Stanley) in the American midwest was one;
the version created about the same time in New York City by Bishop
Walter Propheta was another.

Propheta was a Ukrainian Orthodox priest and noted anti-Communist in
the 1950s who appeared on the Dave Garroway television program
speaking about the Katyn Forest Massacre (the murder of Ukrainian
soldiers by the Soviets). He was so well-known at the time that, had
Dewey actually won the 1948 presidential election away from Truman,
Propheta would have been the White House chaplain. When I knew
Propheta, he showed me both the Dave Garroway footage and the letter
he received from Dewey promising him the post. It seems that Propheta
helped Dewey politically in New Jersey, working for the Republican
Party there and garnering support for Dewey's presidential bid.

No matter. Eisenhower became President in 1952 and was re-elected for
a second term in 1956. During his Republican administration, Propheta
faired well although not as well as he would have under Dewey. Then,
the disastrous events of 1960 when Vice President Richard Nixon lost
the election to the youthful, Catholic and Democratic, Jack Kennedy.
Propheta and his anti-Communists had the wind knocked out of their
sails, and with the unfolding of the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban
Missile Crisis, it appeared that the Captive Nations (of which
Ukraine was one, along with Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia,
Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and other Soviet satellites) would
stay captive.

Kennedy was assassinated in November, 1963. Within months, Propheta
had formed his own church in New York City and, at the same time,
another was being formed in Denver, Colorado. Both were called the
American Orthodox Catholic Church, the idea being the creation of an
Orthodox Church for Americans. Previously, most Orthodox churches in
the United States were ethnic churches in which the services were
celebrated in the language of the immigrants who formed the
congregations, whether Greek, Syrian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, etc. An
American Orthodox Catholic Church would focus on Americans of
whatever ancestry, joined by a common belief in the Eastern Orthodox
faith and furthermore joined by a common liturgical language,
English. It was a noble concept, and for awhile it seemed as if the
Colorado contingent were actually carrying out this ambitious
project. In New York, however, these sentiments were honored more in
the breach than the observance.

While the assassination of President Kennedy served to advance the
agenda of the hawks and anti-Communists in Washington and the
Pentagon, there was still a Democratic President -- Johnson -- and a
strong Democratic presence in the government. Kennedy was considered
"soft on Communism", but Johnson escalated the war in Vietnam to show
his determination to take the fight to the enemy. The mounting
opposition to the war at home, however, gave rise to the growth of
anti-war movements and a variety of revolutionary organizations. The
FBI and CIA saw these groups as puppets of the Soviets -- and, in
some cases, they were probably right (as revealed by the Mitrokhin
Archive, among other sources) -- and measures were taken to
infiltrate and destroy everything from the Black Panthers and the SDS
to the Ku Klux Klan.

At the same time, anti-Castro operations were running at an all-time
high. With the failure of the Bay of Pigs operation in 1961, Cubans
in the United States had vowed to carry on the struggle with or
without US government approval or support.

Out of this miasma of politics, paramilitary groups and rage emerged
a man called by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison "one of
history?s most important individuals": David Ferrie. One of the least
understood and most underreported aspects of Ferrie's career is the
inescapable fact that he was a member of the American Orthodox
Catholic Church and, indeed, for awhile one of its clergy.

In fact, New Orleans had more than its fair share of AOCC bishops and
And they all seemed to work for Guy Banister.

Posted by Peter Levenda at 13:02

Part Two:

Quote:The Bishop and the Boys - Part Two
One of the many separate tragedies accompanying the disastrous hurricane strike on New Orleans is the possible loss of some of the more important landmarks and archival material concerning the life and times of Lee Harvey Oswald in that city, including those of Guy Banister, Jack Martin, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Thomas Beckham, Jim Garrison, and others.� The New Orleans episode is rife with conspiracy and coincidence, and provides an important � if somewhat neglected � clue to the secret history of our country.� The clue is to be found in the New Orleans office of private detective Guy Banister, for seventeen years an FBI SAC (Special Agent in Charge),� who ran what seemed to be a clearing house for anti-Castro Cubans and a cover address for Lee Harvey Oswald.

As mentioned in the first part of this series � �The Bishop and the Boys, Part One� � there is a strange underworld milieu surrounding the activity of Oswald in that New Orleans period.� This is the mysterious world of the wandering bishops.� At one time, there were as many as four �bishops� functioning from Guy Banister�s Camp Street office, and these included virtually all of his investigators, from David Ferrie and Jack Martin to Thomas Beckham and the lawyer Thomas Jude Baumler.�� Beckham was a bishop with the Universal Life Church, along with his friend Fred Lee Crisman (the man who was involved with the seminal UFO event of the 20th century, the Maury Island affair) and with Raymond Broshears, yet another minister of the Universal Life Church and later with one of the Orthodox sects with lines to Stanley, and who became a well-known gay activist in San Francisco later on.� (Broshears would claim, probably falsely, to have lived with David Ferrie in New Orleans;� however, it seems certain that he was at least an acquaintance of Ferrie.) �In addition, �Ferrie, Martin, Beckham, Broshears �and Baumler all shared the same apostolic succession: that of Bishop Earl Anglin James in Canada (about whom more later) and of Bishop Carl Stanley of the American Orthodox Catholic Church.�

(In the interest of full disclosure, let the reader know that the author was also a minister of the Universal Life Church as a high school student in the Bronx in 1966, as were maybe thousands of other people at the time, attracted by the ads in the back of magazines promising ordination and membership in the Church for a five dollar donation.� Oddly enough, his minister�s card was stolen from the wallet in his gym locker one day by perpetrators unknown!)

