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Full Version: Morales assassins: Bolivia gang "fought in Balkans"
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Quote:What's a colony without its dusky natives? Where's the fun if they're all going to die off? Just a big bunch of desert, no more maids, no more field-hands, no laborers for the construction or the mining - wait, wait a minute there, yes it's Karl Marx, that sly old racist skipping away with his teeth together and his eyebrows up trying to make believe it's nothing but Cheap Labor and Overseas Markets.... Oh, no. Colonies are much, much more. Colonies are the outhouses of the European soul, where a fellow can let his pants down and relax, enjoy the smell of his own shit. Where he can fall on his slender prey roaring as loud as he feels like and guzzle her blood with open joy. Eh? Where he can just wallow and rut and let himself go in a softness, a receptive darkness of limbs, of hair as woolly as the hair on his own forbidden genitals. Where the poppy, and cannabis and coca grow full and green, and not to the colors and style of death, as do ergot and agaric, the blight and fungus native to Europe. Christian Europe was always death, Karl, death and repression. Out and down in the colonies, life can be indulged, life and sensuality in all its forms, with no harm done to the Metropolis, nothing to soil those cathedrals, white marble statues, noble thoughts.... No word ever gets back. The silences down here are vast enough to absorb all behavior, no matter how dirty, how animal it gets...

Boy, you wouldn't want him writing about you, eh. Such cutting insight and dripping cynicism. Wonderful!
Morales is continuing to show a lot of political courage. He's going after Marinkovic and the far right, European landowner-dominated, separatist movement (in googlish):

Quote:Morales announces the seizure of property of financiers of separatism

Cochabamba, May 19 (ABI) - President Evo Morales announced on Tuesday the seizure of property of the parties involved in separatist efforts, during a ceremony for a gas pipeline network in central Bolivia.

"We have very advanced (research). I say, if some employers, the media (incurred in the crime of treason against the fatherland), these separatist groups, their property will be seized, "he said at the time of patenting its decision to maintain the territorial and political unity of the country .

Morales, whose government enlists a decree of confiscation of property of those who were, on a proven, involved in plots to the disintegration of Bolivia, he regretted that "some employers may be contributing to split the motherland."

The president referred to the funding received by individuals, a group of European and other militia dismantled by police in Santa Cruz in mid-April.....
led by the mercenary boliviano Croatian Eduardo Rózsa.....

Rózsa contacted other European mercenaries Tibor Révész, a senior militant whose whereabouts are unknown.

Accused, among others Hugo Acha Melgar Alejandro Melgar Pereira, Juan Kudelka, Enrique Pedraza Vaca Luis Vaca Hurtado, Carlos Guillen and Lorgio Balcazar.

The focus of the research is also the powerful Bolivian businessman sojero Croatian Branco Marinkovic, and at the same prefect Rubén Costas of Santa Cruz.
Michael Dwyer in action for the Irish security company on behalf of Shell:
Article from December 2008. Speculative but fits the MO.

A strategy of tension?

Quote:Kidnap gang may have been trained

By Michael Lavery

Friday December 05 2008

A GANG which carried out a so called 'Tiger' kidnapping in Dublin with military precision may have been trained by ex special forces in eastern Europe.

The gang secured €200,000 in the raid.

One of the chief suspects is a north Dublin criminal who is believed to have received training in firearms and counter surveillance abroad, through tactical courses often run by ex military specialists.

For two years, gardai have ben working alongside Interpol and European police forces to identify a number of Irish nationals they suspect have been trained in commando style tactics.

The gang members were coacehed by former special forces in Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia and possibly Romania.

The courses, which are described as bodyguard training, offer live-fire training in handguns, sub machine guns and assault rifles. They teach counter surveillance tactics and how to react if confronted by an armed threat -- such as a garda armed-response team.

- Michael Lavery
Quote:Bolivian authorities seek Hungarian man living in Ireland

CONOR LALLY and DAN McLAUGHLIN in BudapestBOLIVIAN AUTHORITIES investigating an alleged plot to kill political figures there and the related shooting dead by police of Irishman Michael Dwyer want to interview a Hungarian man living in Ireland.

The potentially key witness worked for the same Irish security firm as Mr Dwyer. The company is based in Co Kildare.

