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Frank Sturgis in Dallas prior to November 22, 1963.
On 23 June 1963 Frank Fiorini said that he had met with Manuel Airtime on 22 June and that, as a result, Fiorini would be leaving for Dallas, Texas, to inspect airplanes and other equipment available there which might be purchased for Airtime. [Leaving for Dallas, when?] Frank met with Manuel Airtime in Miami on 22 June, and he says, as a result, Frank would be leaving for Dallas, but there is no clear decisive date as to when Frank arrived in Dallas. Frank would then inspect airplanes in Dallas that may be purchased for an air attack on Cuba? When there were more then enough airplanes in Miami for use? And, just who was going to purchase these planes? Fiorini said, that within the next two weeks he would be involved in an air strike against Cuba. He said, that the strike would originate outside the United States and that (it was connected with his proposed activities in Dallas) for... "connected with his proposed activities in Dallas?"

The rest of this telegram remains confidential.
Just what other proposed activities was Fiorini involved with in Dallas Texas just five months prior to Kennedy's assassination? President Kennedy's trip to Dallas was first announced to the public on September 1963 just three months prior to Frank's unknown alleged trip to Dallas. Did Frank show up in Dallas at a much later time with someone? Say, in September, when Kennedy made his announcement to perhaps surveillance the territory?
The exact motorcade route was finalized on November 18 and announced to the public, just a few days before November 22􀀍 changing the original route just four days prior to Kennedy's visit in Dallas giving the gunmen and their spotters enough time to plan the assassination.
When Fiorini was asked under questioning if he [ever visited Dallas,] he replied no, I never visited Dallas. However, we know that he, Frank, did at onetime signed membership cards for individuals who became members of Interpen where they were recruited at Lake Pontchartrain. While he also visited Dallas with members of DRE.
If the reader remembers Airtime was the leader of the 2506 Brigade, he was also the person who handed President Kennedy the Brigade's flag at the Orange Bowl, at that moment, President Kennedy paused, looked at Airtime, announced and said, "this flag will one day fly freely over Havana." Huge mistake saying that, prior to Kennedy's assassination Airtime sent Kennedy a letter demanding the return of the flag to the Brigade which he did, then, he would lose his life.
Nepil said that Fiorini recently sent a letter to Brigadier General Biddle who is retired, lives in the vicinity of Alexandria, Virginia, and who Fiorini described as a member of the John Birch Society.

Another in Washington D.C., contact is Bob Howell, who was allegedly related to the Kennedy family. Howell is politically an "extreme right winger." In 1968 Fiorini's group INCB had no working funds to recapture Cuba. Four years later under President Nixon's administration, a glimmer of hope would birth an opportunity in achieving those funds. Speculation still persists that president Nixon was willing to pay a million or so to keep Hunt quite, why then didn't Nixon just pay Hunt directly? Watergate, was truly an unknown frontier in which many have speculated on its operation over the years, truth is, very few to none realize it was called the "Big Project" not to confuse it with the "Big Event."

Scott Kaiser
On June 5, 1972 two weeks prior to the notorious Watergate arrests, the "Sunward Plan" would start to spring into action, Frank Sturgis and Ed Kaiser were recruiting anti-Castro men for the hijacking of a Norwegian cruise ship. The plan was to hold hostage all the passengers aboard the ship and demand a ransom from the twenty different countries around the world. The ship was to be commandeered by Sturgis and Kaiser and sold for additional funds for the "recapture of Cuba." These funds along with the funds expected from Watergate would have given the anti-Castro Cuban's a chance at a real fight against Fidel Castro. However, Sturgis and Kaiser could not recruit enough men in time for this venture, Nixon stopped paying out money, and subsequently the men at Watergate got nabbed in Washington DC., to take out Nixon. Kaiser, the sixth burglar got away.
Although Howard Liebengood writes [William] Howell in his memo who was interviewed along with Ed Kaiser. I believe Liebengood was either given a wrong name, or an alias of Howell's supplementing Bob's first name for [William.] And, I believe this William was really [Bob] Howell who was interviewed with Kaiser given the fact that both Frank Sturgis and Ed Kaiser shared the same company.

Howell now had the information he needed from Kaiser regarding Nixon's assassination plot, Howell gave a tape to Liebengood from Kaiser that had Armando Certs' story regarding Senators George McGovern's backdoor drug dealings. You see, this is the extent of what these men would do to bribe government officials for funds to recapture Cuba.

Nothing I write is creative, everything I write comes from the heart. The truth might be a boring story to tell, but, at least it gets told.
I'm certain that after Howell learned from Kaiser the information Kaiser possessed, it wouldn't be long before Sturgis got ahold of the information.

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