Carl Stanley had an arrest record, a �rap sheet�, as long as your proverbial arm.�� �Born in Revere, Massachusetts on May 13, 1902, he was first arrested in in Los Angeles on November 22, 1927 for Grand Theft Auto.� (Another coinidence.� Stanley was first arrested precisely 36 years to the day before the Kennedy assassination.)�� Following that there were a number of other arrests for violating postal laws by sending obscene material through the mails, and then on May 22, 1939 for assault and battery.� He spent a total of 14 months in prison for various offences, as far as I can determine.

On January 11, 1941, however, and for reasons known only to him, Stanley enlisted in the Canadian Army for the duration of World War Two, being discharged on June 20, 1945 and becoming a Canadian citizen on August 5, 1946.� He could not stay out of trouble in Canada, however, finding himself arrested once again this time in Ontario in 1947, receiving a six months� suspended sentence for theft.

Then, in April of 1950, Stanley attempted to enter the United States via Miami, Florida and deportation proceedings began against him.� He did not have a US passport or an immigrant�s visa.� Since he was a naturalized Canadian citizen � even though he was born in the United States � and lied about his citizenship, the US government decided to deport him.� Deportation procedures took a lot of time, but he was eventually deported on February 28, 1954, only to re-enter (illegally) in April of that year.� However, he was married � to an American citizen � and consideration was given to allowing him to remain in the United States as the spouse of an American.� His criminal record, however, was a problem.� According to an INS letter dated October 29, 1965, he had convictions for �larceny, robbery, adultery, assault and battery, receiving stolen property, burglary, sending obscene letters through the mail, nonsupport of family and drunk and disorderly conduct�.�� The INS, however, took pity on Stanley because of his age (he was 63 in 1965) and they did not contemplate deporting him at that time.

He would be dead in less than two years.

From 1964 to his death, he was a bishop of the newly-formed American Orthodox Catholic Church, having been consecrated by Bishop Earl Anglin James of Canada among others.� He, along with Bishops Robert Zeigler, Colin Guthrie, and Homer Roebke, formed the AOCC in the Denver, Colorado area.� A photograph in the author�s possession shows the four men dressed in Roman Catholic-style bishop�s regalia.� According to my informant, that was all they could afford at the time.�

In the same year, Walter Propheta was in New York City forming the East Coast version of the AOCC.� In 1967, Propheta was involved with J. Edgar Hoover who evidently installed him as the �primate� of the American Orthodox Catholic Church at a dinner in Manhattan.� (This tie between Propheta and the FBI was known to the author from Propheta�s own admission to him in 1968.)� Once installed, he advised the other bishops that they had to present their credentials to him to be approved as part of the new AOCC.� While the other bishops refused, Stanley eagerly raced to New York City.� One wonders what �credentials� this convicted felon offered to Propheta and the FBI, for a month later he was dead ... a few weeks after the controversial death of his bishop, David Ferrie.

Ferrie had been introduced to Stanley by Jack Martin, an investigator with Guy Banister�s detective agency in New Orleans.� Martin has been portrayed as a hopeless drunk in Oliver Stone�s film of the assassination, and has been given short-shrift in other studies of the New Orleans connection.� Martin himself ratted out Banister, Stanley and Ferrie to the FBI after the assassination when it became clear that District Attorney Jim Garrison was investigating the case.� We should not take this all at face value, however, for Martin � even though he pretended to be investigating Carl Stanley � remained a bishop of the American Orthodox Catholic Church for many years after the assassination and until the day he died, even participating�in the consecration of Thomas Jude Baumler � a self-admitted fascist and attorney who also worked briefly as an investigator for Guy Banister and as a New Orleans politician in his own right � as late as 1974.�

Martin first attempted to have David Ferrie consecrated by another bishop on the East Coast,� but the bishop�felt that there was something �unholy� about Ferrie, and he declined.� Ferrie then went on to Stanley where he was more successful.� This occurs in the three�year�period�before the Kennedy assassination.

