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Paul Shrade and RFK Assassination
Quote:I'm 101% sure that S-S did NOT fire the fatal shot. Glad to know someone is trying to re-open this case which I feel is the easiest of the 'major' assassinations to solve and is greatly neglected for a variety of reasons. I hope Shrade does this soon, as time is a wastin' and witnesses are getting old and dying fast. Would be nice to someday see Caesar in prison - and more so those who he worked for - for he SURELY wasn't the impetus for this assassination mind-controlled labyrinthine plan and LAPD-CIA cover-up.

Fortunately, there has been fewer "researchers" or rehashers to muddle the water than in JFK. Although some theories have been stressed too much and not enough has been done to show the prosecutions errors and omissions in a legal sense. Incidentally, the test firing could not be compared forensically with the bullets in Sacramento for political and legal reasons. However twists and lands did not rule out the Caesar weapon.
Ahimsa….may you live in a world of non-forcefulness.

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Paul Shrade and RFK Assassination - by Tom Bowden - 02-04-2017, 04:00 AM
Paul Shrade and RFK Assassination - by Tom Bowden - 02-04-2017, 07:45 PM

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