The 32-year-old Hungarian of Romanian extraction is believed to have worked for the company until recent weeks. He is still living in the Republic.

The Bolivians believe the man – a former soldier in the Hungarian army – was instrumental in bringing Dwyer to Bolivia from Ireland with a number of other men.

“According to our information, [the Hungarian] was the head and organiser of this group. Not only here but in his own country. He has experience of forming irregular groups,” said Bernardo Montenegro, a member of a Bolivian parliamentary commission investigating the case.

Mr Dwyer travelled with the 32-year-old Hungarian – along with another Hungarian and a Polish man – from Ireland to Bolivia last November.

Mr Dwyer (25) had told his parents in Ballinderry, Co Tipperary, he was going to Bolivia to do a bodyguard course.

The men paid their own fare as far as Madrid. There they collected prepaid tickets to Bolivia. It is unclear who paid for the tickets.

Mr Dwyer decided to travel after he and his former colleagues lost their jobs with the security company when their contracts expired last October.

The Hungarian who went with Mr Dwyer knew Eduardo Rozsa Flores, the 49-year-old shot dead with Mr Dwyer in a Santa Cruz hotel in the early hours of Thursday, April 16th. The Hungarian man introduced Mr Dwyer to Mr Flores.

The Hungarian man and the other two who travelled with Mr Dwyer to Bolivia returned to Ireland early, because the bodyguard course it has been suggested they had gone to take part in fell through.

Mr Dwyer stayed on with Mr Flores, on the pretence of working as a security guard for him. He was later killed with Mr Flores.

The Hungarian now living in Ireland and Mr Flores have both been linked to the Szekler Legion, which wants autonomy for Hungarians in Romania. The Bolivians have said Mr Flores was the leader of a group of mercenaries in Santa Cruz and that he was planning to kill president Evo Morales.

It was during a police operation aimed at foiling that alleged plot that Mr Dwyer and Mr Flores and a third man were shot dead.
La Paz, May 22 (ABI) .- The multiparty committee of the Chamber of Deputies, that investigates a militia group that planned foreign secession of Bolivia, made significant revelations of the relationship of the leader of the organization, the Croatian Eduardo boliviano Rosza with local funders, as well as their movements and the movements of stay after authorities in Santa Cruz.

El presidente de esta comisión, César Navarro, reveló a la ABI que el nexo entre Rosza y su grupo, era el empresario Luis Hurtado, quien sufragaba los gastos de estadía del grupo irregular.
The chairman of this committee, César Navarro, the ABI found that the link between his group and Rosza, Luis Hurtado was the employer, who bears the costs of staying in the irregular group.

Carlos Guillen, un empresario de Santa Cruz, subvencionaba la alimentación y el transporte, los viajes internos en avioneta y, posiblemente, a una organización recaudadora conocida como La Torre.
Carlos Guillen, a businessman from Santa Cruz, subsidized food and transport, domestic travel by aircraft and, possibly, a fundraising organization known as The Tower.

Rozsa viajaba a los mismos lugares donde se desplazaba el prefecto de Santa Cruz, Rubén Costas y otras autoridades regionales, "aunque nunca fue junto a ellos (..) lo hacía por separado", dijo Navarro, basado en los resultados aún parciales de la indagación.
Rózsa was traveling to the same places where he traveled the Santa Cruz prefect, Rubén Costas, and other regional authorities, "although he was never with them (..) did it separately," said Navarro, based on the results of even partial inquiry.

Por su parte, el diputado, Rubén Martínez, miembro de la misma comisión, dijo que las pesquisas "nos hacen deducir que este grupo (irregular) tenía núcleos en otros departamentos".
For his part, MP, Rubén Martínez, a member of the committee, said the research "makes us conclude that this group (irregular) had cells in other departments."

"Había un nivel de relacionamiento. En muchos de los casos Eduardo Rozsa viajaba con anticipación, o con posterioridad, al viaje de la delegación de autoridades cruceñas", dijo en base de las revelaciones obtenidas en el curso de la investigación.
"There was a level of relationship. In many cases Eduardo Rózsa traveling in advance or after the trip the delegation of authority Cruz," he said on the basis of disclosures obtained in the course of the investigation.