Then something strange happened.�

Immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy in November of 1963, Stanley himself alerted authorities that he thought David Ferrie and Jack Martin were involved.� This was what prompted the entire investigation into both Ferrie and the wandering bishops that became the crux (no Latin puns intended) of the Garrison investigation.� Why would Stanley have done this?� Spite is one possibility, for if Martin�s statements to the authorities are true � and that�s a big �if� � then Stanley had reason to go after Martin since Martin was �investigating� him.�

The timeline is suggestive for several reasons.� In the first place, the American Orthodox Catholic Church (at least, the version we are discussing) had not yet been created.� That would happen less than a year later.� Stanley at the time was bishop of something called the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, as well as of the Byzantine Primitive Catholic Church, Old Catholic Church in North America.� (He was joined in both of these operations by one Cyril T. Omarra, about whom the author can discover nothing so far.)� Martin claimed to have been investigating Stanley �for several private clients� during the period 1959-1966, and had ordination and consecration certificates from Stanley�s various churches dating from as early as 1960.� Yet, Martin was an eager and active participant in the American Orthodox Catholic Church until his death, hardly the position of someone who held a dim view of the organization. �Was his politicking against Stanley (and Ferrie) of a piece with what Propheta was doing in New York?� Or was there a deeper motive involved, an attempt to divert attention away from someone or something?�

That Martin and Stanley had a falling out in 1963 is certain;� Stanley�s report to the FBI that year that Martin and Ferrie were involved in a conspiracy to assassinate the President is proof positive of bad blood between them.� What doesn�t make much sense is the fact that Martin was a close associate of the other bishops who, together with Stanley, formed the AOCC in 1964, after Stanley dropped the dime on Martin and Ferrie.� The whole affair would begin to look like an inspired disinformation operation if it weren�t for the fact that the central characters are so � odd.

Carl Stanley met with Propheta in New York City in early February, 1967 according to information provided to the author by another bishop.� David Ferrie died in his New Orleans apartment on February 22, 1967.� Ferrie�s associate, Eladio del Valle (an anti-Castro Cuban) was murdered in a parking lot in Miami on the same day.� The following day � �Feb 23, 1967 � Carl Stanley met with the FBI according to an FBI teletype dated March 9, 1967.� (Was this on orders or advice by Bishop Propheta, the FBI-installed "Primate"?)� According to the available documentation, he used that opportunity to further slander David Ferrie and Jack Martin.� Ferrie, of course, had died just the day before.� Clay Shaw was arrested on March 1, 1967.�� Carl Stanley then died of an apparent heart attack on March 8, 1967 in Louisville, Kentucky.�

Ferrie himself was a key witness in the Garrison case against Shaw, and his death was a blow to the investigation and to the trial itself.� But Garrison would never have known of Ferrie and his possible involvement in an assassination conspiracy had it not been for Carl Stanley who alerted the FBI concerning Ferrie and Jack Martin�s alleged conspiracy in November of 1963.� Thus, the other potential witness and whistle-blower � Carl Stanley � was also dead, fourteen days after Ferrie�s own demise.� That left Jack Martin � Bishop John Chrysostom Martin � as the only other living witness to the Stanley/Ferrie nexus.�

Jack Martin was in the hospital the night of the assassination, having been pistol-whipped by his boss, Guy Banister, a man who had so many bishops working for him he might as well have been the Pope.� (One wonders if Martin�s hospital admission and the police report of his beating by Banister was a last-minute attempt to establish an alibi, since we have Ferrie racing to an ice-skating rink in Texas from New Orleans that same night in what may have been an� attempt to establish his.)� Banister was an ex-FBI agent of many years� experience, and one of the first SACs to investigate the West Coast UFOs of 1947.� The bishops still living who knew Martin and who have been contacted by the author all agree on one point:� that Martin was an excellent source for FBI files on potential candidates for the priesthood for years after the assassination.� Leaving aside for the moment why wandering bishops need FBI files on potential priests, and why they would suspect the existence of those files in the first place, let us examine the Jack Martin story in a little more detail since it seems we never really knew him at all.

To Be Continued

Part Three:

Quote:The Bishop and the Boys - Part Three: Jack Martin and the Camp Street

“Similarly, as with CRISMAN, I think that in the course of the memo
the periodic necessary references to the OLD CHURCHES have half
answered the question. Applying to this subject the available
models, I suggest that the most likely rational conclusion is that
here, again – except with more particularity – we have a clandestine
substructure developed to serve the intelligence community’s concept
of national security.

A bizarre structure, to be sure, but its very
strangeness … makes it all the more safe from possible investigators
who are looking for spies wearing trenchcoats and carrying, like so
many James Bonds, gold cigarette cases. The churches – like all
churches – are virtually free from official inquiry by virtue of the
Constitution, not to mention American custom. The “ministers” and “
bishops” can accumulate money (religious fund raising) without
serious inquiry as to the sources. They are free from the 9 to 5
routine expected of normal, patriotic Americans, free to operate in
relative seclusion from the expected social involvements, free to
engage in obscure crusades or missions and free to travel extensively
… as assignments may dictate. And where, as may be the case in some
instances, there may actually be a home structure for the particular
church, one would have the most natural of safe houses.”

-- Handwritten memo
from New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to Jonathan Blackmer
of the House Subcommittee on Assassinations, dated July 18, 1977
regarding Thomas E. Beckham.

The story of Jack Martin is almost as strange as that of his
old friend and fellow clergyman, David Ferrie. With Jack, we are in
the same twilight world we are with Ferrie and Oswald. In fact,
“Jack Martin” is not even his real name.

