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Stephen King's Sources
I was reading the transcript of an interview Stephen King did with NPR in 2011, and was struck by his incredible ignorance of the assassination. He declared, at one point, that Oswald slept with his mother until he was 11 and had to get naked in front of her until the age of 13, so she could check if he was getting "manly." I think I've heard the sleeping together stuff, but not sure where. The other bizarre claim is new to me. Anyone have a possible source for this?

King did mention Thomas Mallon's putrid novel Mrs. Paine's Garage, as well as Norman Mailer's awful novel about Oswald. Maybe this is in one of those fictional books, and he is just accepting it as fact.
I thought Marguerite told a social worker while in New York that LHO was getting "big down there" or something to that effect. Almost too gross to type. I would assume it was in the Warren Commission's volumes.
I vaguely remember the first part (they lived in very small places that Marguerite was able to afford), but not the second part.

Most WC supporters are ignorant about a lot of things concerning the assassination. Even the "professional" lone-nutters like John McAdams - I've been struck by some of his comments at - I don't think he knows as much as I used to give him credit for.

I really used to like Stephen King back in the 1980s because he was good at creating realistic characters who reminded me of real people. He got into their heads and tried to understand what made them tick. His non-fiction book Danse Macabre has a lot of psychological/philosophical insights.

Unfortunately, I think he made up his mind right away with Oswald that he was a mental case, and that was the "solution" to the assassination.

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