Explicó también que la comisión pidió a algunos declarantes "que precisen al menos dos departamentos a los que viajaba Rósza antes o después que las autoridades".
He also explained that the committee asked some reporters "requiring at least two departments to which they traveled Rósza before or after the authorities."

"La respuesta (de los declarantes) fue a Tarija, a Sucre", reprodujo.
"The response (of reporters) went to Tarija, Sucre," reproduced.

Los viajes de Rósza tenían una particularidad, "no hacía uso de vuelos comerciales".
Trips Rósza had a peculiarity, "did not make use of commercial flights."

Salía de Santa Cruz por vía terrestre hasta Pailón o proximidades y, de"ahí, abordaba una avioneta (alñquilada por sus financiadores) para trasladarse a los departamentos señalados", continuó.
Leaving Santa Cruz to Pailon road or nearby, and "there, dealt with a plane (alñquilada by their funders) to move to the Department noted," he continued.

Martínez manifestó que no se encontró justificación de este tipo de desplazamientos.
Martinez said that was no justification for this type of displacement.

"Tampoco supo explicar el secretario general de la Prefectura, Rolando Aguilera (que prestó declaraciones a la Comisión Multipartidaria), por qué una avioneta podía salir también de cualquier aeropuerto de Santa Cruz".
"Nor to explain the general secretary of the Prefecture, Rolando Aguilera (who gave statements to the multi-party commission), why a plane could also leave from any airport in Santa Cruz."

"Va a sorprender más cuando se haga conocer el nombre del piloto de la avioneta. De momento debe mantenerse en reserva" el nombre del tripulante, matizó el diputado del MAS.
"It will surprise most when making the name of the pilot of the plane. From time should be kept in reserve" the name of the crew, qualified member of the MAS.

Rozsa fue abatido el 16 de abril pasado en un enfrentamiento con la Policía, en Santa Cruz, junto al rumano Magiarosi Arpak, y al irlandés Michael Dwyer.
Rózsa was killed on April 16 last in a confrontation with police in Santa Cruz, near the Romanian Magiarosi Arpak, Michael Dwyer and the Irish.

En la misma operación policial, fueron apresados, Mario Tadic (boliviano-croata) y el húngaro Elot Toazo.
At the same police operation, were arrested, Mario Tadic (boliviano-Croatian) and the Hungarian Toazo Corn.
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Quote:MP, Rubén Martínez, a member of the committee, said the research "makes us conclude that this group (irregular) had cells in other departments."


Quote:Trips Rósza had a peculiarity, "did not make use of commercial flights."

Why take a regular flight when you can just zoom down those paperclip-strewn ratlines looking for a mystical black sun and the blood of some dusky natives to guzzle....
Not directly related to this thread but some back ground information about the area of Sucre, an area like Santa Cruz which is ruled by a fascist white wealthy elite who want to keep the indigenous poor and working for them on the land stolen from the indigenous. As they marched in support of Evo Morales for enabling them to obtain tractors on May 24th 2008 they were viciously attacked by white separatists fascists.

Bolivian peasants march on Sucre in repudiating racial discrimination
[Image: 0253.jpg]
Campesinos bolivianos repudiarán las humillaciones perpetradas por grupos civiles el 24 de mayo de 2008 en Sucre (ABI
Bolivian peasants repudiate the indignities perpetrated by civilian groups on May 24, 2008 in Sucre (ABI
La Paz, 23 mayo (ABI) - La Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores de Bolivia (CSUTCB) ratificó el sábado la realización de una marcha de repudio, este domingo, en Sucre (sudeste del país), a las expresiones racistas contra grupos de indígenas por parte de grupos civiles afines al opositor Comité Interinstitucional de Chuquisaca, el 24 de mayo de 2008, en esa ciudad del sudeste boliviano.
La Paz, May 23 (ABI) - The Single Confederation of Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB) confirmed on Saturday the completion of a motion of condemnation, this Sunday in Sucre (south-east), to expressions of racism against indigenous groups by groups opposing the Civil related IACSD of Chuquisaca, the May 24, 2008, in the southeastern city of Bolivia.