Jack S. Martin was born in Phoenix, Arizona on July 1, 1915,
but his name at the time was Edward Stewart Suggs. Like Carl
Stanley, he eventually developed an arrest record and had served in
the US Army during World War II. He became a back-alley abortionist
in Houston, Texas after the war and had to flee the state when one of
“Dr Suggs’s” patients died as a result of his medical incompetence.
The resulting murder charge was later dismissed, however, and Suggs
eventually wound up in New Orleans (about 1954) where he became John
Stewart Martin, Sr. or, simply, Jack Martin or Jack S. Martin.

Jack Martin is a pretty common name, so perhaps we should not be
surprised to see a Special Agent Jack S. Martin appearing on Project
Blue Book documents dating back to 1949, years before Edward Suggs
changed his name (as far as we know). This particular Jack S. Martin
was in California at the same time as our Ed Suggs, but was working
for the OSI, or Office of Special Investigations, a department of the
US Air Force. This is shown by OSI documents from October 1949 in
which S/A Jack S. Martin was investigating UFO sightings in northern
California by an Edward W. Gurband, a Roy Oliver Neely, and a
Reverend Curtis Daniels that had taken place on August 1, 1949 in the
San Francisco area. Our Jack S. Martin, however, is not known to
have changed his name that early and, besides, there is no evidence
at all that he ever worked for the Air Force. However, just to be
devil’s advocate for a moment, there was no US Air Force during World
War II; it was known as the Army Air Corps then, so it is possible –
just barely possible – that Suggs/Martin did work for the Army Air
Corps as an enlisted man or even as military police, but I have been
unable to find Suggs’ military record to confirm or deny this
possibility. I just leave it here as an unresolved issue. It would
be amusing (if not a little unnerving) to discover that both Guy
Banister and Jack Martin were investigating UFOs for the government
at the same time, though!

Getting back to Suggs, however, we find that he was passing himself
off as variously an FBI agent or a CIA agent in the late 1950s and
early 1960s, before the Kennedy assassination. An alcoholic, he
wound up in a mental ward at New Orleans’ Charity Hospital in January
of 1957, with “sociopathic personality disorder, antisocial type”.
All during this time he was married to the long-suffering Paula
Martin and even had a child, but he was unable to hold down a job for
any length of time.

This is a familiar pattern in the Kennedy assassination case. Lee
Harvey Oswald had the same track record as a married man with
children, unable to hold down a job, and who had been under
psychiatric observation (at least, in the Soviet Union). If we are
to believe the record, both men had delusions of grandeur and could
be considered antisocial sociopaths. And, of course, both had
military service and both wound up in New Orleans at the same time,
working out of Guy Banister’s Camp Street office. Oswald, however,
was not an alcoholic nor was he one of Carl Stanley’s bishops.

As another aside, both Ferrie and Martin were involved in unorthodox
medical practices and experimentation. Ferrie’s obsession with
curing cancer is well-known and documented, as well as his practice
of hypnosis, and Martin had an on-again, off-again fascination with
various forms of medicine, homeopathy, chiropracty, hypnosis, and the

In 1960, Martin was interviewed by the FBI on charges that he was
impersonating an FBI agent. Martin seemed to have offered the Feds a
deal in which he would reveal that one Carl J. Stanley of Kentucky
was running an illegal operation by furnishing false ordination
certificates and other worthless paper. The FBI interviewed Stanley
himself, and came away with the opinion that both Stanley and Martin
were fruitcakes.

There it would have ended had it not been for the events in Dallas of
November, 1963 and a series of bizarre phone calls that took place
between Stanley and the FBI, and Martin and the FBI in the hours
after the Kennedy assassination.

Sometimes things are just as they seem, even in conspiracy studies.
After all, the world is full of drunks, sociopaths, unemployed and
unemployable men with delusions of grandeur who await the next big
break … or the next big bender. There are men who claim to be agents
of the FBI or the CIA who have never even seen one up close. And
there are men who defame the character of other men in revenge for
imagined wrongs, who then recant their stories in embarrassment when
confronted by authority.

This is probably a fair characterization of the conspiracy cases
against David Ferrie and Jack Martin. After all, it is entirely
possible that neither man had anything at all to do with the
assassination or had anything to offer by way of relevant information
or evidence. The book by Daniel Hopsicker – Barry and the Boys –
does provide additional evidence on the role of David Ferrie and the
anti-Castro underground, however, as well as of his presumed ties to
US intelligence agencies, most of it in the form of personal
interviews with law enforcement personnel and others who knew Ferrie
in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and for that reason alone is quite

And then there’s Jack Martin.

Jack is portrayed as a hopeless drunk and, indeed, most of the
investigators out of Jim Garrison’s office confirm that view. Martin
is usually cited as the person who started the entire Garrison
investigation rolling by calling the DA’s attention to David Ferrie
as a suspect in the assassination. An examination of Martin’s
initial statement to the FBI on November 25, 1963, however, reveals
that Martin’s information on Ferrie was surprisingly accurate.