"Hemos convocando a 200 campesinos por cada Federación Departamental para repudiar y rechazar la discriminación que ha habido el 24 de mayo en Sucre y para realizar una marcha masiva con la presencia de los pueblos indígenas originarios campesinos de todo el país", confirmó el líder de la CSUTCB, Isaac Ávalos.
"We have farmers calling for 200 per Departmental Federation to repudiate and reject the discrimination that has occurred in the May 24 and Sucre for a massive march to the presence of indigenous peoples originating farmers across the country," confirmed the leader of the CSUTCB, Isaac Avalos.

El 24 de mayo de 2008 un grupo de campesinos bolivianos que marchaba hacia la ciudad sureña de Sucre, para manifestar su apoyo al presidente Evo Morales, y para recibir tractores ofrecidos por el Gobierno, fue humillado por grupos de civiles que demandaba la autonomía de la región y la capitalía plena o el traslado de los tres poderes del Estado a esa ciudad.
On May 24, 2008 a group of Bolivian peasants who marched to the southern city of Sucre, to show their support for President Evo Morales, and for tractors provided by the Government, was humiliated by civilian groups that demanded autonomy for the region and the fully funded or transfer of all three branches of government to that city.

El vejamen y violación de los derechos humanos se cumplió en plena Plaza de Armas 25de Mayo.
The vejam and violation of human rights was met in Plaza de Armas 25de Mayo.

La humillación sufrida por decenas de indígenas quechuas fue repudiada sin excepción por organismos internacionales, entre ellos Naciones Unidas, la Organización de Estados Americanos y la Unión Europea.
The humiliation suffered by dozens of indigenous Quechua was rejected, without exception, by international agencies, including UN, the Organization of American States and the European Union.

En repudio a esos hechos, el Gobierno instituyó el 24 de mayo como "Día Nacional de Lucha contra la Discriminación Racial"
In repudiation of these facts, the Government introduced May 24 as "National Day of Struggle Against Racial Discrimination"

Al acto de desagravio asistirá el presidente Evo Morales, ministros de Estado, parlamentarios y dirigentes de organizaciones sindicales y campesinas.
The act of atonement President Evo Morales attend, state ministers, parliamentarians and leaders of trade unions and peasant.

La protesta iniciará su recorrido en el sector de Azari, en las afueras de Sucre, capital de Bolivia, donde el año pasado varios campesinos fueron golpeados, vejados, secuestrados y obligados a rendir reverencias a las insignias de Chuquisaca, en medio de golpes, insultos e imprecaciones.
The protest starts at sector Azari, on the outskirts of Sucre, capital of Bolivia, where last year several peasants were beaten, harassed, kidnapped and forced to pay obeisances to the insignia of Chuquisaca, through beatings, insults and imprecations.

La manifestación concluirá con una fiesta en la Plaza, Tomás Katari, en Sucre.
The event will conclude with a party at the Plaza, Tomás Katari, in Sucre.
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It seems that Morales' secret service acted decisively, with lethal force, against Rozsa Flores' assassination & dirty tricks team after they'd attempted a false flag attack against a Santa Cruz Cardinal.

However, just as important, was Morales' decision to expel the US "Ambassador for ethnic cleansing", and - presumably - ensure that US AID funding of the right-wing, foreign landowner-dominated, secessionist movement became a matter of public record.

At heart, this is good ole fashioned shameless and arrogant United Fruit Company behaviour, with a strong dash of SMOM and Paperclip Nazi families thrown into the mix. However, the template appears to be Their successful destruction of Yugoslavia in the 1990s through a strategy of tension, and the systematic heightening and exploitation of ethnic differences to destroy a nation state.

From IKN:

Quote:Branko Marinkovic is unwell.

According to this report, doctors attending our friendly fascist-racist coup monger say that he's in a lot of discomfort due to the contraction of his heart arteries, causing very stong shooting pains in his chest, both arms and up to his jaw.

Branko dude, if you don't have your health, you don't have much.

Meanwhile, the much heralded meeting with US envoy Tom Shannon and Evo Morales went ahead as planned this week. Their meeting at the Presidential palace started right on time at 8am...and Shannon was out the front door at 8:30am. Seems like Dr. Morales has better things to do these days. Mind you, if Bolivia began to tell the USA about its strong economy and give advice on how to grow in a sustained way, control inflation, maintain a strong banking system and get the thumbs up from the IMF, the meeting could have lasted hours and Shannon might actually have learned something.
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