He mentioned that Lee Harvey Oswald had been in Ferrie’s Civil Air
Patrol squadron and that the two men knew each other, a claim that
was contested for years before photographs surfaced showing Oswald
and Ferrie together during a CAP outing. In fact, Martin told the
FBI that he saw photos of Oswald and Ferrie together at Ferrie’s
apartment. He also told investigators that Ferrie had a stock of
weapons at his apartment, which was also true.

Further, he had details of Ferrie’s problems with the law in the
matter of “crimes against nature” with young boys, and of his
penchant for hypnotism. He said that Ferrie had been “educated in a
seminary”, which is also true.

In fact, there is probably nothing in that initial report that is wrong.

In the second interview, dated November 27, 1963, Martin insisted
that he never said he heard Ferrie say he was going to kill Kennedy.
He honestly reported that much of what he knew about Ferrie came from
information he obtained from third parties, and that was pretty much
the end of it. The only salient points of the two interviews was the
information that Ferrie and Oswald knew each other. Later, to
District Attorney Jim Garrison, Martin would suggest that Ferrie had
hypnotized Oswald to commit the assassination, but that was not
presented as a fact but only as conjecture.

Martin, however, was not the only one contacting the FBI concerning
the possible relationship of David Ferrie to the assassination.
Stanley himself had told the FBI that he suspected Martin and Ferrie
of involvement. It was a case of rats turning against each other.
But why? Why the Kennedy assassination?

Most critics of the JFK conspiracy theories attack the New Orleans
episode as so much smoke. They feel that Jim Garrison’s case had no
validity, no credibility. That Ferrie, Martin, Banister, and the
rest were all colorful characters but they had nothing to do with the
assassination. That Oswald never really visited the Camp Street
office of Guy Banister. That he never met any of the individuals
with whom he is usually associated: Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, or Guy
Banister himself.

But my approach to this case has been somewhat different. I’m not
trying to prove anything. I only want to point out the incredible
number of coincidences that multiply around this event and to suggest
that there is an underlying cause whose very nature escapes us even
as it is ubiquitous throughout history, our own personal histories as
well as our national one.

Ferrie, Martin and Stanley were turning on each other with reckless
abandon in the days after the assassination. It could be said to
originate from Jack Martin’s statements to investigators that Ferrie
was somehow involved with Oswald, but that’s not nearly the whole
case. Something transpired to make everyone nervous. One can pore
over the documents and exhibits of the Warren Commission Report for
years and not find a similar set of circumstances, where a gang of
strange persons turns on each other and squeals to the authorities
about their friends’ involvement with the assassination. It’s unique.

In New Orleans, if we believe that Oswald was involved in some way
with Banister, he was surrounded by anti-Castro Cubans, gun-runners,
and wandering bishops. In Dallas, he is surrounded by Russian
émigrés and oil men. The Dallas clique that includes George de
Mohrenschildt and Ruth Paine is every bit as strange as the New
Orleans “cathedral” at Camp Street. (It’s not for nothing that
Louisiana is divided into parishes instead of counties.) We had men
with CIA connections in New Orleans around Oswald, and now in Dallas
we have more of the same. How many readers of this blog know that
many CIA agents?

DeMohrenschildt himself was involved with the Russian Orthodox Church
Outside Russia, a known center for anti-Communist and specifically
anti-Soviet activity and espionage. Yet another Orthodox church in
the vicinity of Oswald.

And was Jack Martin really investigating “phony” churches on behalf
of the US government? Or was he trying to call someone’s attention
to something? Jack Martin remained a bishop with the American
Orthodox Catholic Church to the end of his days, even going so far as
to bring in another Banister associate, the corpulent attorney and
unapologetic racist Thomas Jude Baumler, to the Orthodox fold,
consecrating Baumler a bishop in August of 1974, nearly eleven years
after the Kennedy assassination and seven years after the beginning
of the Garrison investigation and the death of both Stanley and Ferrie.

From personal correspondence with an individual involved with this
affair, I learned that Baumler had already been ordained a priest by
Stanley years before; in other words, prior to Stanley’s death in
March, 1967. Baumler’s status in New Orleans society was assured; he
came from an old family and was associated with one of the famous
Mardi Gras “crewes”. In addition, according to my informant,
Baumler was also a Mason and belonged to the same lodge – the Etoile
Polair Lodge of the French Grand Orient – as Mafia don Carlos
Marcello, the man for whom David Ferrie was working on the day of
the assassination.

My informant goes on to insist that Martin could be relied upon to
furnish FBI files on “future applicants for Holy Orders”, a strange
capability for a hopeless drunk. It is widely rumored that Martin
had a source at FBI headquarters in New Orleans who provided him
these files, but he also made it known that he was an investigator
for the District Attorney’s office – something of which the DA was
presumably not aware! Yet he had an income of some kind, for he was
known to travel extensively throughout the United States for years on
one errand or another involving the bishops, a true “wanderer”.

What was Baumler’s interest in Carl Stanley and the American Orthodox
Catholic Church? Why was it attractive to become consecrated the
Bishop of Baton Rouge-New Orleans in this miniscule, obscure church
as late as 1974? Soon after his consecration, he went on to
consecrate another bishop, this time William Francis Forbes, in
October of 1974. And it was Baumler, after all, who told J. Gary
Shaw in 1981 that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for Guy Banister. He even
told Jim Garrison investigator Harold Weisberg in 1969 that he
personally met the elusive Oswald himself.

One of the other bishops of the American Orthodox Catholic Church –
Homer Ferdinand Roebke, an associate and colleague of Carl Stanley –
consecrated one Forest Ernest Barber on March 7, 1965, less than five
months after the Forbes consecration. As I am informed by
investigator David Guyatt, Barber was a member of the Augustan
Society (an “International Genealogical, Historical, Heraldic and
Chivalric Society” with some interesting associations) as well as of
the Shickshinny Knights of Malta, a far-right organization and secret
society that numbered among its initiates such intelligence notables
as the rabid right-winger Major General Charles A. Willoughby (the
former Adolf Tscheppe-Weidenbach and member of General MacArthur’s
intelligence staff during World War II) as well as Colonel Philip J
Corso, a man with a long background in intelligence dating from the
war who was the author of The Day After Roswell, a controversial
memoire of his experiences in the aftermath of the UFO crash in New

Truly, the Guy Banister office at Camp Street in New Orleans could
properly be considered a “cathedral” for wandering bishops. And a
clearinghouse for spies.

To be continued.

It never ceases to amaze me how complacent these people really are. Once Peter Levenda blew wide open the role (and their allegiance?) of the Wandering Bishops in the JFK assassination, you would've thought they would have changed their modus operandi as a matter of urgency.

But no. If it worked once it'll work again, seems to be the prevailing philosophy. Even if it worked almost Sixty years ago.
European Terrorists in an Attack in Bolivia
[size=12]Early in the morning April 16th an operation against five terrorists was effected in Santa-Cruz, Bolivia’s separatism epicentre. Wearing black masks, the armed to the teeth commandoes rushed into the lobby of the hotel “Las Americas” in the city’s downtown, taking their positions. Having received their signal they began storming several hotel rooms, where totally unpretentious European tourists had stayed just several days before. The doors were broken, acoustic grenades were exploded and submachine-guns were fired. The Bolivian special service groups were serious about what they did then. Small wonder: in the 1990s those “tourists” were militants of the so-called International Unit that fought against Serbs in the Balkans. [/SIZE]
[size=12]The attackers captured two live terrorists, while others died, unable to put up resistance. Bolivia’s president Evo Morales spoke about this alarming incident [/SIZE]
[size=12]Meeting his colleagues first at the summit of the ALBA countries (The Bolivarian Initiative for the nations of Latin America) in Venezuela, and then at the 5th Summit of Americas in Trinidad and Tobago. “They planned to kill me, the vice-president and other government officials,” Morales said. “They also wanted to make short work of doing away with some opposition leaders in their provocative intentions.” [/SIZE]
[size=12]Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and Rafael Correa all denounced the activities of the activities of terrorist groups in Bolivia. The threat of attempts on life is a steady factor accompanying their political activities. Who else can realise that [/SIZE]
[size=12]the revolutionary reforms of the Indian president are rejected by the previous ruling elite: no Morales - no problems. The undisguised racism of many “while” Bolivians, especially those who came to that country after the Second World war – Germans, Italians, Croats, many of whom are to blame for the crimes of the Hitler’s Third Reich and Mussolini’s regime. [/SIZE]
[size=12]As a matter of fact Western media responded to the liquidations of the terrorist group in Santa Cruz quietly. This information had something biased in it, as the fight against terrorism still remains a priority of the world community. Bolivian officials have more than once stated that there is in their country a ramified structure of extremist organisations supported from abroad. But, as a rule, there have never been an adequate response to their activities by western media. “This is nothing more than an invention of Morales. There have never been any terrorists and there aren’t now.” The usual double standard is again here to be seen. Suppose a terrorist attack was cut short in London, Brussels, Paris, or some other European city, the events would have been covered globally, entreating people’s sympathy and empathy. Bolivia – it’s the backyard, the geopolitical periphery. What price breaking sticks over it? [/SIZE]
[size=12]The stubborn ignoring, hushing up and even ironic commenting by western media of statements made by the Bolivian leaders regarding the Santa Cruz events makes one wonder if they are about to put a final stop to it. Or reduce it by switching over to secondary issues? These are heard all the time:”Why the prevention operation disregarded the terrorists’ human rights? Why excessive violence was used against them? Why were European specialists not involved in investigations?” [/SIZE]
[size=12]This latter demand has been in the focus of attention of diplomats from Hungary, Croatia, Ireland and Romania, the countries that recruited the terrorists. These countries also said that those guys went to Bolivia of their own volition. But how it could have happened that in the conditions of a comprehensive anti-terrorist campaign launched in Europe on a permanent basis with the use of most advanced techniques and equipment to detect conspiracies of such a scale, the “imitators” created a combat unit and moved to Bolivia without a hitch? [/SIZE]
[size=12]It was evident that the organiser and head of the group destroyed in Santa Cruz was Eduardo Rozsa Flores, killed in the hotel “Las Americas.” Rozsa is regarded as a national hero in Croatia. This character with an adventurist strain had always yearned to be in the focus of attention, purposefully building up an image of a romantic selfless champion of any just cause. He was born in Santa Cruz, with his father a Hungarian and his mother – a Spaniard. Rozsa came to the Balkans in 1991 to cover armed conflicts in the region for the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” and the BBC. However, the role of a passive viewer soon bored him, so he joined the Croatian National Guard, becoming its first-ever foreign volunteer. Some time later he was entrusted with formation of the First International unit in the Croatian army. He was given the rank of colonel and by the personal order of Croatian president Tujman he became a citizen of Croatia. [/SIZE]
[size=12]Rozsa wrote books, and was shot in an apotheosis film about his fight with “Serbian aggressors.” But Rozsa was silent about some of the episodes of his biography. It was known that he had something to do with the killings of two journalists – the Swiss Wurtenberg and Briton Jenks. There was serious evidence, but “war wiped it all out.” [/SIZE]
[size=12]Before leaving for Bolivia, just in case Rozsa gave an interview to a journalist of the state Hungarian MTV channel, saying: “Should something happen to me, air the news immediately!” Rozsa was not too open in his interview, but there was something of interest. In particular he said: “We are all set to declare independence of (several riotous Bolivian autonomous provinces) and the establishment of a new country.” Rozsa admitted that he had been “invited“to Santa Cruz by middlemen acting on errands of local authorities for the purpose of “organising defence” in connection with the threat of violence on the part of the central authorities. Of course Rozsa did not tell anything concrete about his contacts in Santa Cruz, the sources of funding and the channels of weapons delivery, just dropping a hint that the rioters would act using “peaceful means, but demonstrating their strength.” [/SIZE]
[size=12]By then the tensions in Bolivia were at its highest. The government’s dialogue with the regional opposition was severed. In the north of the country near the city of Pando the Peruvian and Brazilian mercenaries attacked the manifestation of the supporters of president Morales, killing 35 people and wounding at leas 100 others. The organisers of the massacre, including the Pando prefect fled to Brazil. Confrontation was also growing in other “riotous” departments. [/SIZE]
[size=12]Rozsa and his group penetrated Bolivia using secret paths from Brazil. Losing no time in the conditions of conspiracy work began to consolidate the semi-military formations made up of mainly young people connected with the “Civil Committee for the Defence of Santa Cruz.” This ultra-rightist organisation was set up by Branco Marinkovic, a major land-owner of the Croatian descent. According to the Bolivian counter-intelligence, no other than him invited the former militants of the First international unit of the Croatian army to Bolivia. He did that on the basis of the confidential recommendation of the US Ambassador to Bolivia Phillip Goldberg. The US diplomat knew what he was talking about being one of the operators of the blood-letting in the Balkans. He had to his credit the “successful” mission in Kosovo that in many respects facilitated the victory won by the Albanian separatists. Goldberg assured Marinkovic that the US secret services and their European partners would not oppose the mobilisation of militants. [/SIZE]
[size=12]As is known, Evo Morales declared Goldberg persona non grata for his subversive activities against the legally elected Bolivian government in the worst spirit of “cold” war. Several spy scandals broke out during his stint in La Paz, with all evidence showing that the US Embassy had a finger in them), the “matrimonial duo” of bombers, the US citizens was put under arrest on charges of making explosions in several Bolivian hotels. Goldberg would spend days and nights in the “riotous” departments of Santa Cruz, Beni, Taiha and Pando. At times one could be under the impression that the Ambassador tried to show he ignored Morales, as if to send a signal to conspirators: “The sooner you get rid of him, the better for you and the United States.” [/SIZE]
[size=12]The Rozsa group closely watched the movements of Morales and the key ministers of the Cabinet. The shadowing was detected by his guards, who managed taping several conversations Rozsa had with his group. Once he pitied the “untimely” obtaining of information about the session Morales had with his ministers on board a naval vessel on Lake Titikaka, saying: “We could have exploded the boat and do away with their Marxist government once and for all.” [/SIZE]
[size=12]The secret services also identified the pavilion “Cooperative de Telecommunicaciones” (Cotas) at the permanent exhibition complex in Samta Cruz, that was the terrorists’ base station. Regardless of the word “Cooperative”, Cotas is a private company, and its role in the anti-government conspiracy could be compared to that of the Chilean ITT radio and TV company that was involved in the preparations of the overthrow of Salvador Allende. The Cotas warehouses stored firearms, grenades, C-4 explosives, nitroglycerine and other ordnance. One of the rooms was a shop where bombs were made. Another stored note-book computers and maps marking facilities for sabotage and lists of the pointed victims. After the operation at the hotel Las Americas the hideouts were opened to deliver the things in them to investigators. Later they were shown to journalists. Mass media was also given a video showing the bodies of the terrorists killed in the attack – Rozsa, his Irish bodyguard Michael Dwyer, and an explosives expert, Romanian Magiarosi Arpak. [/SIZE]
[size=12]The surviving terrorists, Hungarian Elod Toaso and Mario Tadic Astorga of the Bolivian-Croatian descent agreed to cooperate with investigators and are now making evidence. The search for the members of the clandestine Rozsa organisation is going on all over the country. Europeans that came to Bolivia starting 2008 are thoroughly inspected. The “Argentinean” trace is also closely investigated. [/SIZE]
[size=12]It has been discovered that Rozsa was in contact with the retired Argentinean army officers, the “carapintados” discussing potential joint armed “guerrilla operations” in Bolivia. Assistance to Rozsa in establishing contacts with Argentineans was rendered by Penia Esclusa, the head of the NGO “UnaAmerica” funded by the United States. Small wonder, as Esqlus was a mature (the best description) CIA agent whom his organisation attempted to introduce into the inner circle of Hugo Chavez at the start of his political career (“Beware of Esqlus, - ho wrote to his friends – “as he goes out of his way to wriggle into favour”). [/SIZE]
[size=12]The financiers and suppliers of arms are already under arrest. Radio and TV broadcast statements calling for those who are still hiding to surrender. The res0onse to those so far was nil, not to speak about a telephone call from the United States Hugo Acha, a Rozsa connection, made to a TV channel. Shortly before that time Aca (dubbed “Superman”)was a Human Rights Watch (HRW) representative in Bolivia, thus being able to meet US diplomats on a regular basis. Besides, he was a leading lecturer at the Bolivian Higher School for Military Investigations, being in close contact with the upper army echelon, and could visit Defence Minister Walker San Miguel. “Superman” denies his cooperation with terrorists, even admitting meeting them “illegally.” Aca has no intention of returning to Bolivia, explaining g this by his distrust of “the current Bolivian justice.” But the real reason behind his flight is he is still the connection of CIA residents who guided Rozsa. This agent was just deactivated for reasons of the threat of his disclosure. [/SIZE]

[size=12]The destruction of the terrorist group in Santa Cruz has helped disclose the innovative modus operandi in the subversive activities of the US special services in Latin America. Their course at the use of potential of their partners in Eastern Europe for blackmailing, destabilisation and – in the long run – an overthrow of the “populist regimes.” The “young Democrats” in Croatia, Hungary, Romania and other new members of the European Union are going out of their way to prove they are loyal and useful to Americans. (What price is their cooperation with the United States in setting up secret torture centres in their countries?) The CIA counts on them given their “distrust complex” towards the United States is non-existent towards Europe, all the more so – towards Eastern Europe. There is neither a distrust of Eastern Europeans including those who arrived to that continent after the events in the Balkans (saving themselves after their inhuman crimes). Rozsa hoped to get these people involved in his operations aimed at the break-up of Bolivia, making attempts to recruit them in sabotage and terrorist groups. [/SIZE]
[size=12]President Morales could not help rebelling against the demands of the governments of Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Ireland to “offer explanations” of the Santa Cruz incident. The tone and the contents of those demands did not fit diplomatic norms, and Morales responded correspondingly: “How can anyone defend the people who arrived here to organise the murder of the president? It is very serious. I can think that no other but them (the leaders of these countries) sent these people her to make an attempt on our democracy!” [/SIZE]
[size=12]The UN working group responded to disturbing news about the activities of terrorist groups in this southern Latin American country. It addressed the governments of Bolivia and the states whose citizens were accused of sabotage in it, asking them to thoroughly investigate the situation and render the guilty to justice. The address stressed that UN resolutions acknowledge recruiting, financing, training and use of mercenaries for the overthrow of legally elected governments as a grave crime. [/SIZE]
[size=12]The information struggle over “the Rozsa group” is gaining momentum. Some analysts are beginning to speak about parallels between Rozsa and Che Guevara, even though the retired Croatian colonel denied every conviction of the Hero Gueerilla. The theme of the “idealist romantic” Rozsa has been more and more intensively used by western media. The government of Evo Morales is portrayed as “dictatorial Castro-Communist”, and “racist with the Indian underpinning” against this background. It made barbarous short work of romantics from Eastern Europe without even trying to start negotiations about their surrender! Materials compromising Rozsa and his supporters are being removed from the internet. That was noted, in particular by visitors to the site “Where is the armed Rozsa’s photo? Do you want to make him attractive?” [/SIZE]
[size=12]From all appearances, this photo was fatal for Rozsa. He posed for it at some remote Bolivian hotel at the start of his operation of “organising defence and demonstrating force”: an Uzi submachine-gun in his left hand, a Kalashnikov assault gun in his right, a manly smile and tropical sun-tan. Rozsa did not stand the temptation to place this photo on the Internet, Neither the location nor the legend under the photo were there, but of course, someone “professionally attentive” studied the pattern of the back of the metal bed on the photo, that it was made in Bolivia...[/SIZE]
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